As a respiratory therapist I would make an excellent Jedi to go up against Darth Vader because I would know which buttons to flip with the force on his portable mechanical ventilator.

Everlark Advent - Day 9, Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

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My new downstairs neighbour doesn’t slam cupboard doors or throw parties, doesn’t even stagger home from the bars in the early morning hours. He’s been pretty quiet, actually.

Until now.

The gorgeous tones of the Pentatonix singing The Little Drummer Boy drift up through the antique ventilation system of the converted Victorian that houses my apartment, and three others.

I’d be tempted to praise his taste in music. Except it’s November first.

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W.I.P.- Ventilated Kanekalon wig

This is Aidan’s wig “in the rough”, meaning that it’s a freshly glued patch. It has not been styled yet.

… I’m almost sad that I’ll need to cut it shorter.
To style kanekalon you only need a bit of heat, as the hair will “memorize” it’s shape as its cool off.

Ventilated wigs are easy to comb and play with as it give the scalp a realistic aspect. Then again, Kanekalon can break if pulled to tightly , and melt if too much heat is applied.

The character Aidan Akh'Arbas is owned by Orpheelin


Voici la perruque “brute” d'Aidan, c'est à dire que la patch ventilée vient d'être collée. Elle n'a pas encore été coiffée.

… Je suis pratiquement triste de devoir la coupée plus courte.
Pour coiffer du kanekalon on a besoin que d'un peu de chaleur, puisque la fibre “mémorise” sa forme lorsqu'elle refroidie.

Les perruques ventilées sont facile à peigner et coiffer puisqu'elle offre un fini très proche du cuir chevelu. Mais encore, le kanekalon peut se briser lorsqu'il est tirré trop fort, ou fondre lorsqu'on y applique trop de chaleur.

Le personnage Aidan Akh'Arbas est la propriété d'Orpheelin

  • Operator: 911 what's your emergency?
  • Me: help my girlfriend oh god.... she's.. too perfect too handle!!!
  • Operator: fuck that's serious, okay ma'm breathe, have you tried turning her off and on?
  • Me: YES 3 times!!! I can't even stop listening to lesbian playlists on 8tracks now cuz I love her so much!!!
  • Operator: okay hold on, we're sending some one your way this is serious, perfection that good needs to be contained or it could spread.
  • Me: oh god... what should I do?!?!
  • Operator: only thing to do ma'm
  • Me: ????
  • Operator: embrace it.
  • Me: OKAY!!! *noises OF like idk fucking singing and shit is herd*
  • Operator: *throws on sunglasses*
  • Just doing my job ma'm, just doing my job.
  • End.

anonymous asked:

I'm not sure to have understand what happened in the last episode in the motel room with the white smoke that has left through the ventilation grid, can you help me please ? =)

They used the egg shaped object to get Lucifer out of his vessel and then Rowena finished the spell that would send him back to the cage. The white smoke going down was Lucifer going back down to the part of hell that has the cage, just like how when a demon is exorcised their black smoke comes out and then goes down into the floor. 


Kendrick Lamar X Reebok “Ventilator

Retail: $125

Colors: Classic Gum/Blue-Red

Release Date: July 18, 2015

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36 ventilators whirl 4.7m3 of packing chips

Latest installation from Zimoun uses simple materials to display turbulance - video embedded below:

From Creative Applications:

Opening this Saturday (April 26) at the Art Museum of Lugano in Switzerland, 36 ventilators, 4.7m³ packing chips is the new installation by Zimoun, the Bern-based artist known for his architecturally-minded platforms of sound. Zimoun yet again extends his installation inventory. Converting nine of the museum’s towering window spaces into ‘ventilation chambers’ (four ventilators are installed in each window) and filling them with polystyrene, Zimoun unleashes a perfect ‘plastic storm.’ Congregating into a mass that’s neither solid, gaseous nor liquid, the flakes perform a violent, otherworldy dance. With the phenonema trapped behind glass, we get to watch in wonder from the safety of the outside.

More at Creative Applications here
Zimoun is also featured in Creative Application’s new magazine HOLO, which you can find out more here


News: Kendrick Lamar Tries To Unite Gang Members With First Reebok Shoe.

With Kendrick Lamar signing on to rep Reebok Classic and the Ventilator seeing a major push this year, you knew a his own version of the shoe had to be in the works. Indeed it was, as today we get a first look at the Kendrick Lamar x Reebok Ventilator. As a social commentary on the gang violence between the notorious Crips and Bloods of Kendrick’s native Los Angeles, his Ventilator aims to unite the streets with the cream suede shoe’s blue accents on one shoe and red accents on the other. In fact, each shoe even comes with bold text of “BLUE” and “RED” on the corresponding heel. Other details include Kendrick’s signature on each tongue, red and blue stripes in the rope laces, and a gum rubber sole to finish them off. See images of sneaker above.