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Say I Love You...

Fandom: Supernatural.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Summary: Y/N finds herself stricken with grief over Dean’s self-loathing; meanwhile, the elder Winchester is trying to come to terms with a newfound revelation of his feelings and how he can voice them out.

Warnings: Dean finding it hard to voice out his feelings, fluff, maybe a bit of angst?? Not entirely.

A/N: Will probably be making this into a series because I’m a sucker for Dean.

The idea was born out of me watching a few fanvids with our favorite hunter which show just how much he has been through. I mean, both Winchester’s have had to deal with a lot of crap, but my soft spot for Dean is what drove me to writing this.



The room is dead silent.

Save for the sound of hush snores and breaths and the whisper of window through vents and into the motel. Outside the sky spread across the city of Atlanta in a blanket of onyx, clusters of stars dotting it. Y/N lies still in her bed, eyes fixed on the ceiling, trying to tame the inner turmoil in her chest. Beside her the sheets shift. Dean says something, something about going to wash up before Sam wakes up, but she doesn’t quite catch him.

“Y/N!” he calls, snapping her from her reverie.

The young girl turns to him, head lolling against the pillow. “Yeah?”

“I said you should probably, too, since we still have some time.” She can’t see his face hidden in the pitch dark; she can’t see anything but the silhouette of the elder Winchester sitting up, his hair a disheveled mess atop his head.

“I should probably what?”

“Wash up?” He says it like its obvious. But Y/n doesn’t reply. Only continues staring at him, wide eyes, the light from the moon cast down on her face through the window—and the elder Winchester obviously notices this. Y/N spots a shift in his demeanor: attentive. Concerned. Even if she can’t see them, she guesses the elder Winchester’s eyes soften as he reaches out, touching her bare shoulder.

“Y/N,” Dean speaks. “You okay?”

“You’re an amazing person, you know that?” She blurts out.

The room silences once more.

Between them hangs a surprised quiet. Y/N is still on her back, still hazy-minded and emotional and fighting a hurricane raging in her chest. She can feel it bubble up her throat, spreading through her lungs, suffocating her. Soon she won’t be able to breathe. Soon, in this dim-lit and quiet room perfumed with her emotions, she will turn blue-faced and asphyxiated, because it’s too much.

He’s too much.

He is selfish, and yet altruistic; he is stern and authoritative, as disciplined as a soldier, but kind; Dean is self-sacrificial and generous and swollen with love and yet such despondent and negative emotions picked up as souvenirs from the life he has had to live . He is human, and a paradox in itself and Dean is good and Dean has always been good…

And it hurts Y/N to know that he doesn’t see this…

A moment ago, as she’d lay in his embrace,  having to listen to him tear himself down; berate his image, hate himself because of a hunt gone bad. Two teenagers whose parents were vampires. They hadn’t managed to stop them and the kids died, and Dean was mourning his failure and the loss of two innocents. Y/N listened attentively to him as he’d spoke, and felt a wound in her heart coming undone. She feels tears brimming at her eyes just looking at him, at this man who doesn’t feel the way she does about him. This man who sees himself as a completely polar opposite of the reality. Y/N has known Dean for a long time, and she knows what he thinks of himself, what he wrongly assumes he is, and it hurts her.

For he has done so much for her, he has proven his own assumptions wrong and been her light in the dark of their lives, and all she wants is to do the same for the man she loves.

“What?” Dean asks in a hushed tone. She sniffles. There are tears beginning to roll down her face and she’s pretty sure he can see them from the way the light shines through the window.

“I said…” Y/N starts. “That you are an amazing human being, Dean Winchester. You—you are…good, and genuine, and you are my best friend. It hurts me to know that you don’t see this in yourself.”

“Y/N….” Dean tries to speak, but she cuts him off.

“No, okay? …”

“I didn’t save them.” He says sternly. “I could have, but I didn’t and now they’re dead. Don’t try and make me feel better for not doing my job.”

“But you tried—dammit, Dean, you tried. You did your best and your heart was in the right place.” She sniffles, rubbing her palm across her burning eyes. God, she hates this—hates herself for letting it come to the point where she’s in tears, but that’s just how strongly she feels about this matter. “Dean, I’m telling you now—you are a good man. Stop beating yourself up over this, over everything. I’ve known you for what—five? Six years? I know that me telling you this might be useless, but…..”

Y/N bites her lip, trying to level her voice. Between them hangs a deafening silence, ominous, painful. Dean is crying, she soon realizes. Quiet, pained tears that she only knows about when she hears his breath wobble as inhales.

Sitting up, she shifts and moves closer to the elder Winchester, pulling him in. His head rests in the crook of her neck, and she feels him shudder—vulnerable. Dean never lets anyone see him vulnerable, but maybe he should, because the weight he carries on his shoulders is too much not to.

The elder Winchester gulps thickly. “Y/n…”

“It’s okay….”She whispers, cradling his head to her chest, tears running down her cheeks, and the green-eyed hunter sniffles, and his tears touch her skin and it takes all of Y/n’s strength to not shatter.


Always good.

Leaning back against the headboard, she brings the elder Winchester’s head to rest on her shoulder and he lets her in the quiet. The night drawls on—they stay like that. Together; quiet; feeling. Y/N cards her fingers through his hair as he sleeps, and when he stirs a bit  she stops. Her hand floats from his head and rests beside the pillow.


