I’d confess in a room where I’m blessed.
But he didn’t come and speak to me,
Or put my heart at ease.
And I believe that half the time
I am a wolf among the sheep
Gnawing at the wool over my eyes.


auggie waluiqi and i (previously shotaphobics) have chosen winners for our tumblr awards! thank you to everyone that entered!

the winners are as follows:

best urls:

best icons:

best original posts:

nicest bloggers:

funniest bloggers:

cutest bloggers: 

waluiqi’s fav: 

shotaphobic’s fav:

best overall:

a reminder of what all this means:

cool prizes hell yea

  • advice and friendship!!!
  • all winners will get follows from both of us and have a link on our blog for a couple weeks
  • cutest people favs and best overall will have unlimited selfie reblogs (just tag us or ask us)
  • best posts will have unlimited post reblogs (same thing as abov)
  • favs and best overall will get unlimited promos!!!”