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Still can't get over the fact the first time Eddie said to Venom that what the symbiote did was pretty cool, Venom got distracted by this and right after they got them hit by a van. I just can't, Venom you were doing so well until that point. ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

Venom just like “oh gosh! He said that was cool! He thinks I’m cool! Oh god oh god oh god -“ /CRASH

Here is a sequence of events.

Venom wants to enslave humanity. He hijacks some idiot to take him to a space rocket so he and his friend can bring the rest of the gang down here to get the job done. While trying to get there, Venom admits to his idiot that he’s far too good a match to throw away soon - but when he learns that Venom might be causing him internal damage, the human rejects him angrily and storms off. 

Venom immediately hijacks a dog to get after his idiot. Upon finding him again, he kisses the fucking face off him and announces he likes it here on Earth and he’s staying forever. 

When asked what changed his mind, he literally says, you did, Eddie.

I just needed to put that down in words so I can look at it.

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Headcanons for having 'twin children' with Eddie and Venom? By 'twin children,' I mean that Reader thought they only gave birth to one (Human/Human-looking) child, but it turns out they carried a symbiote spawn alongside the normal baby.

ย  ย  ย  Sure! -Mod Em ๐Ÿ‘

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I’ve always had a headcannon where Eddie takes Venom to an Asian fish market and the symbiote is like a kid in a candy shop. All excited and ooh-ing and ahh-ing. Especially if it’s the kind where there’s a ton of live seafood around and people actually eat things alive.

( To Koreans out there you know what I mean when I say San-nakji 8D )

Eddie and Venom’s first Dickens Faire together!!!

(As some of you may know, I am a Bay Area local, and one of my favourite things about Venom(2018) is that it takes place in San Francisco.

What less of y’all probably know is that there is a tradition in the Bay Area called The Great Dickens Christmas Faire. (I would put a link to it, but I want this post to be searchble, you can find it at It is my favourite thing about the Holidays around here, and I highly recommend it to anyone who will be in or near San Francisco during the next 5 weekends!)

So, about that sequel...

(This is gonna be kinda long, so bear with me.)

Assuming they’re gonna go for a sequel, what with the close to $800 Million worldwide box office and all, with Carnage as the antagonist, I have an idea of how they could make that work while still going further into Eddie and the symbiote’s relationship.

So we start with their usual routine, Eddie doing his reporter thing, symbiote doing its playful-antagonism thing with Eddie, Venom eating bad dudes (this time in full R-rated gory glory, maybe even as a fun pop-song montage for giggles), the usual. 

Until one day Eddie starts to feel sick for no apparent reason. Nauseous, feverish, weirdly mood-swing-y, the whole deal. If asked, the symbiote tells him that it’s a normal thing, not bothering to tell Eddie what it’s a normal side effect of. The whole knowing-the-other’s-thoughts thing is bit of a one-way street imo, where the symbiote can see everything but Eddie really only knows what the symbiote tells him. Unbeknownst to Eddie, the symbiote is in the process of giving birth, and doesn’t really feel the need to tell Eddie since spawning is a non-event for symbiotes. After some time, it finally either separates or gives birth while Eddie is asleep and doesn’t give it any other thought.     

By this point, Anne and Dan are engaged and Eddie is invited to help with the wedding. The symbiote, who was admittedly still trying to get Eddie and Anne back together briefly, is confused by this. Eddie explains that he feels weird because he was expecting to feel bitter or at least jealous, but he’s moved on and actually really happy for them both. Which is weird for him, because he’s always been the type that doesn’t like to be single for very long and has a hard time dealing with being by himself after breakups (at this point he and the symbiote are not “officially” a couple yet; Eddie’s a bit in denial about his feelings and the symbiote is unfamiliar with its own, chalking its fondness for Eddie up to a biological need to protect his dumb ass).

As you might have guessed, Carnage ensues, causing a rash of disappearances that Eddie investigates. As Venom, they discover the mangled remains of a recent kill (”Oh shit… that’s not one of ours”) and realize that it is from another symbiote, leading Eddie to believe that it could be one from the Life Foundation. Several mishaps trying to track down Carnage occur, one of which leaves Eddie and the symbiote both in pretty bad shape, to the point where the symbiote is unconscious for a brief period and Eddie has to limp to Anne and Dan’s place for help. The idea of possibly losing the symbiote again makes Eddie realize that he is in love, but isn’t sure that it would understand or if it is even capable of reciprocating.

