venom dragon

  • Habitat preference: Found mostly in rain forest. Said to prefer relatively low and thick, flowering bushes.
  • Venom: Bites from this particular species have resulted in at least one report of severe hematological complications as well as two deaths.
the unlikely death of a dragon...

so a little bit of a backstory. this is my first time playing d&d with my friends, we’re all new. so i set us up a simple dungeon so we could learn how to play, and get used to the game. we just crushed the boss dragon with a giant crystal, and it failed a strength check to get out from under it; the fall kicking it to 5 health. 

High-Elf Rouge (OOC); can i roll for Frank to attack it? (Frank being the spider he had charmed earlier in the cave)

Me (DM); um.. yeah go ahead…

*rolls 20 for frank, managing to bypass it’s AC and hit it. does 1 damage)

Me: oh… um… frank climbs on to the dragon’s snout, delivering a miniscule bite that barely does any damage… 

Rouge (OOC): NOW I GOTTA ROLL TO POISON IT! Roll a constitution saving throw!

*rolls 8*

Rouge (OOC): *holds my single pink d4 in his palm* if i roll this… and it lands on four… frank kills the dragon.

So myself, and our tiefling monk all watch with bated breath, as he rolls. it lands on 4. we all sit in stunned silence.

Me: …the… tiny bite… delivered just enough venom to put the dragon out of its misery… 

Rouge (OOC): … can i roll a acrobatics check to do a double backflip and then applaude him?

Me: *burries face in hands* *quietly* i don’t care what you do anymore…


Just Yuya protecting the dragons ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

And Odd-Eyes being jealous is too adorable!! ^^


I, Lord Blackhadrt Shall Post more screenshots of Gency and WidowReaper!

My Job is Done! Gency and Deadly Venom Rule my Heart and Soul!

Love this ships!:) 


<em>Choose your route</em>
Will you take the sweet and kind Odd Eyes?
The cute and energetic Clear Wing?
How about the reserved but passionate Dark Rebellion?
Or will you take the Suave and Charming Starve Venom?
The choice is yours!


African Bush Viper (atheris hispida)

The African bush viper is a venomous viper located in central Africa. Males grow up to 73cm and females 58cm. Not much is known about their venom except that it is a neurotoxin. A number of reports also indicate their venom leads to internal organ hemorrhaging. Their bodies are covered in keeled, elongated dorsal scales that make them look bristly, or even draconic. African bush vipers are often found basking on leaves or flowers, and are nocturnal.