vent rib


first thing i’ve drawn in a while. it says ophide was 3 weeks ago, but it feels like 3 months. it feels like i messed up a bunch of stuff over the fall. i slowly started dropping things that were important to me and it ended in a very rapid downward spiral last week and me snapping and panicking for the entirety of monday.

thankfully today has been better, and i have managed to spend most of it planning a recovery & regrowth plan. i drew this as a celebration, a landmark and also just as a first step into getting back to things that i love doing.

thank you for following & thank you for reading

> Presents?

In a safe-hive that Caefora had been given the coordinates to, there lay a small package sitting on the kitchen counter, sealed with a ‘CC’ in violet wax.

It contained a few vials of near-Perfect™ essential oils and flavor extracts, a hydrophobic apron that looked like black studded leather, and an armored vest that would fit easily under other clothing.  The vest was a thick black material that would cover her from hip to collar, with slightly-raised grate-covered vents where rib gills would be.  Sharp and puncturing weapons wouldn’t go through it, though they could leave some killer bruises if they tried.  The package also contained a list and explanation of its contents.

He would thank her and tell her it was there soon.

Chiappa Rhino 60DS

Designed by Emilio Ghisoni and Antonio Cudazzo, manufactured by Chiappa Firearms in Brescia, Italy c.2009-today.
.357 Magnum six-round fluted hexagonal cylinder, 6 o’clock firing ribbed and vented barrel, gold anodized Ergal aluminium alloy frame, external cocking lever with internal hammer, single and double action.
It’s like a weaponized bullion.