venom is adorable

“Memoirs of a Teenage Recluse”

I’ve had this shot in my head for a long time. It was such a treat to finally be able to work with some of these lovely spiders. I have much respect for them and what their venom is capable of, but they are also shy and docile, preferring to run rather than bite. I feel that they are one of the most misunderstood animals out there, and for that alone, they have my heart. 

Loxosceles reclusa, the Brown Recluse. Nature’s Scapegoat. 

WTF UNDERTALE?! [Rant warning]

I’ve seriously been in a lot of fandoms.
*sonic the hedgehog
*Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and so on

There’s more than the above but it’s just what I can remember. How does this involve Undertale? It’s because out of all the fandoms I have been part of…Undertale fans are the most venomous. JFC. Transformer fans are adorable and they love each other and they support one another and haters stay out of tags they don’t like. Occasionally you will get someone who will disturb the peace but that’s it. Undertale though is a whole different story.

*idiots hating on a pairing they don’t like, tags the pairing to piss off those who do. ヽ(`Д´)ノ ?? Uh what?
*assholes who think that people should stop drawing what they love before the asshole even thinks about blocking it…(you can’t make people stop! It’s what they love! Don’t like it?! Don’t look.)
*AU HATE. this one I can’t stand the most…I mean honestly I understand you dislike an Au but bashing it to the point of hurting the creator of said AU is fucking immature.

Shout out!:
(Any other AU I haven’t mentioned)
Keep doing you. Don’t let the haters stop you. ψ(`∇´)ψ

I love Undertale so much..the game is amazing and the fan art is gorgeous and funny but a lot of the fans are crap.

Come on guys…can’t we just appreciate a game without hurting one another? I understand if you hate a pairing..I dislike some pairings too..(for example…SansxToriel and self insert pairings.) But I don’t rant about why nobody should ship it. Shrug it’s a drawing or a fanfic it’s not going to kill you if it exists…

I’m done… Your argument is invalid. t(*´∀`*)t


so I had a serious art block the other day but for some reason the idea that finally came into my head was what if the ninja and their ancestors switched places? like the post-scratch thing in Homestuck

and then this happened cause I figure she’d want a dress anyway yeah wow okay normally I try to make her face a little more feminine than Jay’s but that didn’t work out this time and she literally looks like a gender- and race-bent Jay wow

also idk I just kinda went with colors from Cole and Kai’s pallets for earth and fire but I tweaked a few things just a bit like instead of using Kai’s hair color I used Nya’s. earth is actually the same but with a much lighter skin tone than I use for Cole. and Garmadon’s wearing purple instead of green cause 1 he looks better in purple with the brown hair and pale skin and 2 I think purple works better since he’s younger

The Briar Bunny

A favorite pet of American Witches and Wizards, the Briar Bunny is a magical breed of rabbit that is native to North America. The bunny was originally domesticated by Native American wizards who prized the creature’s high-intelligence and loyalty. Though not aggressive to non-magical peoples, Briar Bunnies do not partner with them and, in fact, have been known to play tricks on muggle hunters who underestimate the creature’s intense cunning.  

Briar Bunnies once ranged across North America and were considered pests by most European witches and wizards, as they often invaded their magical crops and fed with impunity on plant life that should have killed them, either through their poisonous properties or a sound thrashing. Tales abound in the south, however, of clever bunnies taking to certain, special slave children and becoming their lifelong companions.

Modernly, few Briar Bunnies live in the wild, but hundreds accompany children to school every year as animal companions. Their name derives from their strange influence over plant-life, and their affinity for nesting in thorny, dangerous, and venomous plants.

(Mod Note: This adorable little bun-bun is actually named George Orwell, and a link to his person’s page can be found in the picture)