At War with Satan is the third album by heavy metal band Venom. It was released in March 1983. With this album, they returned to the more raw, unpolished sound of Welcome to Hell after the more refined albeit darker and heavier sound of Black Metal. This is especially emphasized with the raspy vocals. Shortly after its release, the HMV and WH Smith record chains withdrew the album from their shelves due to its “controversial content”.

Venom Twin Charging Cradle for Xbox 360 Controllers Review.

Venom Twin Charging Cradle for Xbox 360 Controllers Review.


I recently spoke with Venom About looking at some of their Products, they seemed a little unsure how PC gamers would respond to them. But like I explained most Xbox 360 peripherals work perfectly well on PC and things like this charging station work really well for us too.

The product its self a twin charger for Xbox 360 controllers is a great idea, it offers the solo player a…

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Venom- Satanachrist
Album: Possessed
Year: 1985