Morning breaks with a burst of light beaming into the motel room and onto the two hunters. Y/N is awake, still holding Dean as she had been through the entire night, still drunk off his kisses and her emotions.

Tilting her head, she peers down at him. His eyes are shut and his breath fans against her bare skin, tickling it. “Dean?” She whispers, tentative and hush and desperate to not shatter the intimacy around them. “Are you awake?”

She waits for a response that doesn’t come, until the elder Winchester lets out an incoherent mumble, and then lolls his head to the side lazily.

His eyes flutter open as Y/N’s face splits into smile, and she continues her strokes on his hair. “Morning.”

“Did you stay up all night?” Dean asks, and she nods. “Why? I could have managed without you watching over me while I slept.”

“I wanted to.” Y/N shrugs, smoothing out stubborn strands of sandy-hair that stick up in all directions. She says it so easy, like she’s telling him her hobby, like it’s his hobby too. Like the previous night they hadn’t made love and she hadn’t pulled him out of the pit of his melancholy.

And Dean looks at her, right here, right now—really looks at her.

At her eyes and the rim of y/e/c embellished with flecks of gold, at hers lips and her ears and the wrinkles and creases drawn out in her tired skin, telling her story. Their story. They’ve been together for so long, now. Have been through so much, and the scars and blemishes and cuts and bruises painting Y/N’s skin matching Dean’s is enough of an alibi.

They’ve spent years together. It feels like a lifetime. And Dean loves that, and he loves her, and he wouldn’t trade anything for it because….He…loves her.

He has loved Y/N for years and he will continue to love her.

The realization is sudden and daunting. Out of nowhere, the green-eyed hunter’s heart begins to race, and his palms begin to sweat and he’s panicking, God, he’s panicking because Dean loves her.

And she loves him.

They leave the motel within the next hour once Sam arrives. Y/N runs a quick shower then brushes her teeth and Sam tells them about the vampire nest he took out. Dean pretends to listen even though he isn’t. He can’t. He’s ruminating over this new earth-shattering realization.

They’ve been dating for months; they’ve been sleeping in the same bed. They’ve been touching—God, they’ve been touching—but it is only now that his heart has chosen to drop this bombshell on his. This feeling; this plague.


What is to him? What can it be for the two them? All this time being with Y/N, Dean has avoided the thought. But the truth is the truth—it’s been lurking in the back of his mind, nudging at his conscience, asking his what if; what if it’s possible, what if he’s the one, and now all these questions are answered.

They sit in the car and begin to drive. The entire journey is spent with their fingers intertwined as Dean drives and his heart a mangled mess hammering in his chest. Y/N and Sam are laughing and talking about the hunt and Cas. He’s waiting for them at home, apparently, but Dean can’t bring himself to care about anything right now, because God, this is torture.

“Feeling okay?” Y/N asks him. The elder Winchester casts  a brief glance at her, taking his eyes off the road.

“Just tired.” He answers, nodding. Lying.

But Y/n doesn’t push. Instead, she gives him a sad smile, squeezes his hand in hers, and Dean has to resist from swerving off the road.


His entire body feels electric and like its buzzing when they get home. He kills the engine and Sam and Y/N hoist their things onto their backs and clamber out, making their way into the house.  Dean follows suit.

In the library, Castiel sits in waiting, and then rises once he hears the sound of footsteps. They say their hellos. Dean gives him a hug—he’s truly happy to see him—, they exchange pleasantries, and then he retreats into his room, his alibi being that he’s not feeling good.

When he’s alone, finally, the elder Winchester shuts the door behind him and then leans against it, dropping his bags onto the floor. His head tips back and his eyes shut.


Finally alone. Finally able to gather his thoughts. The hammering in his chest has slowed, and Dean immediately strips himself of his jacket and tosses it on the bed, left in nothing but his undershirt as he goes to sit at the edge. With his head bowed, he cards his fingers through his hair.

He needs to tell her.

Soon, as soon as possible. Dean has been a hunter all his life—he knows just how fleeting life is. He knows how one minute you’re there and the next you’re not, and thinking about Y/N never getting to hear him utter those three words to her makes his heart wrench. Not only once, either.

Dean wants to say it over and over.

To chant it, to sing it—his heart feels swollen with love and a craving and a peace that comes with knowing, and he wants to proclaim that, but how? He wonders.

That’s all he can do, for now. Wonder. Think. And that’s all he does for the rest of the evening, and that’s he does when he goes to sleep, and Dean wracks his mind over and over for the confidence he needs to utter those three words to Y/N, but it seems impossible.

He wonders how she does it so easily.

This is just a reminder to all of you: Dean is an absolutely complex and imperfectly perfect and sweet human being who is just trying to work through his emotions and get through this hell of a life; please don’t forget.