Then they finally catch up to Carnage, and the symbiote realizes that Carnage is, in fact, Cletus Kasady bonded with their spawn, who at this point has had its fear of its new surroundings and resentment towards its parents corrupted into bloodlust and complete loyalty and dependence on the serial killer. As the symbiote tries to reveal this to Eddie, it is separated from him and he is impaled, while the symbiote-spawn gloats over him “Hurts to be out in the cold and left for dead, doesn’t it, Father?”  before Carnage makes their escape. The symbiote is able to get back to Eddie on time to heal him, but Eddie has now realized that they had a child and the symbiote didn’t tell him, which promptly causes him to completely freak out for multiple reasons (”We were fucking PREGNANT?! And you DIDN’T TELL ME?!”, “We can’t have a kid, I can’t even keep plants alive. I CAN’T EVEN KEEP MYSELF ALIVE!”, and “Our kid’s gotten with a serial killer on a fuckin’ murder-thon across town, we are fuckin’ TERRIBLE parents” being the main ones). This leads to the contractually obligated end-of-the-second-act falling out that all romcoms must have.

The details are hazy from there, but basically Eddie is not on speaking terms with the symbiote for a while, Anne helps symby realize that what it feels for Eddie is love, Carnage holds the hospital Dan works at hostage to get Venom where it can kill them, Anne helps them save the day and her husband, and Eddie and symby make up and become the power couple of the century. The last shot is a callback to a scene from the comics, with them at a movie and Eddie talking about how he used to hate being alone and now he never will be, holding the symbiote’s hand as the symbiote eats through their popcorn while Eddie was busy monologue-ing (”I thought we were having a moment, asshole” ”Moment was taking too long, dear”


I’d also like to add a reveal somewhere that Dr. Skirth somehow survived the first movie with either Scream or Agony in tow (though keeping a noticeably lower profile than Venom: ie, being able to keep the symbiote fed without eating dozens of people), canon be damned, and is also able to help against Carnage.

I know this is a bit rambly, but I have a lot of ideas and no fanfic skills with which to apply them. I’m also not very knowledgeable of details from the comics (particularly of Cletus’s character and Carnage in general), so any suggestions for things I can fix or add would be appreciated! 

TL;DR: I want this rated-R-for-romantic horror comedy to be a thing so badly I wrote like two-fifths of a plot for it. Sony better cut me a royalty check.  

Venom headcannon

Movie verse Eddie/Venom would be friends with Shehulk. Hear me out.

Jennifer Walters is a bad ass lawyer, she meets him through Anne, and since he probably always has some sort of legal problems (boy IS a disaster) and Anne can’t represent him due to conflict of interest (ot3/4!) Jennifer aka Shehulk is a total fit!

Yeah she is based in NYC but she is an LA girl and I’m pretty sure can practice law anywhere (she passed the bar as both JW and Shulkie)

Think about it… Venom would ADORE her!! They would totally be food buddies. Tumblr has decided Venom loves rom coms and it’s cannon that Shehulk does too. And while her two in one is very different, unlike hulk Jennifer loves being Shehulk (the comics have had many different games. In “Shehulk diaries” Jennifer considers Shehulk her sister/other self, in the comics they are often totally integrated. It varies, the most recent stuff it was a bit more Bruce banner, but it’s never the same self loathing. But they are still different people. They even stood on different sides of civil war). Jen and Eddie would have a lot of common threads to talk about.

And did I mention she would totally be his lawyer and disaster boy really needs one?

And think of the “trying not to break the city” montages :)

I totally think Shehulk and movie Eddie/Venom would be buddies. This is the buddy comedy I want!

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God I hope I spell this right but brock (broc? Brocke?) And or venom jealousy fluff headcanons?

ย  ย You spelled it right the first time love! -Mod Em ๐Ÿ‘ย ย ย 

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