Repainting glasses frame with nail polish

When I got my Yuuri Katsuki glasses I was disappointed that it was so dark, and had parts in silver instead of blue. After some research, I attempted to repaint the frame with nail polish and it work \o/

(photos and steps under the cut)

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A quick test to see if my old markers are still alive. And they are! Regular black line art would have been too harsh with pastel shades, muted earth tones worked much better. Burnt umber got smudged when I colored the background, most likely because its dark pigment. I think I went a bit overboard with Bertl’s eyelashes…

Don’t forget to ventilate your work space while and after you use these markers. My desk is in the same room with my bed, I got to see some interesting dreams that night. (☉౪ ⊙)

Emotional Connection Release Spell

In order to help with any negative relationships that you can’t have closure to, this spell should help with the release of negative emotion and help you move on. 


  • Paper
  • Writing Utensil
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Safe space outside of home
  • (Optional) Comfort Item

Write out a goodbye letter to whomever you need to release your connection from. Express everything that you wanted to say to them, positive or negative. 

Travel to your safe space, making sure that it is well ventilated. Make sure the space is comfortable.

You don’t need to say words if you need to, simply express your intent of being rid of the person and moving on. If you do need to say something, here is an idea of what to say:

Dark was the hour that you were in my life

But now gone will be all of my strife 

Hear my goodbye as I light it aflame

As my happiness I now reclaim

Set the letter a blaze, and allow the ashes to be carried away with wind.It is recommended that you use your comfort item as soon as possible, as this spell can be very draining emotionally.  

protovampire replied to your photoset “okay here are the pieces i got from gap–the two bottom ones are one…”

i love the shapes of these? i know for right now theyre staying as is but dude if you ever do refinish them i bet they’ll look slick as heck!

me too!!! they’re very modern shaped and i feel like even if we just paint them all white they’ll look really nice–i don’t hella mind the natural wood but i feel like with our dark floors it’ll mismatch, so it’s definitely something we’ll be doing when we can. definitely want to like. make sure i can pay all my bills and shit before we start taking on big diy projects lmao

BUT now that we have a proper yard and also a little deck (very cute) i’ll be able to take on much bigger projects and do all sorts of cool things that i couldn’t work w/ before bc of not having a ventilated space to work so i’m hype about that too! 

Hawkward [ Clint Barton x OC ]

Prompt : Clint falls in love with the new girl in the tower.

Pairing : Clint Barton x OC (Clara)

Genre : Romance, Fluff   |   Warning : None

Author’s Note : I hope you enjoy this story! :)

You could request a name of your choice for OC if you want. Send me a prompt, genre, and the characters you want me to write a oneshot of. :)

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Clint Barton had perfected the art of crawling through crawl space ventilation of Avengers Building. He survived crawling above Bucky’s room when the man just arrived and got spooked by Clint. A bullet scraped his arm but it’s an accomplishment for Clint considering Bucky’s weapon skill. He also managed to pass by Natasha’s room and escaped the vent system before her drug killed him. Steve’s was quiet, which was probably why he likes hiding there even though sometimes he had to hear the old man cry quietly (It was once and he limited his spying once he saw Cap’s tears). He vowed to never go through Tony Stark’s and Thor’s room after hearing them with their significant others. He was a daredevil but even daredevil has his limits.

One of the main reasons why he enjoyed relaxing on the crawl space above Cap’s place was because Steve liked to bring back potential addition for the team. Steve was a nice guy who likes making people comfortable before interviewing them, Clint realized even though he was pretty sure everyone would be more uncomfortable with that kind of treatment. Clint liked watching people being interviewed by Cap, which was the very reason why he always crawled there every Monday right at 10 a.m.

He watched Cap froze on his spot when he arrived and let out a small sigh. So the man did know he was there, Clint smiled to himself.

“Just, don’t make weird noises when I welcome her, Barton.” Steve spoke to the ceiling and Clint made a giggling noise, recalling the few applicants who almost cry when they heard his weird noises.

“You accepted her?” Steve could hear his muffled voice form the ventilation system and nodded.

“I interviewed her a couple days ago when you were on a mission.” Steve replied as he walked towards the door to welcome her.

“Hi, Clara. It’s nice to see you again.” Steve shook her hand and led her inside. Clint may or may have not made a weird gasping noise when he saw her.

“What is that?” She asked, her eyes wide as she looked up to the ceiling. Steve let out a loud sigh and covered his face.