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“Do you guys have those hats for your torso?”
“…you mean shirts?”
“Yeah, those!”
“Um, yeah. Right over here.”
“Nice nice nice. How about foot hats?”
“Shoes? Yeah, they’re over there.”
“Great great great. You got any, come closer, a little closer, you got any brain hats?”
“Brain hats?”
“Yeah, hats that make your brain feel good?”
“Do you mean drugs?”
“Brain hats.”
“Uh, if you want drugs, I can hook you up.”
Cops burst through the doors, windows, and vents of the store, surrounding the salesperson and the hat guy.
“All I needed to here, bub.”
“You were a cop?! What was with all that hat stuff?”
“Save it for the judge, kid. Put the wrist hats on this guy, boys.”
“You mean handcuffs, chief?”
“You’re demoted, Donnelly.”
“Dang, chief. I gotta be a zoo cop again?”
“As they say, ‘If the foot hat fits.’”
“Haha, chief. You’re fucking insane.”

[Miraculous Ladybug]: A Young Hero

the @meowraculouschatnoirzine is finally available for a free download (check it out here) which means that i can finally post my small piece in its entirely for you all. definitely head over to that link so you can get the entire thing in a PDF for free

not often i write gen fics, so i hope you enjoy! :)

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: A Young Hero
Pairing: Gen Fic, Gabriel Agreste & Chat Noir
Summary: A heart to heart between a young hero and his father

A Young Hero

Today’s akuma had a vendetta against Gabriel Agreste.

Apparently M. Agreste had seen it fit to fire a company executive this morning. His personal assistant, Nathalie Sancoeur, said the exchange had only lasted sixty seconds — just long enough for M. Agreste to tell the man why he was being fired, give him instructions to clean his office immediately, and hand him back the golden name plate that had already been stripped from his door. Not even ten minutes later, Gabriel’s company building was on complete lockdown while the akuma stalked the halls searching for Gabriel Agreste to get his revenge.

Chat Noir only knew about it because Nathalie had called him in the middle of class to update him on the situation. So he transformed, called Ladybug, and told her that unfortunately, Gabriel Agreste was going to need some hasty protection detail before this new villain seriously harmed him.

“We’ve instructed all employees to lock themselves in their offices and take cover,” Nathalie explained to the two superheroes as the elevator halted on the top floor. Ladybug and Chat Noir kept their weapons drawn and eyed the vents and windows while Nathalie led them to Gabriel’s office. “M. Agreste is also remaining in his office, but so far there’s been no sign of the akuma.”

“He’s probably hiding in the building somewhere,” Ladybug frowned. “One of us will go track him down while the other keeps an eye on M. Agreste. I’ll—”

“I’ll watch M. Agreste,” Chat Noir cut in. “You go find the akuma and call me when you find him.”

“Are you sure? He’s not the easiest person to deal with.”

“Trust me, I’m well aware,” Chat Noir chuckled humorlessly. “Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he stays safe.”

Ladybug squeezed his hand before promising to call him as soon as she found something. Nathalie led Chat Noir into Gabriel’s office and locked the door behind him. It wasn’t often that Gabriel worked in his company office, but judging by the way he was still hunched over his desk without noticing Chat Noir’s entrance probably meant that today was a heavy work day. Chat Noir cleared his throat and waited for Gabriel to boredly look up from his desk and regard him as if he were nothing but an employee. “Ah. Chat Noir. I assumed you would be here soon.”

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And now, the Dark Lantern, in the style of the Author of the journals from Gravity Falls. Now with blacklight messages!

Text reads:
This is somehow important to the Beast. When I met him, he would not let it out of his sight or his hand.
Powered by edelwood oil (A) through valve (B). Light emits from window © and vents through top (D).

Others in the series:
The Beast : Soul of the Devourer : Enoch : Cursed Scissors

Anatomy of a Painting

My painting Blue Door involved a lot more retouching of the source image than most of my work. I saw this house (above) while driving to the Torrance Art Museum. What struck me were the geometric forms of the house and the landscaping. Returning to the spot weeks later, I realized that the image I had in my mind was not quite the same as what existed in reality. So I began the process of transforming the photo into what I wanted to paint.

Step one. I cropped the photo to fit the 14 x 18 proportion of my Home is Where the House Is series. I didn’t want to include the neighboring houses, so those were replaced by cypress trees, lopped off. The source for these was my painting, Undercover.

Step Two. Then I began cleaning up the house. One subtle change was straightening the porch light. And the office chair on the front porch had to go. I experimented with making the vent over the window square, but ultimately rejected that idea.

Continuing the rectilinear scheme, I got rid of the mailbox, and reduced the cactus to a single vertical spire. I also straightened the roofline on the right.

Step Three. Adding more rectilinear shubbery, one cut and pasted, the other based on shrubs from my Conway House painting. I also did some hedge trimming. The other houses in this series have sidewalks and curbs, so I added those.

Step Four. The blue door. I recolored the door blue for a color accent, and took the paint off the roof tiles over the porch. I also did a slight tweak to the stucco color.

Step Five. Paint the thing.

