How can someone.

Walk away from you, and come back like nothing happened? Act like he/she didn’t do anything at all? How can someone do that? I don’t understand? They may lie, hurt you and the next time you talk to them.. Can you really believe a single word they say? Or is it just words full of bullshit and lies just so they want to still be in your life? People like this I don’t understand… They are just people who just think of themselves I guess and not  think of others around them.

I believe trust should be build up between two people, not lies.. I believe in loving someone with all my heart . I believe trust takes years to believe but takes moments to break. I believe friendships fail because the lack of conversation. I believe loving someone who lives in another part of the world. I believe in expressing your thoughts through typed words, though speeches, through conversations, and through a whole group of people. I believe losing someone you love hurts, like breaking a window.