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I once heard of a mech who worse a visor and used echolocation to get around because his whole face had rusted off to the point you could see his cranial processor if he took the visor off. See right through to daylight on the back of his head because the rust had spread right around and caused gaping holes in his back too. When I say "I once heard of" I mean I heard it five minutes ago from him in your waiting room, he looks nasty. Good luck with *that* consult.

The day they start sending patients like that to the waiting room, presumably to sit in between the bot with a hand stuck up his own ventilation fan and the bot that’s sitting funny, is the day I walk out and into the waiting sunset.


“Good news everybody!! I’ve made progress on Osana!!!” *Immediately proceeds to blend her head in a fucking ventilation fan*

My reaction to Yandere Dev’s latest video:

EDIT: As of now youtube age restricted the video due to this part lmao I cant

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Hello! I'd like to request hcs on how Chuuya was raised by Kouyou and how Dazai was raised by Mori, please. Like for example, were they strict? Or maybe which habits rubbed off on the boys and whatever else you want to add. Thank you! :)

i think i might have gone a bit overboard with these,, nevertheless, this was really fun! thank you for the lovely request dear! - mikado

Dazai Osamu

. Considering he was raised by the embodiment of logic [quoted by the man himself], it was destined for Dazai to continue the mafia hierarchy and uphold its name through a lot of training and studies. Mori’s characteristic traits are his intellect and his keen eyes [metaphorically and literally] and it can be seen that he recognizes and values Dazai’s potential a lot. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to believe that Mori had made plans to overthrow the previous mafia leader before his actual assassination of the man when he was ill. This leads me to think that Mori planned on making Dazai his right hand man for quite some time, hence why he prepared him for a successful path in the mafia. In short, Dazai was in for a hell of a ride.

. Mori’s ambition to become the new leader was something that young Dazai had noticed, and being the curious kid he is, he once asked why being the boss is so great. In response, Mori gave him a very long essay with detailed arguments written about some of the most well-known and powerful commanders in history. Remember, this is a fourteen to sixteen year old kid we’re talking about. Most people his age today just… read fanfics and cry over exams. He, on the other hand, had to analyze and make a practical model of the war strategy Napoleon Bonaparte used to take over Spain and Germany during his days of glory and write his own version of the tactic which would lead to a more profitable outcome. [ no wonder he wants to die so badly ]

. On chapter 30, Mori mentions to Fukuzawa the names of several well known researchers of theories on war strategies, with John Forman Nash, Henry Alfred Kissinger and Thomas Crombie Schelling to name a few. He does so with a very happy face may I add. Fukuzawa couldn’t identify the above mentioned people as they were foreign, while Dazai grits between his teeth that “Someone imprinted that knowledge on my mind long ago.” This basically shows what Dazai had to put up with during his time spent with Mori. Mori did fulfill all of his educational needs, but he went beyond the point by making Dazai study the works of such people when he was [I cannot stress this enough] only a teen. Okay, sure, it would be illogical for him to study those books in Japanese as well [but since he’s Mori’s diamond in the rough, he’s going to have to undergo a lot of pressure] but to study them in a foreign language as well? He has to understand the terminology of the book, the language the book is written in and also the theme of the book. And he does it so flawlessly.

. So from what you can tell, Dazai had to study a lot. Which is to be expected but that doesn’t mean that I can’t complain about it. It wasn’t always just serious business with Mori though. Dazai did have his free time, although his mentor monitored him during then as well. When not hitting the books, Dazai would usually wander around the headquarters of the Mafia, entering areas forbidden to even the executives through his childish yet very effective lock-picking methods a.k.a, with the help of his trusty sidekick, the hairpin. He lost five to six of them weekly while crawling in the vents, which explained why the guards always found pieces of hairpins stuck between the ventilation fans. Mori never managed to catch him in the act, but he always had a faint suspicion that Dazai knew more than he should, sometimes things that were private matters between him and the leaders of other organizations.  It didn’t worry him much though. If anything, it probably just enhanced his respect for the talented kid tenfold.