Even with all that work composing, I made a few more changes on the canvas. I added a little peep hole to the door, mowed the lawn, made the house numbers and the mail slot black, and added some trash in the gutter. I also handled the red fencess a little differently, and the sky as well.

i bet no one has even watched leverage but FUCK IT 

bmc leverage au

jeremy - hacker (as a twink he has to be the computer nerd)
michael - grifter/hitter
rich - hitter
jake - theif
chloe - mastermind
brooke - theif/grifter
jenna - hacker
christine - grifter

listen ok

they’re very much like the leverage team where they do the robin hood thing and help people in need, but the overarching plot goes into taking down the company that introduced squips to the market. however, it takes place when they’re in late high school/college so they have to balance everything out still (school, homework, family, and their criminal alter egos)

-it all starts with jeremy having the squip and dispelling it and then michael wanting revenge+they want to help people
-jeremy has always been good with computers and michael is a hella good actor so they start scamming bad people
-soon they get in too deep and they have to find other criminals 
-notorious in their city are rich, jake, chloe, brooke, and christine, and an anonymous hacker who goes by J (their first names aren’t well known, they probs have alter egos or smth)
-jeremy ends up contacting all of them and they do one job where they scam a guy out of like ten million dollars and give some of it to a family who needs to treat their son’s ptsd
-so after that first job they all have a Shit Ton of money, and decide maybe working together is good?
-michael buys them an apartment with an office each and a living room, christine ends up living there. 
-the work dynamic is fucking hilarious because they all have such different perspectives on EVERYTHING. of course chloe is the mastermind of the group, she comes up with the plan, but everyone else executes said plan Howevermst  The Fuck They Want
-most jobs are like:
chloe: ok rich then you beat them up
rich: can i seduce them first?
christine: no thats my job
jake: wait can i
michael: you said i could this time
chloe: oh my god you guys make me want to die, brooke, you seduce them and then get them with a taser or something i don’t know.
-chloe is So Tired but she loves these nerds
-jeremy tends not to work in the field, but he’s Hella Good At Getting Them Paid, 
-also one time he ended up having to play a stripper for some reason and he was ?????/surprisingly good at it????????
-they all basically live together (most of the offices get beds lets be real everyone was living couch to couch before) and jeremy makes them all like 10 aliases
-one of rich’s alias’s is in the FBI and he flaunts it so m uc h like omg rich you’re not actually in the fbi
-jeremy and jenna become besties during the first job after Doing Some Teamwork Hacking
-also christine is The Best Grifter in the world
-she used to be an art thief (yes, like sophie) but she turned to acting and she’s Fucking Amazing at it
-brooke was a gymnastics champion which is why she’s so good at being a thief (air vent/window crawling is easy for her) and she can also hold up her own weight in a fight
-plus she can easily seduce Dumb Fuckboys so that her beautiful mastermind wife can get the rest of the group in position to fuck them up
-jake!! my boy!! he did ballet or smth and his foosteps r hella light so he can easily sneak around 
-however he is tol so Not That Sneaky
-everyone loves him tho and also his room has a tv and a couch so sometimes ppl go in there to have movie nights even tho there’s a living room just bc Jake Is Awesome
-also uhhhh michael is gay and jeremy is Flustered Always

bmc leverage au ok

The Mexican Beetle: El Vocho!

As some of you may know, I recently visited the city of Puebla. Puebla is home to the second largest VW factory in the world, so the city has an intimate relationship with the corporation, and by extension the Beetle. Below the cut: a photo-heavy look at the beetles of Puebla and a comparison of a 1954 Beetle to a 1992 Beetle!

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The Daughter of Hades - rewrite // p3

hsummary: you thought your close friend and long time crush James Buchanan Barnes was going off to war, but it seems you would be the one to battle all types of war from being a weapon for a dangerous organization known as Hyrda, to fighting a war with your own mind

pairings: Bucky x female reader

warnings: angst, violence, death, meantions of blood and operations, swearing…i’m never good at remembering things there’s probably more sorryyy

thoughts are in italics

A/N: for this chapter i’m going to be switching between tenses, just so that the description and story telling is much easier. I’m not sure how to properly tell you the tenses has changed but i think you’ll know😊 enjoy!

part one   ¦   part two

Originally posted by khalblogo

Zola circled Y/N as she stood from her crouched position on the floor; her legs were shaking as if this was the first time she had been standing in years when she was standing not only a few minutes ago. The guards were now in their previous spaces on the edges of the room, but their hands were eager to lift their weapons and fire at Y/N, as their cool demeanor were now ones of fear. 

You couldn’t be mistaken that Y/N was a human, but the way she flinched at the drip of water or the quiet shuffling of feet, she appeared animalistic. Every sense she had had been heightened, even more so than when she was her normal self. Hearing, taste, sight, touch, smell. She was alerted of the smallest change in the atmosphere; and people’s minds.

The two people on the floor in front of Y/N were crying heavily. They were begging and calling out someone’s name, but the name was always muffled to her. She turned to face her whole body towards the two and approached them slowly; her back arched like a cat and she led the way with her nose, taking small wiffs of the surroundings every few seconds. 

When her face was a mere few centimeters away from them she was confused to find that neither of them spoke, they didn’t move their mouths nor breath irregularly. But their sobs still echoed through her head, as did the scoffs and snarky comments of the nearby guards which quickly averted her gaze from the man and woman before her.

“Y/N?” Zola placed a hand on her shoulder and she immediately stepped back into the corner. She was afraid but had the face of a murderer. “Y/N, are you there?”

Something in Y/N snapped; in a split second she had a fist clenched around Zola’s throat as she held him above her against the wall. Her eyes were filled with an obsidian black that had small flickers of bright blue in them, she gritted her teeth and growled lowly at Zola. “She’s not there anymore you son of a bitch!” 

Two guards came quickly to Zola’s aid and ripped Y/N from his frail figure, she struggled harshly against their grip and smiled devilishly at Zola. “Why do you smile at me?” He asked breathlessly.

