Escaping the Past

Packing up the rest of the house, I take a last look around, wiping the tears from my eyes. I handed the last box to the movers, watching them load it on the truck. The past year had been a living hell, my dreams had come to an end.

I decided to start over again across the country, in Charming. My “Aunt” Venus had helped me find a house. I was getting ready to leave for the airport and fly out there in a hour. As soon as the movers took off, I was leaving Quantico, Virginia and never look back.

There were too many painful memories here, I lost my fiancee Joseph here when an ATF raid he was leading went wrong. I nearly lost my own life on that same raid, I barely escaped. All because off a rat that was somewhere on the team. I was done with law enforcement, I retired six months ago.


“Alex, sugar my precious niece will be here in a hour. She’s been through so much in the last year.”

“It makes me nervous that she’s moving here. She use to be ATF, I’ve got to tell you, it will make the guys anxious too.”

“Aren’t you guys legit now? Besides she’s retired six months now.”

“Once ATF, always ATF! And we’ll always be leery of law enforcement.”

“Just give (Y/N) a chance. She needs love and understanding. She lost the love of her life last year.”

“I know, I’ll do my best.” He kissed Vensus, as they left for Stockton to pick up (Y/N).


I walked through the gate, carrying my carry on, looking for Venus and her boyfriend. She wouldn’t be hard to miss, my Aunt V was unique, I start to smile when I see her.


“My precious (Y/N)” She wrapped her arms around me. “This is my Alexander, my niece (Y/N).”

I smiled at him. “Nice to meet you.” We walk to baggage claim to get my luggage. Walking out to the parking garage, we head to Charming. I lean against my seat, trying to relax.

A new life, a new start, I was looking forward to a new beginning.

AN: Haven’t decided who I’m pairing Venus’ niece with. I’m a Chibs girl so I’m always tempted to go that way. But then there’s Happy or Quinn.