. Dazai didn’t hang out much with Q, considering he too was taken under Mori’s care before he became the boss. He never really liked Q, since he was an eerily quiet child who loved to cause mayhem and see other people suffer. Before, he used to think being around people such as Yumeno was a way for him to experience the so called ‘raw emotions’ he begged to feel throughout his entire life, but it didn’t work out very well for him as Q once struck an accidental but heavy blow to the Mafia by going berserk while being taken care of by some supervisors on Mori’s orders. It is then that Q started manipulating his curse more often to his advantage, and when Dazai decided it was best for him to keep his distance.

. Mori often took Dazai with him to accompany him during his shopping sprees for Elise’s new dresses, which often led to Dazai wandering off somewhere on his own while the doctor was too busy fawning over a pair of red shoes to match with the skirt he got for the blonde. He enjoyed those trips, as Mori almost never focused on him during such times and he was at liberty to do whatever his heart pleased.

. Something which is evident in Dazai is that he comes after Ranpo when it comes to deducing things. He’s a very well rounded person with knowledge on a lot of crucial matters, and he’s very analytical thanks to years of practice and passive and active experience in the Mafia. Whether he acknowledges it or not, we cannot deny the fact that Mori had a very influential role on Dazai and his forming as a person from his early teenage years to his adulthood. Therefore, it is certain that he will take some traits from his ‘guardian’ unconsciously. One of the most notable ones is being able to read anyone, especially your opponent, very well. It’s a trick that comes in handy often and I’d take a step further by saying that Dazai took this trait from Mori and polished it, making it practically his very own distinctive characteristic.

Chuuya Nakahara

. Unlike Dazai, Chuuya had the fate of being raised in a more lovable and peaceful environment. I’m not saying Dazai was completely devoid of familiarity and warmth, but Kouyou was a much better parental figure to Chuuya than Mori was to Dazai when it came to health care. Kouyou obviously could tell that Chuuya had a lot of potential to become a very powerful warrior, so she did not hold back the studies and all, but she didn’t limit him to a certain category. The difference between Mori and Kouyou is that Mori was able to distinguish by first glance where Dazai specialized at, so he made him focus on that topic alone, whereas Kouyou allowed Chuuya to explore his options, which eventually lead to him becoming a very powerful martial artist as well as a wine expert. After all, all talk and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

. Chuuya was a generally quiet child who had a visible soft spot for lullabies. It’s a thing that may perhaps be a habit Chuuya has to this day, but whenever he overworked himself during his practice, his sore muscles would bother him a lot, and the only way he could ignore the pain was to do something that would put him in a drowsy state. He first tried reading, but he changed positions every five minutes, which was a very long and painful ordeal. He thought solving puzzles would help him concentrate on something other than the numbness taking over his back, but he got frustrated when two pieces wouldn’t fit together, so that didn’t work out too well either. His last ray of hope was taking a very long bubble bath so what while resting in the tub, he’d fall asleep. Fortunately, he didn’t have to resort to drastic measures, as Kouyou noticed his fatigue and kept him close to her, singing him to sleep with a soft melody.

. If you think about it, maybe it’s one of the reasons why Chuuya has a good voice. I mean, usually genetics and fate do their own thing, but perhaps practicing a song while he helped her out with her work or whenever they went out for walks together was what helped him warm his vocal cords at first. Although he would be a bit shy to start the song off himself, he would gladly accompany Kouyou as her second voice. Slowly he’d memorize different tunes, and whenever he’d have nightmares from the horrors he might’ve seen during practice or while in the HQ, he’d hum them until he felt sleep take him away. [ my poor little kitten]

. Kouyou helped Chuuya gain control of his ability by using a number of different methods, testing the waters and checking which one was the safest and most effective for the time being. During his early days, Chuuya had difficulties maintaining his balance while floating, and he owes the Mafia quite a sum for the havoc he wrecked due to his inability to aim and crush his compressed gravity spheres. He’s paid off his debts, but he won’t forget his childish attempts to master his power, which lead to a lot of shenanigans.