“Scared?” Y/N taunted, “You shouldn’t be. You should be proud of yourself.”

“And why is that?”

“Why, you’re my priority…sweetie.” Y/N continued to smile at Zola with an added wink, then she started to struggle in the guards’ grip again.

Y/N’s struggling was more desperate this time, like her sudden urge to attack Zola was taking over her soul, when in fact she felt as sane as ever. To everyone’s amazement, Y/N’s arms and torso materialized, allowing her to slip through the grasp of the guards and lunge for Zola once more. However, the guard that helped Zola to his feet anticipated her attack, and Y/N was hit on the temple with the but of his rifle, knocking her out clean.

“Strap her down, but keep her in this room. She doesn’t leave.” Zola instructed as he, Celest and a few other guards left the room.

Y/N woke up strapped to a wooden chair by her wrists and ankles, and with a terrible pain to her right temple. I know who I’m killing next. She felt different once again, not quite Y/N, but not the same person/animal that wanted to so badly kill Zola. The room was the same as before, cold, dark and dirty and with the same two prisoners kneeling in the center. Not only did she remember the room and the two people before her, she remembered a woman with platinum blonde hair, her name was something that didn’t come to mind though.

As if on cue, the door directly behind Y/N opened and revealed four guards who walked into the room, they were followed by the Celest, who Y/N still didn’t remember, and Zola. I don’t think I’ll ever forget you.

Zola moved to the left of Y/N and nodded in greeting. “Y/N, good to see you.”

Y/N looked up at him stoically. “What do you want?”

“Back to normal I see?” Zola ignored the question and looked past Y/N. “Celest?” Oh that’s her name. “Can you do the honors?” Celest nodded as he gestured to Y/N.

Another thing Y/N suddenly remembered, was the pain. Celest shot a beam of white light at Y/N’s head; she writhed in agony under the restraints as she tried to get the light out of her. The pain that was slowly growing stronger, stopped increasing and leveled out. Zola saw the change and looked to Celest who was struggling to control her beam of light.

“I can’t reach her properly, she’d too strong!” Celest choked up as she continued to struggle.

Zola didn’t know what to do but just stand there baffled and watch the scene unravel. No one could withstand Celest’s power, and Y/N seemed too weak and tired to resist, but she was proving stronger than Zola thought. This both amazed, and scared him.

Y/N’s screams came to a halt and the white beam slowly faded. Celest stood wearily at the side, she looked like she was about to collapse. Y/N started at Zola through her dark, tasseled hair and gave him that same devilish smile. She suddenly started screaming again, but this time more aggressively; and Zola new why once Y/N freed herself of the leather restraints, ripped the two off her ankles and stood up. However, that’s all she did. She stood motionless, staring down at the floor in front of her. 

There were nine people in the small dark room, including Y/N, and she heard all of them without them saying a word. The four guards each had their own comments to say about her; “scum”; “worthless bitch”; “feral”; “monster”. Celest, was still exhausted after her energy was drained, she stayed in the corner of the room and furthest away from Y/N, to scared to have any contact with her. The two prisoners were still knelt on the floor behind her; each asking questions about who was with them and what they were doing. 

The voice in someone’s head she focused on the most though was Zola’s. Not only did she hear what he had planned for her abilities, she saw what he imagined, she was inside his mind; literally.

The room was suddenly bright as multiple overhead lights were switched on, revealing a room similar to the one Y/N was in when she first arrived. Her vision gave her surroundings a slightly washed out effect, nothing was perfectly shaped giving the impression of looking through water. In the air around her, what looked like black ink floated around the room as if in water.

 As Y/N stood by the door to the white tiled room, Zola and other doctors surrounded a medical table in the middle. A light wind picked up in the room even though there were no windows or vents; paperwork and files started blowing around the room as light sobs could be heard.

Between the shoulders of two doctors, Y/N saw a woman laying on the table in just shorts and a sports bra. The table to her left had multiple utensils and medical tools which were covered in blood. Her own body and hands were smeared in blood as well, though Y/N was unsure who’s it was. The woman had single cuts trailing down her arms and legs. It seemed to be an operation, but the patient was awake. 

As Zola stepped up to the woman and the others doctors moved away, revealing Y/N herself on the table. As he neared, her sobs grew louder and she screamed for him to stop. 

Zola held up some sterilized equipment that was nothing familiar to a regular operation, he leaned in closer to Y/N as her tears continued to pool in her ears. “I told you. This is all for a good cause.”

Without bearing to witness what could possibly be her own death, Y/N concentrated her powers to return to the real world. The small streaks of floating ink grew larger and consumed her vision, plunging the blinding white room into darkness.

The black ink washed away from Y/N’s vision and she was welcomed with an all too familiar dark, damp room, with Zola directly in front of her.

“Do you plan to kill me doctor?” Y/N said unusually calm; looking at Zola through her lashes.

Zola was taken aback by this sudden question, curious as to what she meant. “I plan to use your newly acquired abilities to shape the future. Not to kill you.”

“You’re either lying to me, or you have some dark fantasies.”

Although, Y/N’s senses had recently been heightened to the extreme, she was too focused on Zola to notice that Celest had regained her energy while she was exploring Zola’s mind, and that she was now right behind her. Y/N, even in her predatory state, managed to see Zola’s eyes flicker behind her for a split second. Before she could turn around and attack, Celest had her hands pressed to Y/N’s temples.

