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Pairing: Jubilation Lee/Steve Rogers
Length: 237 words
Prompt:  Coma; Pining (Six Sentence Angst)
Tags:  High School AU
Warnings:  None

“Steve?”  Jubilee leaned forward, closing her hand around his.  “I hope you can hear me…”  

She glanced at the door.  Ms. Rogers had gone to get a cup of coffee.  To give them privacy.  To give her privacy.

Steve looked so pale and helpless.  But he was breathing on his own.  No ventilator.  That was good, right? She hadn’t really asked specifics.   

She took a deep breath and started again.  “Steve.  I love you.  I dunno why I never told you that before now…I’m sorry.  But I love you.”  

She leaned down to press a kiss to the back of his hand, only to look up to see him looking at her, a wry smile on his face.  “Took a car accident to get you to say that?”    

Jubilee bolted upright.  “Oh my god, Steve!  You’re awake?  Do you want me to get your mom, or–”  

“I saw her earlier,” he said flippantly.  

She frowned.  “Aren’t you in a coma or something?”  

anonymous asked:

Can birds do drugs?

If you mean “can birds knowingly go out and acquire illegal psychologically modifying chemicals for recreational use” I would say definitely not. However, birds can and have been observed getting totally sauced on various delicious fermented fruits.

Waxwings and robins will gorge on thawed berries until some of them are so inebriated that Environment Yukon has taken to keeping the worst off in tiny bird drunk tanks until they’re sober enough to leave. Inebriated zebra finches sing like they’re at terrible karaoke nightDrunk parrots periodically fill animal hospitals in AustraliaA flock of intoxicated starlings stopped traffic in Austria after running into numerous cars. THE LIST GOES ON.

As mentioned in the video, hilarious to hear about but in reality it is causing a major problem; these “drunk” birds have a hard time avoiding head-on collisions with buildings and other man-made paraphernalia. Moral of the story: don’t drink and fly, kids. Unless you’re a bat. Because it turns out you don’t need to pass a breathalyzer test to fly with sonar.


I’m a C2 vent dependent quad and thankful that I’m alive. I hate when people say that they’d rather be dead, than in my situation. Especially since they don’t TRULY know my situation. I don’t go around feeling sorry for myself. I work, I have friends and I like to go out and have fun. Even more importantly, I’m happily married to a wonderful guy. Guess what? We do what other married couples do, just do it differently. For the million dollar questions, yes do make love and we do have a sex life. I can’t feel him cuddling/touching me, but I still warm and fuzzy inside when he does.
To those who think that because I’m in a chair that my life is over….you couldn’t be more wrong

Ten years, too late

Bucky x Reader

Summary:“You can’t stop me from seeing my own daughter.” + “You lost the right to see her when you walked out of our lives ten years ago.”

Word Count: 2271

Warnings: angst, death (mention only)

A/N: so, this is my submission for ( @bladebarnes ) Blade’s 2k writing challenge, just gonna leave this here, before i go on my break!
i really don’t know how this messed up idea came to my mind, but i hope it’s something new bc i wanted to save this prompt from being a total cliche so, yeah :) also, I made a little change in the second sentence, hope you don’t mind

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