. He was a very adventurous kid, so he’d usually run off from his room without Kouyou’s permission and would hide behind walls while a scene was unfolding before him or would eavesdrop in order to gather more information about the mafia. He liked to associate himself with the older divisions within the organization, sometimes managing to witness a few of their operations going by unnoticed. What he saw would sometimes thrill him and terrify him simultaneously, as he admired his higher-ups and looked at them with respect, but there was a voice at the back of his head which kept nagging him on and on, saying things such as ‘What would happen if I had been in that person’s place?’. When his thoughts got too crowded, he hurried off back to Kouyou, where he’d sit by her side and quietly sip his tea.

. Chuuya’s actually a very polite and well-behaved individual, from what you can see through his actions. He respects his elders and does not question his loyalty to them, as well as the fact that he treats his subordinates as his equals rather than as lowlife inferior to him. He genuinely cares about them as well, shown by his contempt towards Q and his actions and his immediate approval of killing him, if he could. That’s one of the main lessons that Chuuya has learnt from Kouyou; he has rich morals and a very complex and colorful personality, which if you have the luck to study, will definitely make you look at him from a different perspective.

. BONUS: Small chuu chuu sleeps in grape pjs. Pass it on.

Translation from Psycho-pass 下 Kougami and Akane's last scene


I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. It was a big big surprise to me. Why haven’t I heard someone talking about this scene before?????   


Kougami pointed the dominator at the refrigerating van but it didn’t change its shape into decomposer. It was stuck in paralizer mode, it couldn’t be helped.  He dodged by a hair the refrigerator van that was running against them, stepping aside from it with all his might.

The van sped up and ran away breaking through the fence dividing the factory from the wheat fields. Rolled to the ground, Kougami jumped up to his feet and — Akane’s figure, who was supposed to be behind him, was not there.

Kougami ran after the escaping van. Akane was clinging to the vehicle side.


Without realizing, he screamed her name. He started running with a desperate look on his face.


The refrigerator van was running fast on the farm road between the wheat fields. Akane was hanging to the side of it with her left hand. She was about to dislocate her shoulder but, come this far, she couldn’t whine about it. She desperately focused all her strength not to be thrusted out as well as not to let go of the revolver in her right hand.

From that unstable position, Akane aimed at the tire of the refrigerating van with the revolver. 

She pulled the trigger.

At the recoil of the magnum bullet, she remembered the tactile sensation of the time she had shot with Toyohisa’s shotgun*. 

The tire of the refrigerator van blew out. The van lost control and started weaving. Akane was thrown off and the refrigerator van fell sidelong and plunged into the wheat field.

“… ! …”

Akane, who had hit the ground, lost consciousness.


— that moment, was it  shortly before the murder case of the avatars thief started?

When Akane had entered the large office at the Criminal Investigation Department, Kougami was dozing at his desk. 

Maybe he was hot after the training or something and he had taken off the suit jacket.


Without any particular reason, Akane stared at Kougami’s face. He was resting with his chin on his hands swaying his chest slowly like he was rowing a boat.  That defenseless sleeping face was really unexpected and Akane felt her heart beat so fast.

—  broad shoulders, a thick chest. Probably the type who looked thinner in his clothes than he really was. She also watched his arms carefully and they were quite thick. A muscular, masculine body. Just looking at him, for some reason she hadn’t enough of it. An incredibly well-shaped nose. The thin mouth was attractive but the lips were a bit chapped…

The sound of a ventilating fan not fitting for a contemporary building. There was no one else apart from the two of them in the large room.

I wonder why.

Suddenly Akane got antsy. This man Kougami Shinya someday, he will surely go somewhere far. She had such a feeling.

Kougami woke up.

“…mm?” he looked around with a confused face. “Inspector…Tsunemori?”


“I…was I sleeping?”


— Akane awakened too.


At the same time she regained consciousness, she had an attack of severe pain.

that’s right, I’ve been thrown off the refrigerator van.

When Akane tried to stand up, she was kicked hard at her side.


Akane screamed, writhing in pain. She let go of the revolver.