The familiar pain was this time rushed through Y/N’s head, rather than a slow painful process. It took over so quickly she was forced to her knees and was left panting with her head hanging.

After Celest had let go and walked back into her respected corner, Y/N slowly stood and kept her eyes focused on the space in front of her. Her breathing was suddenly calmer and she didn’t move a muscle when Zola stepped closer. He was sure that she was in his control this time.

“The first step to shaping the future, is for me to get some information from these two people. And I can only do that with your help.” Zola turned Y/N to face the two kneeling prisoners.

Without any further commands she stepped closer to them and held out her hands as she closed her eyes. The room was too dark to see what she was doing, but a blue flame started flowing around her hands; her fingers suddenly twitched as if life was just brought into them, sending the blue flames towards the prisoners’ heads. 

They began struggling and grunting in pain as the flames slowly seeped into the sides of their heads. Y/N could hear multiple screams and begs, them telling someone to hide, run and look after something. She then started seeing things through their eyes. Red lights flashing in hallways, and alert going of, explosions, the wizz of bullets rushing past their heads, bloody walls and bodies, upturned drawers and disheveled papers scattered across the floor. 

Then she saw a child. The scene had changed and the atmosphere was much calmer, it seemed as if there was no atmosphere at all. The vision showed the child running blissfully towards her mother in a wheat field as the sun set. Loosing her concentration, Y/N’s slipped out of their minds, the blue flames fading into the air.

The final scene Y/N saw had somehow brought her mind back slightly. She turned to Zola. “Who are these people?”

Zola waved the guards towards her but she took no notice. “Oh, Y/N.” He sighed.

“Who are they!” She shouted as two guards took hold of her and the other two opened the door and lead Celest outside.

Y/N struggled vigorously against them as she regained her humanity by the second. It took them a few seconds to get her through the door, but after they did they had to drag her feet along the floor as the pulled her through the red-lit hallway. She would turn her head behind her to look Zola in the eye as he followed slowly behind the three.

Her shouts and grunts echoed off the walls as she continued to struggle, often slipping loose but not being quick enough to escape them. 

“Who are they?” She repeated. “They have a child!” She shouted louder than any other question or struggling comment.

“Call in the Asset.” Zola ignored her.

Y/N was quiet for the rest of the journey back to her cell. On the way she passed who she suspected was the Asset, surrounded on all four sides by guards. He was tall, was heavily built, had long dark hair, and a metal arm. Y/N was quite literally thrown into her cell with the bars immediately shut behind her. She quickly stood and held onto the cold bars as she pressed her face to them, locking eyes with Zola.

“They have a child.” She whispered.

“I know dear. But don’t worry, she is safe. We wouldn’t harm a child.” Zola replied before leaving Y/N alone with her thoughts.

What he said to Y/N wasn’t a lie. He would never harm a child. But he would wait until they were old enough, to do enough damage without killing them.

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How To: Banish Destructive Parasites

For whatever reason many of us find ourselves with a non-corporeal parasite latched on tight for the ride. There are multiple methods for banishment, of which you can stack (in order) for more impact. The most important thing however, is that you give it everything you’ve got.

*Sigils on the Skin*
This will untangle them from you, and force them out to a banish-able distance.
If you can sense where the spirit is attached​, this method will be significantly more successful. Draw the sigil where you feel their roots in black or red ink/paint. Be mindful and focus on adding your energy to the power of the sigil. Think of it like “carving” a path in your skin for a banishing lazer-like light to shine out from. Keep it fresh until well after you can no longer feel their presence.

*Self Cleansing*
There are hundreds of methods out there for this but it is vital! Ideally a cleaning bath or shower would be used, giving the boost of waters naturally healing and protective nature. it’ll help heal you of damage left behind to prevent reattachment. Use a coffee filter or tea strainer with mint, cinnamon, or any other protective/healing herb.

*Self Warding*
Again, there are many techniques to this. Ground yourself and use your favorite. If you don’t have one, how about this:
-Imagine a vivid bright light at your chest. Hold it in your hands, and let it expand outward as you move your arms out to either side of you. Once it reaches your finger tips, harden the light like glass. Thick glass, inches thick building up on the outside until it is foggy and silent. Bam. You are warded.

Cleanse your space with cinnamon, sage or mugwort smoke. Mark your windows, vents and doors with storm or snow water. Spread salt over the thresh holds. Piss on the door step. Bang pots. Verbally and physically tell it to f*ck off. This is all no joke, mark your space and make it undeniably yours.

This is the weird one and the other, calmer, side to the banishment coin. Now that your space is empty of unwanted parasites (if it isn’t, repeat a step maybe with a new twist) heal your space. Set out soothing rocks, turn on calm music, burn oil, clean.

*Space Warding*
This is as varied as anything else in magic. if you don’t have a favorite, how about this:
-Imagine vines crawling over your house, apt, room, tent. They grow thin at first, weaving together in a delicate web. More grow over them, gradually becoming thicker in size and depth. The outermost vines grow sharp thorns and poisonous leaves. They grow until nothing can penetrate, not light or noise.

Hopefully this “How To…” helped!!

