venti americano

The Outsiders (Modern headcanon)

-Every Sunday night the gang has a Game of Thrones viewing party.
-Darry constantly sneaks out of a night to go to Starbucks when the boys are asleep, because he is just so damn stressed out that he needs a venti sized Americano.
-The boys are constantly going to the cinemas to watch all the latest Disney movies, their favourite currently is Finding Dory, Dally cried 3 times but threatened to beat the shit out of the boys if they ever told anyone. 
-Although Steve and Sodapop would never admit it aloud, their favourite show is Dance Moms and they have all 6 seasons on DVD. 
-Ponyboy is apart of GSA (gay, straight alliance) at school and frequently goes to meetings, dragging Johnny along. 
-Dallas broke his ribs whilst jumping off the roof and into a pool for a vine… he spent three nights in hospital and immediately deleted the video afterwards, Two-Bit has a copy though.
-Two-Bit prides himself on being able to shop lift iPhones and expensive things and often boasts about it… even though you’re absolutely angry at him for doing it, you’re slightly impressed. 
-Sodapop’s favourite TV show is Parks and Rec because he thinks he looks exactly like Chris, but Darry doesn’t see the similarities…
-Sodapop constantly goes to Lush and buys like 7 bath bombs because he likes how the water changes from clear to midnight blue in only 1 minute.
-Steve is obsessed with James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” and is constantly uploading videos to youtube with him and the gang singing songs…
-Ponyboy is an avid protester of police brutality towards people of colour and he is always at peaceful protests, he always takes Johnny along.


Dr Gabriel Novak had been stood in line for five minutes listening to the handsome giant behind him talking to himself.
The guy must have been late 20’s to mid 30’s, giant, and had strange eyes.
There was obviously something on the kid’s mind as he didn’t even realise when Gabe placed his order in Sam’s name.

“Venti iced americano for Sammy?”
A bored voice called up.
Finally; Gabriel rolled his eyes as the moose looked up.

anonymous asked:

today someone ordered an "iced venti americano with 2% milk instead of water" and it took everything i had not to laugh in her smug face. like, seriously???

Oh FUCK THAT! I would never have let that fly. “That’s going to be a five-shot iced latte.” And stare that motherfucker down until until they pay the 7 or 8 dollars that drink costs.