Makishima was standing right beside her.

“Now that I think about it…Inspector Tsunemori…I should have killed you in the first place” he stated coldly. “My biggest mistake. As a result of my information gathering, I thought ‘you were the weak point of the Public Safety Bureau CID’s Division 1’. At least, that had been a correct perception until Funahara Yuki was killed…”* 

Enduring the pain, Akane crawled on the ground and extended her hand toward the revolver. Makishima raised his foot stepping on the back of her head — . 


Kougami caught up with them with the dominator at a ready.

Makishima laughed scornfully at Akane and ran away towards the field.

“…tsk” clicking his tongue, Kougami rushed over Akane.

Akane was still trying to pick up the revolver desperately.

Instead of her, it was Kougami the one who grasped the revolver. Holding the dominator in his right hand and the revolver in the left one, Kougami was comparing the two guns with a blank expression.

“…don’t…don’t do it…” sensing that Kougami was thinking about something, Akane grimaced in sadness. “Kougami-san! There’s still room for negotiating with the Sibyl System. As long as we catch Makishima alive…”

Kougami threw away the dominator. Gritting her teeth in frustration*, Akane shed regretful tears.

“That…is your choice, Kougami-san”

“Somehow, we are like the destiny that makes a different choice at each fork road. I think we’ve not been a bad pair but… we would gradually part ways, like travelers who carry a wrong map”

“I don’t want it. At this rate, going on with your escape someone will kill you…” 

“If someone asked me how precious my own life is or so, I would be unsure but…being killed by the Sibyl System wouldn’t be too pleasant for sure. So, I’ll try to put up resistance until the end. That’s really a goodbye. Tsunemori Akane” Kougami gave her a kind glance. “…this is a matter between me and him only”

With the revolver in his hand, Kougami rushed towards the middle of the wheat field where Makishima had escaped.


Akane’s cry was heartrending but it faded away without reaching no one’s ear.




*Akane: very personal note…I’d like to underline that this is the unique, only moment when Kougami calls Akane by her first name. There won’t be any other moment in all the seasons +movie where he does it. Three syllables, just a single kanji, but it means the whole world for me.

*Toyohisa’s shotgun: here the author is referring to the moment when Akane tried to shoot Makishima with the rifle he had given her (that was Toyohisa Senguchi’s one) the day Yuki died.

*until Funehara Yuki was killed: I know that this sentence may sound strange. I mean…Makishima who simply says Yuki was killed, like he has no other information about it. I translated the passive form literally for a precise reason. Japanese often uses passive form, in particular when the action and the person who undergoes it is more important that the subject doing it. I found particularly disgusting that Makishima said “Funehara Yuki was killed” and not “I killed Funehara Yuki”, especially in front of Akane and I wanted to let all the readers know a bit about the original text.

*gritting her teeth in frustration: the expression in the original text is 奥歯を噛む. It’s used to indicate the internal struggle in making a hard choice or a hard surrender or something you’re forced to do but you don’t want to. In this case, it’s regret and frustration for not convincing Kougami to let go of his objective.


These are the things that I’ve been told:

1. Stop asking.

2. There’s nobody left alive Outside. That’s why we give thanks, every day, for the strong metal walls and the kindly thrum of the ventilation fans, the holy work-tables of the machinists and the sacred aquaponics room. They keep us alive, when all the world has died.

3. The Council is wise. The Hereafters protect us.

4. There are people alive Outside, but they’re cannibal monsters who eat their own babies and would tear you to pieces in a moment.

5. What happened to Mama was for her good and ours.

6. If you crawled up the ventilation shafts, squeezed your way past gear and wheel, pried open every metal plate, you would see the sky. But the sky isn’t blue anymore: it’s black and red and rains poison that can melt the flesh from your bones. There are no stars left at all.

7. You should be glad you’re still alive. You know what usually happens to girls like you.

8. It’s not cruel and ugly Outside. It’s beautiful, too beautiful, because the world wasn’t broken by weapons, and not by humans at all: it was broken by monsters, creatures so beautiful and heartless that anyone who sees them, becomes one of them.