Sabino-Spots’ Guide to Traveling Hella Distances With Horses

This is my personal to do list when traveling various distances with horses. Enjoy.

One Hour - I don’t bother with leg protection, I stuff a haynet, which is usually more than enough to last my horse on the journey. IF you’re in doubt, pack a second net with a pre-loaded flake. Take a bucket of water just in case you break down, or if your horse gets thirsty, etc.

Two-Four Hours - this is where I start using standing wraps. These trips usually took me through some city of some sort and there was always stop and go, lots of turns, up and down inclines. Most gas stations have a hose spicket and will be happy to grant you access to them! These are fairly short trips so usually only 1 or 2 stops for gas. While the truck is filling, I’ll get the water and see if the horse needs a fresh hay net. I pre load 2 hay nets for these trips. These are very quick stops just to refresh, refuel and get back on the road.

Five-Eight Hours - This is where you need to take some extra care. Take coolers sheets and blankets for changing weather temps. Always check the temp in your trailer by observing the horse. Is he sweaty? Open more vents and windows if you can. If he’s fluffing and cold, apply what dressing is necesarry for the temp. Usually a sheet is plenty to keep them warm - unless there’s snow on the ground. Cooler and blanket for temps 20 and under, top vents closed, windows cracked just a bit for fresh air - literally about an inch. This is where I give up pre loading hay nets. I’ll pre load three, but my horses usually get bored of hay about 4-6 hours in - but it’s still there in case they want it. By this point, I’m traveling so far, I take however many bales I’ll need. I like to stop every couple of hours to offer water. I use a smaller bucket, it’s easier to tote, and if you’re offering water every 2 hours, they’re not going to get so thirsty that they need to drink 2 five gallon buckets of water. Of course you’ll probably have brought feed on this trip too.

9+ Hours - I do not recommend hauling this far without finding an overnight stable. It sucks. It sucks with two people driving, let a lone one. If you get tired behind the wheel, you’re putting more people in danger than just you and your precious cargo. These trips take a lot of planning, so start early. Plot your map, find the stables you’ll stay at over night. Do those stables have a place to house you? (some do!) Are you going to need to find a hotel? etc. Every two hours rule applies, as does a constant hay net. Again, don’t freak if they quit eating. Chances are, they’re either stressed or tired of eating hay.

Things to take with you
- Extra, pre filled hay nets depending on your distance.
- Extra halter, extra lead, extra trailer tie.
- Bailing twine and duct tape; in case stuff breaks or falls apart, it’s a quick fix.
- Water Bucket. If your horse is finicky about water, invest in a water tank to put in your trailer or go buy the 5 gallon buckets with lids at Home Depot, Lowes or Walmart, and store at leas 20g of water.
- Extra standing wraps and bandages
- First aid kit for you and pon
- Your horses papers. All of them. Registration if applicable, Coggins and Health Cert. Ag inspection sites are NO JOKE.
- Cooler, Sheet, Blanket.

If you want to walk your horse on a long trip every few hours, I suggest trying to find a horse stable or a fairgrounds that will let you walk your horse without the risk of a semi truck running up on your horse right next to an interstate. Some rest areas are quiet enough for the well broke horse, just remember there will be constant dogs and vehicles. I don’t walk mine on long trips. My horse is sometimes very spooky, and if your horse gets away from you and causes a wreck, you will be held responsible for all damages (at least in america). So just keep those things in mind.

When we stop on the longer trips, we’ll stop from 30 minutes to an hour to give the horses a break. We let them hang their heads out of the trailer and look around. They seem to enjoy it, and it gives them time to rest. We’ll open the trailer up as much as we can to let the trailer air out. If you have to feed your horse on the road, feed them breakfast and go feed yourself. It’ll give your horse plenty of time to eat -and- you too. I’d suggest BS’ing a little longer than that so your horse can digest as much as possible before hitting the road again.

Also, if your horse sits on his tail, buy a tail guard wrap thing. They’re worth the money and work super well. On long trips I use a slightly padded halter. My horse probably doesn’t need it but it makes me feel better.

If you don’t know how to wrap standing wraps and you have no one to teach you, use shipping boots.

If you’re transporting in a stock trailer, or otherwise “open” style trailer, use a fly mask to keep debris out of their eyes - always, even if it’s a short trip.

I think that about covers it.


Dream Journal 06162017 8:15am

sunkingdoms-deactivated20170403  asked:

omg i don't really have a specific prompt but could you write a fic about anything season 4 bellarke related?? really whatever you feel like writing i trust you

omg i’m so flattered you trust me but IDK IF YOU SHOULD??? okay here you go, babes.

darkness brings evil things, oh, the reckoning begins


Fandom: The 100
Pairing: Bellarke
Rating: T (for violent thoughts???)
Words: 1,480

Maybe it seems like there’s no rhyme or reason to what Octavia is doing, but there is. The rhyme is this: slash the throats, slice the veins, stab the hearts of those who do the same. Here’s the reason: Lincoln.

Octavia doesn’t particularly care why Echo approached her after A.L.I.E. was defeated.

To eliminate the leaders of the Thirteen Clans and help King Roan rise to power, Heda once and for all.


To kill Wanheda, take her power, use it to annihilate them.

Again, Octavia could not care less.

Still, she agrees to Echo’s proposition.