“Barton, get down here.” Clint didn’t need to be told twice, he quickly found a ventilation opening and jumped down.

“Hi.” He sheepishly grinned.

“You’re crawling on the ventilation space.” Clara raised her eyebrows in amusement.

“Well, I had to see the beautiful newcomer.” Clint told her, earning a groan from Steve.

“I’m 95 years old and I can do better than that.” Steve said while watching Clint blushed.

“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Clint Barton.” Clara shook his hand before her attention darted towards the room.

“Am I going to live here?” She asked and watched Steve turned a shade of red.

“No! This is Cap’s. There’s no way you’re going to live here.” Clint quickly responded, feeling oddly protective of the woman.

“I will get my own place?”

“Yes. There’s an empty quarter next to Clint’s. You probably will be assigned there.” Steve continued and guided her out of the room after handing out a small file.

“Hey, Cap.” Clint whispered while Clara was busy reading the guide from the file. Steve turned his head to Clint with an unreadable expression.

“Please don’t.”

“Do you have her number?”

“Ask her yourself, Barton.” Steve hissed back at him. Clint huffed and followed the two of them back to his floor. Steve gave her some more instruction and left soon after that.

“So, we’ll be neighbor.” Clara smiled at Clint. Clint swore he has never seen someone as captivating as her.

“Y-yeah.” He rubbed the back of his head and awkwardly stood in front of his door.

“So…. I’ll go inside.” She pointed at her own place. This is getting too awkward, Clint thought.

“Okay. Have a good night.” Clint grinned.

“Hey Clint?”


“Cap was right. If you want my number, ask my yourself.” She winked and quickly closed the door.

“YOU HEARD THAT?” she guffawed at his muffled cries.

“I have super hearing. Pretty sure I can hear you breath in that ceiling.” She shouted back. Clint had a huge on his face. This is going to be great, he thought as he entered his own room.


Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett

Minimal barriers were employed not only to capture the landscape, frame views, for transparency and connection, but also to assist in creating light-filled, well ventilated spaces.

anonymous asked:

Is just smoking in the same room as a pet bad, or is it just blowing it directly at them/causing them to inhale that's the problem? Is it okay to smoke in the same room as long as the space is ventilated?

I hope you don’t mind me answering a few questions within this post, my inbox has gotten quite full with people very concerned about smoking pot around their pets.

The degree of toxicity is going to be determined by lots of variables. What species of animal, how much they weigh, how long they are exposed, the potency of the particular strain of pot being smoked, direct exposure vs second hand smoke, etc. Remember that we are not just talking about exposure to THC but also to the microscopic particles in the smoke itself. 

Yes the majority of the articles I posted only pertain to ingestion of marijuana but if you do a search you can find articles that discuss the effect of second hand smoke. As stated before, now that marijuana is legal in a few states and with the newer varieties of pot plants containing higher levels of cannabinoids veterinarians are seeing more side effects just from animals breathing in smoke.

Theoretically you could smoke a joint and then handle an amphibian and the chemicals could be transferred into their blood stream via the skin. I have absolutely no idea about fish in aquaria being exposed to smoke but I imagine that like any other aerosol it could get into the water and cause a problem in high enough doses. Tanks with smaller volumes of water are going to be less able to dilute the toxin than larger tanks.

Exotics, because of their small size and unique physiology are more at risk than dogs and cats when it comes to exposure. But all animals can become ill when exposed to marijuana in its various forms.

I am not condoning or condemning the smoking of marijuana, just giving the facts about pet exposure. If you want to smoke pot make sure your animals cannot get into your stash. Put them in another room away from the smoke. Yes some of the smoke will get taken into the ventilation and spread throughout a house. Is this enough to cause harm? For most animals probably not. For birds, reptiles, and amphibians, it might be. Wash your hands after handling marijuana, joints, bongs, food made with pot, etc. because it might be possible to spread the oils to your pets.

Finally, if your animal does seem ill after exposure to marijuana take it to the vet. Please be up front about what happened so that your pet can get the care it needs in a timely manner. I promise you your veterinarian will most likely know it is pot exposure just from the clinical signs so you can’t hide it. But if you lie we have to go down other diagnostic avenues to rule everything else out to make sure we aren’t missing something and it will be more expensive to you and more invasive for your animal. Vets aren’t out to turn you in for smoking pot, we are just glad you brought your animal in for treatment.