9. Papa came from Outside. (Only Mama ever said this, late at night and softly, softly into my hair.) Papa came from Outside, and he said there were people and stars and blue, blue skies. He said it and he loved us so it must be true.

10. We are all of us happy and lucky, here underground.


These are the things that I remember:

1. Mama’s hands turning pages of her tattered old books. Her smile as I sounded out the letters: Blue sky. Green grass. Sasha’s anxious frown, as she sat by the door, listening for the drumbeat of the Hereafters’ feet as they marched by on patrol.

2. Four bowls of rice soup becoming two. Mama poured hers into yours, Sasha poured hers into mine, and when I was little, I didn’t realize they were lying when they said they weren’t hungry.

3. The first time I realized what my songs could do. I was greasing the gears in the Left-Left-Top Corridor, and thinking of the Outside that I would never see, and I hummed a half-forgotten song. It slid into something else, a tune soft but deep that hummed in my chest and made the metal walls shiver in reply. There are a hundred dead lights in the Left-Left-Top Corridor, lights that never glow even when we get double rations—but when I sang, they sparked and kindled to life, shimmering all around me, and I wondered if this was what Mama’s books meant when they talked about stars.

4. The moment I decided not to tell anyone but you, Kisa, my little sister. The way that you laughed and clapped your hands when I sang and the dead lamps in our quarters glowed to life.

5. The swift, sharp knock-knock-knock against the door before they broke it open.

6. Mama, weeping and begging as the Hereafters dragged her away, as they pried open the secret cupboard and took all the books.

7. The way that nobody would look at us, for weeks after.

8. The little bit of bone that they gave us to put in our memorial jar. It’s the same as everyone gets for dead and cremated kin, and I hated it. If they’d only been a little crueler, not let us have any piece of her, I could have pretended she was still alive.

9. Sasha’s face, painted the same bone white as all the rest of the Hereafters. The brass rings on her fingers, the hooked knives on her belt. The steady drumbeat of her steel-shod feet, as she marched in formation. Her cold voice, as she told us she was joining them to atone for Mama’s sins.

10. Two full bowls of rice, heaped with fish and vegetables. Our reward for Sasha’s service.


These are the things that I wonder:

1. Did Sasha tell the Hereafters about Mama?

2. Did she hesitate before she told them about me?

3. Is there a world Outside?

4. Did Papa really come from there?

5. Will you ever forgive me?


These are the things that I know:

1. I can’t become a Hereafter. Some people say the training eats their hearts and breaks their minds, makes them unable to disobey the Council. And some say they just kill all the recruits who aren’t ruthless enough. Whatever’s true, if I join them, there won’t be any of me that survives it.

2. I can’t stay. The Council won’t let a girl who can sing electricity run free. Now that they know about me—now that Sasha has seen me and told them—I don’t have a choice. They will make me a Hereafter or they will kill me.

3. I can’t take you with me. I’m sorry, Kisa, but I can’t bet your life the way I bet mine.

4. Mama believed there was a world Outside, one we could live in. She believed that Papa came from there.

5. Mama was a liar. She swore she’d never leave us.

6. I may die tomorrow. The Hereafters could easily catch me. The machinery between here and the surface could easily eat me. What I find above could easily do worse than destroy me.

7. I’m going anyway.

8. Whatever happens, as long as I’m myself, I will remember you.

9. And if I find a way, I will return to set you free.

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I've been in this fandom like.... half a week but I love your fics and I really wanted to think about what I was going to send you before doing so and what I came up with was a fic, maybe jupeter or maybe just centered around Juno, wherein Juno picks up a therapeutic hobby?

Welcome to the fandom! We’re glad to have you in our little hotel.

This one’s an expansion on a minor detail from a previous fic, which I thought could use some more fleshing out.

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Outbreak Monkey


*This fic is an extension of the Calzona scene at the end of 10x18 when Callie is talking to a sick Arizona through the bathroom door. It features Callie taking care of Arizona. There’s also an appearance by Sofia, who I assume still exists even though we haven’t seen her in about twenty-five years (approximately). There’s really no plot or point to it, I just wanted to write about Calzona being cute because I just can’t get enough of it. :)


*Quite fluffy, indeed. 

