Human VenomWoman

So this was just a random idea that popped into my head, its what I think Venomwoman would look like as a human. I think i designed like 3 different outfits, then I saw an outfit Ken Sugimori drew for a comic and used it as a base. I like this design because its a nice balance of my original outfit idea for her human form and a classier looking outfit.

Now im not a fan of the whole “Original character in a relationship with a copyrighted character” thing, but I still think its a funny idea that all these sort of more unsavory Robotmasters might have the hots for Venomwoman. This is also the first time ive drawn her with two hands, usually one is a needle like thing but i have thought she can switch it to a hand at will. Her pose is based on some art of Nina from Breath of fire 2, where she and another Nina where holding a bunch of fan mail. I like how Hornetman looks in this pic.

I’ve wanted to draw some of my own Mega Man OCs in the “Powered Up” style for awhile now I did this pic of Venom Woman. I really need to design my last 3 MMOCs, I got Pyro Man and Fright Man more or less figured out, just need to finish their designs still drawing a blank on the last RM. Also one of these days I should write up that tutorial i was thinking of doing on how to draw and color in the “Powered Up” style.

So when i drew VenomWoman this is what i had planed to draw originally, but i felt out of practice. So here she is again, I thought maybe I drew her a bit to shapely but then I thought she doesn’t look any more shapely then a character you can see in a video game or comic book these days, so enjoy ^-^

Been sort of in the mood to mix original with fanart, and mix characters with different styles, so yeah here’s a pic of the former. I really wanted to do a pic with MegaMan with VenomWoman’s weapon and colors, if i get a chance I might experiment with swapping the two colors on MegaMan

koidrake’s bday is in a few days but I didnt wanna take a risk that i might lose power or my internet again so I’m posting the bday doodle I did now. So happy early bday

I have actually been wanting to pay them back for the awesome pic of Venomwoman, but I was worried I would upset people who commission me. So seeing as it’s their Bday it allowed me to draw them a gift, I also think Leena is super cute and pretty XP