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UPDATE: PSA: Vent is Transphobic

vent is a smartphone app where ppl can rant about their feelings to an allegedly “supportive” audience consisting of other users. however, this is not the case. vent user “cloudedthoughtz” is transphobic and is buddy-buddy with the vent staff, who has been deleting innocent transpeople WITHOUT WARNING for defending themselves against a transphobic post cloudedthoughtz had made. cloudedthoughtz was never punished for this, and instead, mentally ill trans kids were punished by being DEVICE BLOCKED from the app for defending themselves. please give the vent app a 1 star rating and complain about their transphobia, and please spread the word. i want this app to crash and burn.

heres screenshots about the post that started it all (these screenshots are not mine, they are from previous vent user @aioe and they were deleted and device blocked for favoriting comments and nothing else. these screenshots are not organized, but there are 93 pictures of solid evidence)