Author’s Notes:

*Callie wears a personal protection hood throughout this fic, like the one Derek wore during surgery in 10x18. I’m not sure if the way Callie wears it is even possible because a) they’re probably not allowed to take things like that home from the hospital, b) I have no idea if surgical hoods require a fan/ventilator to be effective at keeping germs out/not suffocate the person wearing it. So I’m hoping readers won’t mind suspending their disbelief about the accuracy of the surgical hood for the sake of Calzona cuteness.

*The characters do not belong to me. I don’t have any rights/claims/profit from them and no infringement is intended.

*Thanks for reading! :D


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BSD Novel: Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (Chapter 1, 5/9)

Thanks to @nakaharachuyaa for proofreading!

Some warnings for violence in the coming parts, but you should probably know that if you’re reading BSD. Things can only get worse from here on out. Feel free if you notice anything weird or want to yell in general.

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A/N: Don’t ask me why I write these things. The idea just randomly came me while I was trying to sleep and I laughed so hard to myself that I woke up my sister.

Pairing: Levi/Mikasa

Genre: Comedy

Setting/Time: Modern Day/Autumn

Living Together: Awkward Levi

This is going to be the last time I ever eat at a Mexican restaurant. Whatever’s in that chili is out to destroy my insides…

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Summary: Angela always works too late. Genji makes sure she gets some sleep.

Word count: 1027


Even when she was in the midst of a full-one revolution, the paperwork still managed to catch up with her. Stacks upon stacks of requisitions, test results, medical files and plain old bills cluttered her usually immaculate desk. 

Angela was used to going without sleep, though. Her professors had once remarked it was as important a talent for any doctor or physician as having steady hands and neat handwriting. But she was getting a little older, and pulling an all-nighter wasn’t as easy as it had been years before; a coffee-assist was usually not enough to keep her awake until everything was done. The ambience of the safehouse they were staying in only added to her problems.

The soft whirring of the ventillation fans; the pitter-patter of gentle rain outside; the quiet hum of her computer all combined to form a perfect lullaby. In the pool of light cast by her desk lamp, Angela found her eyes struggling to stay open. She kept having to re-read the same sentence. In amongst the soothing sounds, his footsteps made very little impression on the peaceful atmosphere that surrounded her office.

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Tokyo Ghoul Novel 3 Ch 6 "Devil Ape" Full Translation

Enji, Kaya, and Yoshimura are all under-appreciated, but at least Enji has his own chapter. Now if we only had a Kaya chapter, or even better, an Eto chapter…

As always, this translation is unbeta’d. Please tell me if there are any mistakes, and I will correct it! Translation notes and observations are at the bottom, esp. regarding the name of Enji’s gang and Anteiku’s motto (not that anyone’s going to read it).

(Chapter Summary: All hail baking soda! Laugh the first half, cry the second.)

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i managed to get my work for today done! :D so i wrote a thing.

kiwiitin​ asked “maybe Jack getting to see just how bad Rhys is in the kitchen? By accident witnessing him trying to make something maybe?"but left it up to me to put it in canon or in quid pro quo verse. Because I am a masochist, I’m gonna do both. This is the one for the canon verse!! The other one I’m saving for tomorrow <: along with claptrap/loader bot bc #challengeaccepted

This one is gen and set during the title sequence of ep.3!! No shipping sorry s: next one, i promise! (although if you squint you could probably see rhack bc i am v v predictable)

heavily inspired by kiwiitin‘s art, specifically, this one <:

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My dearest Philip,

I’m LITERALLY becoming Dil. Today I took a brisk shower but since I forgot to turn on the ventilation fan in my bathroom my shower turned into a steamy one. Watch out Philly, I’m feeling flirty today! You know what? I’m taking you out for dinner tonight! Yesss to a fancy Chinese restaurant. Love yah♡

Xxx Daniel