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Yet another Bendy and the Ink Machine story, this time based entirely in @shinyzango’s 2D Bendy AU! I couldn’t help but think about how unhealthy it must be for a human to be constantly breathing in ink fumes…

Summary: Walking through a poorly ventilated building filled with ink is not good for your health.

Probably The Most Badass I’ve Ever Felt

I’m super tired and might delete this tomorrow but I’m gonna tell y’all a story, so gather round, children, it’s time.

So it’s in the fall and school’s started, and it is hot as fuck. Seriously. We’re all sweating and dying.

Now, there’s no real ventilation in the building, and certainly no AC. I’m not even sure about heat; it’s a old damn building. So the building is old, and we have one window in our classroom, and it jams like crazy.

So this one girl, about my age, is trying to lift the window. And she keeps going loudly “I NEED A MAN TO DO THIS, OH, I CAN’T DO THIS, I’M NOT STRONG ENOUGH, I NEED A MAN, I’M TOO WEAK”.

And the thing is, she pulled this exact shit last time we had class, just two days ago, she had one of her male friends pull the window up because it was a “man’s job” and not a woman’s.

And listen, normally I try and stay in my lane. Unless you fuck with my friends, I will probably leave you alone. I am that line in John Mulaney’s The Comeback Kid, “you could pour soup in my lap and I’d probably apologize to you!” So normally I don’t interfere.

But it’s very hot, and I am very tired which removes filters and the roadblocks in my head that I put there on purpose, and she is spewing sexist and misogynist bullshit, and I have had it up to my eyeballs with that shit, and I hate her.

So I stand up and say “let me give it a shot” and she scoffs at me. Which is fair, because she’s obviously a lot stronger than me just from looking at her. A dickhead thing to do, but a fair reaction. Her response is “yeah, you can try it” in the most condescending and haughty manner possible.

So I head up to the window. And my association with praying is almost always when something terrible is happening in my life or my brain, and it isn’t praying so much as pleading. And I started pleading again while I studied the window. I thought listen I’ve never done shit for you and you ain’t done shit for me so I know there’s no reason for you to start now but please please please, just give me this one thing and I won’t ask for anything else ever again. Cause I know if I don’t get it, I will hear from her about it forever, she’ll click her tongue and talk about how men should really do things like that anyway.

I grip the bottom of the window, having opened already just a crack. I’ll need to push it up to get it open properly. Behind me I can hear the girl who tried being unrelentingly obnoxious, saying “fine, but when she fails, I don’t want anyone crying to me, when she can’t get it, will you-”

I don’t just push it up enough for a little cool air to get in.

I push it up all the goddamn way, as far as I could go.

The girl is silent. I turn on my heel and I really want to see her expression but instead I walk looking straight ahead, not at her or the window or anybody.

You don’t look back at explosions when you’ve successfully completed your task.


School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London by Short and Associates, 2002-5

The first major passively ventilated & cooled building in London, winner of the RIBA President’s Research Award 2007

“The building has a hybrid environmental strategy, naturally ventilated all year and passively cooled through the summer months but engaging downdraught cooling via a central lightwell through periods of summer peak temperatures. The London ‘heat island effect’ shows the city centre to be warming but the SSEES project demonstrates that it is possible to configure a low energy strategy in a city centre at these latitudes. This is the first known application of this low energy environmental strategy in a city centre in the world. The strategy has been exhaustively modelled and tested at the Institute of Energy and Sustainable Development at De Montfort University, Leicester, and the BP Institute for Multiphase Flow at Cambridge University. Fresh air, tempered in winter or pre-cooled in mid summer, flows from the atrium across the floorplates to the exterior exhausts. We have devised acoustically treated narrow section transfer ducts within partitions to allow air to pass across enclosed spaces such as the first floor computer rooms without unwelcome sound transfer.”


Villa Baizeau in Carthage, Tunisia by Le Corbusier [1928-1929]. The house was built for Lucien Baizeau, the director of a construction material company. He wanted terraces opening up to the sea and protection from sirocco. He asked for air flows through every room and sliding windows as well. While Le Corbusier usually attempted to maximize sunlight, this was his first residential project in North Africa. Thus in order to protect the interior from the harsh sunlight, balconies overlap the large sliding windows and the sides of the building are entirely closed off. The interiors of the side walls were painted in various different colors to combat the potential staleness they could have created. Each level is offset in the interior providing a dynamic plan for the Mediterranean wind to circulate and create a natural ventilation system. The building remains today as as part of the services for the presidency of the republic. While this makes it inaccessible, it is thankfully protected and relatively untouched. 

Um. It happened. Looking Glass fanfic. I am done for. :x

So this thing happened in LG where Andruil gets pissed at Thenvunin and bitch slaps him. Implied Uthvir/Thenvunin. I have a Thing for difficult fictional not-really-a-relationship relationships and my feels for these two are now overflowing T_T

@feynites​ I hope this is ok and that I didn’t botch the characterisation too much! Just. What is my life. Why do you do this to us. As always, thank you for your marvelous worlds and fascinating characters, and for sharing them with us! <3


He is hiding in the armory when Uthvir chances upon him. 

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The College of Theology of the University of Baghdad by Mohamed Makiya in 1966-1968. It was built using reenforced concrete clad with brick facing. The offices, classrooms, library, and lecture halls are focused on courtyard spaces to adapt to the climate as well as the social patterns that have changed the architectural norms of the region. The structure uses pointed arabesque arches, concrete mashrabiyya, and air-channeling corridors to both naturally ventilate the building and stand out as explicit examples of Middle Eastern modernism. A small mosque attached to the college was planned but sadly never built.

Some friends, @writeswrongs and I were at the inauguration protest march tonight downtown. I thought tonight was going to be spent critiquing the constant political jogging the activist scene does without any point or aim but instead I’m going to talk to you about how we were brutalized by the Police Bureau and were teargassed inside a poorly ventilated building still occupied by us and other people.

We decided to cool down at this restaurant near the downtown square as the protest was dying down and grab a bite to eat, debrief and start heading home after reflecting on what work should be done. We thought the march was nearing an end when suddenly a bunch of police officers started marching towards the last few remaining scragglers, which could not have been more than a hundred people loosely walking around the square. The police had an aggressive posture and some were even wearing gas masks. Some had flash grenade guns. After the small remaining protesters went up and down the street - moving away as the police moved in there was a sudden escalation. Flash grenades were being thrown and the protesters surrounded. At this point we noticed even more gas masks.

Around ten minutes after we first started seeing this newly aggressive behavior by the police teargas was thrown. Our friend A said she could start smelling it and we quickly noticed that the gas was flooding the building from both the main and back entrance. The teargas was thrown right outside this still occupied building. The air started getting sharp and we started violently coughing. Olivia was closest to the main entrance when this started happening and had a severe reaction. She started vomiting and said she couldn’t breathe. The gas finally disbursed outside and we ran out. Olivia fell to the floor and was losing consciousness. Luckily some nearby people came to help us and a street medic crew quickly arrived to assist us.

When the gas started filling up the building there were still people inside - us and another customer and the closing employees. They gassed the building and we were trapped until the giant gas cloud right outside the building cleared. Thankfully a friend was watching the facebook livefeed this was all recorded on and came to help us. Fuck the police. We were there and there was no excuse for their behavior. No one was violent towards them though I kinda wish they had been because they didn’t hesitate to be violent to us.