Wiping out your competitors, taking power, putting people in charge – it’s all politics. Possibly, if things were different, Octavia would have a vested interest in the state of the grounders and her people. As it is, she’s interested in one thing only: bringing vengeance upon anyone responsible, directly or indirectly, for the death of Lincoln.

The death of her soul.

And as far as Octavia is concerned, anyone in a seat of power held Pike’s hand and pulled the trigger with him. Now, thanks to Echo, she has a veiled excuse to kill them.

If Clarke Griffin happens to be one of the people she’s been contracted to murder, well. That’s tough.

Keep reading

((im going to try to dm soon so heres like a little test thing to test my abilities as a competant person. any askblog can reply!

Here’s the scene. A stark white door at the end of a long corridor. Hal has been shut down to rest, leaning against the armrest of his couch. 

The mission is to get inside the bedroom and reach Dirk Strider. The trials are not getting zapped by anti-Hal defensive electric barriers and then not getting anime-sliced by a katana. 

Hal mentioned three ways to get in. Vents, windows, or the door. The window is many stories off the ground, so maybe a bad idea. the vents might have a lot of excess shock and charge in them. The door is the most heavily guarded area. Assume Dirk is laying down on his bed, away from the direct vicinity of all entry routes.

What do you do?

What Supernatural Has Taught Me

From seasons 1-11

1. Never go camping
2. Always bring M&Ms to the woods
3. Beware of lakes
4. Watch out for possessed people on planes
5. Forgive yourself
6. Sometimes bad things just happen
7. Don’t negatively influence a reverend’s daughter
8. Family matters.
9. If you hear a place is haunted, don’t go inside
10. Everything comes with a price
11. You shouldn’t play God
12. Never invite a clown inside
13. Not everything is black and white
14. Just because something isn’t human, doesn’t mean it deserves to die
15. You could sit around feeling sorry for yourself, or you can take control of your life
16. If something is dead, it should probably stay dead
17. If you think something is too good to be true, it probably is
18. It doesn’t matter what you are, it only matters what you do
19. Always check your Halloween candy for razor blades
20. Don’t be a dick
21. Appreciate what you’ve got, even if it doesn’t seem like much
22. Don’t trust people online even if they say they’re vampires
23. Don’t trust news people
24. Always be super nice to a dog owner
25. Don’t make deals with demons, angels, leprechauns, or the devil
26. Be super careful when crossing the street
27. Fate strikes when you least expect it
28. Stay faithful to your partner
29. Be suspicious of cupcakes
30. If something feels wrong, it probably is
31. Be weary of fangirls
32. Don’t sleep in cocoon sleeping bags
33. Always check your turducken for goo
34. Just avoid alleyways in general
35. Stay out of ball pits
36. Don’t trust antiques
37. Being guilty won’t bring anyone back, you just have to go on and live your life like they’d want you to
38. Don’t smoke
39. Don’t jog at night
40. Don’t find witches on Craigslist
41. Be brave, don’t let anyone or anything smell your fear
42. Sometimes the greatest act of bravery is letting go
43. Don’t be stupid
44. Don’t do anything that could get you blackmailed if you can help it
45. There’s more to life than just surviving, enjoy the little things while you can
46. Everything is not as it seems
47. You can’t save everyone
48. Don’t joke about suicide
49. Sometimes you gotta do what’s best for you, even if it’s gonna hurt the ones you love
50. Don’t break your vows
51. Never reveal that you’re a double agent
52. People can change
53. Sometimes you gotta give folks the benefit of the doubt
54. Don’t eat strange pudding
55. Don’t mess with freaks
56. Don’t hide in closets
57. Secrets ruin a relationship
58. Never criticize a woman’s cooking decisions
59. Don’t trust ordinary people
60. Don’t propose in front of ferries
61. Monsters have feelings too
62. Make sure pipes aren’t leaking while you have an elaborate demon trap set up
63. Gloating will only get you screwed
64. When someone says run, RUN
65. Sometimes enough is whatever you have
66. Never give up on family
67. Don’t sit in the front row during theatre productions
68. Respect the deceased
69. If it’s not the butler, it’s the maid
70. Being a monster is a choice
71. Family is supposed to hurt sometimes
72. Never get in the way of a man and his water
73. Don’t mess with weird kids
74. Don’t lose touch with your mother
75. People might still need help even if they don’t want it
76. Don’t put on creepy masks
77. Don’t wear earbuds while working out
78. Always bring your imaginary friend to dinner with your parents
79. Never drink tea from someone who loathes you
80. Always have faith in your friends and family
81. Leave the Devil out of it
82. Follow your heart
83. Family is worth it
84. Birth control doesn’t protect you from STDs
85. Don’t hunt like a dumbass
86. Hair pins can sometimes double as weapons
87. If you want someone to stay dead, burn the body
88. Never scrape off weird painted symbols
89. Prevent being grabbed by having slippery calves
90. Avoid creepy cabins in the woods
91. Death is not an end
92. First impressions mean nothing
93. Don’t pee in the woods
94. Always run from sketchy fog
95. Don’t rely on duct-tape to seal windows/vents
96. If you want souls, call a reaper
97. Too much co-dependency is unhealthy
98. Love requires sacrifice
99. Even if you hate your family, you still love them
100. Don’t ever doubt someone’s will to shoot you