pronunciation | ‘ven-ters
notes | Scots is a language distinct from Scottish English and Scottish Gaelic. Venters as used here has no relation to venter, deriving from ventral, meaning the underside of an animal’s body.

In case you forgot.

Also: “When eating on the road or visiting a landmark – this week’s choice was Seattle’s Space Needle – Venters and Kimbrel can often be found together. And of course when it comes time for them to prepare for their late-inning roles, they can often be found interacting and filling the bullpen with their youthful energy.” - Bowman

This is how I picture them going to the Space Needle together (you’re welcome). 

If you're in a relationship, you better make it known.

Two situations, very similar to each other in the past two days where in one the girl, and the other the guy were not making their relationship known.

Here’s my vent story on this: if you’re not going to be proud to be in a relationship, then you should question yourself why you’re hiding it. I mean, there could be no direct correlation to you hiding your relationship and there being problems, but nevertheless, it can create an unruly environment for you and the person you are with.

Problems that can arise are trust issues, lack of communication, misunderstandings, and others that will eventually lead to arguments. No one wants to argue in a relationship, although figuratively speaking, it is healthy for couples to argue, but not every day.

It’s not really about “pride” in being in the relationship, and I understand some couples like to keep their relationship on the “low” so their business isn’t really out in the open. That’s respectable, that’s acceptable. But if you’re completely hiding that you’re in a relationship, you don’t really show affection to who you’re with, it can be taken that you are not happy to be with them.

This is something that I have personally experienced (or done, really…) I did not take pride in the relationship I was in, and I never mentioned anything about it, I never talked about it, blogged about it, brought it up in conversation, put it up on facebook, nothing. I did everything I could to keep it unknown. You could only imagine how many fights that had brought up.

Treat your boyfriend/girlfriend right. If you love them, they deserve to know that you do, and sometimes personal ways aren’t enough. You know that saying, “To the world, you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world” well… If they’re your world, I’m sure they want the world to know that, and they’ll do the same for you.

Just sayin’.

2nd game of Double Header

It’s almost time for the 2nd double header game against the Nationals.. We won the 1st game we can surely win this one.. Go Braves!!! The Nats ain’t got nothing on the Braves! Hopefully Freddie will be starting a new hit streak. Maybe if Randall gets some run support he  can do something with it. I feel like it’s gonna be a great game for Chipper and possibly Uggla if he can get out of this slump he’s in.. Since Jonny didn’t pitch in the 1st game.. I feel like he’s going to in this 2nd game… The Braves are coming back with a vengeance! You think the Nats will learn not to mess with the Braves anymore!! They’re bringing there game tonight or I mean this series! Go Braves!! Will you be chopping?? I know I will! Braves Country!
The Planeswalker's Guide to Jamuura and the Mirage War [Apocrypha] • No Goblins Allowed

The massive document nearly impossible to find on the internet, and in fact much of it has been deleted from official sources, and is only available through

It may not be quite as pretty as its original presentation, but it is readily available with information from Jeff Lee and Pete Venters, and I have my doubts we’ll ever get such an involved guide ever again.