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10 costumes for Marvel Future Fight

I’m a pretty big fan of Marvel Future Fight, it’s a fun beat um up with Marvel characters that’s free. I’ve personally never had to spend money but I’ve been playing from day one so I am pretty sure people who haven’t will have to spend money to progress eventually. I want to give an honorable mention Angela’s Queen of Hel Outfits, as of writing this she just has a lot so I don’t know what one I would want to be made into a costume, I imagine the queen one works but we’ll see.

Virginia: Virginia is Visions wife in the new Vision comic and she or either of his kids could make an awesome alternate costume for the not so human hero. The comic is very popular with it’s readers making many people’s favorite book at Marvel. It’s so strange and it be a cool way to promote it.

Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Wasp: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes ended far too early but the stand out from that show to me was Wasp. Seeing the version from the show get a costume would be best.    

Black Suite Daredevil: I am shocked this one didn’t get added in with  it being the main costume of the Daredevil Netflix show. I think it could raise doge rates or something for the character and I think it’s one of the few costumes that totally need to happen for the character.

Mayday for Spider-Gwen: Mayday Parker will likely never be worth a slot in future fight given she likely will never have her own series or movie again. Still she is the female character with the longest running solo series. So it’s a great idea to take the new hotness and give her a throwback to the coolest Spider-woman of the past.

Mania for Venom: I can’t think of many other cool versions of Venom but it’s never a bad idea to expand the number of female characters in a game so why not give Mania a go in this. She is from the Flash Tompson venom and would never get to be playable given the sort of low level hype this character has. Still she is really bad ass and I think she could work well inside the normal venom moveset but then again I’ve hardly read anything with her in it. 

ANAD Mockingbird: Mockingbird’s new outfit is really cool and with it adding wings it could add a cool extra feature to Mockingbird as well. I mean look at the cool design with her getting her own book finally she should be able to slip into that outfit.

Classic Luke Cage: Classic Luke is just way too Iconic to not be in the game. Plus he doesn’t really have very many other choices given his normal wear is just normal clothing. I really like this costume plus it’s what he wears in that iconic I’m already rock hard baby panel XD. 

Hoggie Jessica Jones: This would be a really funny costume paying tribute to the netflix series. Jessica Like Luke doesn’t really wear any “Iconic” costumes but she did have this funny number and it be a really cool shout out.

Lawyer She Hulk: She Hulk doing law has happened in many series now. She needs a lawyer outfit to bring the law down on this game. It’s a really cool look for her and it will let people who don’t know much about her understand one of the biggest parts of the character.

Loki Agent of Asgard/ Goddess of stories: Okay so this one is hard because I adore Loki and I would love to see every look that the Agent of Asgard Series had for them added into the game. Goddess of stories look though is the coolest one of them all. Awesome genderless costume design that  really pops and marks Loki freeing herself from his fate.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I drew some concepts of young boss and kazu for a got kinda out of hand .

i never thought i needed baby quiet in my life honestly .i lov

I see now why Cosplay is addictive! Here is my first ever cosplay; I chose to be Venom Snake! I made the entire costume right down to designing custom fabric for the romper, also my bionic arm is made from foam and paint (tactical harness I did not make, just chopped it apart to fit me). :)! 

Power Rangers Movie Trailer Review

“Trailer #2″ - They Stand For Nothing, They’re Lifeless And Cold. Anything They Say Will Never Break Our Hearts Of Gold (PHOTO RECAP)

Well, it’s finally here. After months of waiting, and eons of fan complaining the second and even more fantastic trailer for the Power Rangers Movie is here. Where the first trailer was character based and touching, this one is action based. They double down on the humor, heart, and sophistication this movie is going to go down in the books for. It’s beautiful. It’s everything the show hasn’t been since RPM. It’s Power Rangers, and yet something more, something new, something greater than anything in the past. Let’s take a closer look.

The trailer begins with various shots of the Rangers, before they acquired their Power Coins. One in particular I wanted to point out is of Billy, clearly after being tormented by someone in school. I know this look, because I’ve had this look a million times over throughout my life. This movie, in just brief shots in two trailers has established characters with souls, consciousnesses, and familiarities that resonate deeply with me. They laugh through their pain, they cry, and they scream. They are real people. Real teenagers. The show has never fully grasped that. RPM was the closest, but this feels like a step up even from that. This trailer came just a day after a Ninja Steel preview clip and it was night and day, quite literally. That clip featured four caricatures and their sentai footage explainers bumbling around, doing one note actions based on their one caricature trait. I don’t even classify them as characters, just like the Dino Charge Rangers were. They are caricatures. If the characters in this movie were a cartoon, it would be The Legend of Korra. The show in it’s current state is Go Diego Go, trying to recapture the magic of Dora the Explorer. It’s only saved each year by toys. This movie in these brief trailers has given us characters, with emotions, in real settings, surrounded by real threats. The show doesn’t feel like that anymore. This trailer tried, because toys won’t get us a sequel. Characters will. People in seats will. A new Fandom born from it will. It’s trying to reach everyone, and boy oh boy is it succeeding. 

Next we see some more shots of the Rangers after they find their coins, all leading to a new moment. Two I’d like to point out here are of Trini, obviously upset, as Kim calls the entire team “screw ups.” It really upsets her. Personally from my experiences, some words and people are triggering, and you can see the physical and emotional shift on her face in an instant. That’s something I have only seen from Olivia Tennet as Doctor K in the show, and I see little things like that from everyone. The other shot is a new one of the Rangers finding their coins, one of many, but in this one you can clearly see a female Ranger’s helmet carved into the mountainside by Billy’s face. There are so many little nods and glimpses at things to come, the setting up of a greater universe, the likes of which we haven’t ever reached the level of in Power Rangers history. To me, it looks like a new version of Jen’s helmet from Time Force, or Emma’s from Megaforce, or it could be Rita Repulsa’s former Green Ranger suit carved into the stone to ward off ancient Earthlings who could unleash her. We’ll get to that later.

Next we had a beautiful sequence, or one of the million in this trailer and will be in the movie where the Rangers jump into the water that’s the entrance to the Command Center, that’s straight out of Zeo premiere. In the show you need the  Zeo Crystal or a Power Coin to enter the Command Center or Power Chamber, which means Rita could show up there eventually. The Rangers jump into the water, and before they break through the bottom, as seen in the first trailer, see that their coins have made them glow, being in proximity to the Command Center’s entry field. They joke about how cool it looks, and that it sure did, and  Zack jokes about how “he’s black.” It killed me, and I immediately started to giggle when Billy replied, and took the joke where it needed to go. Growing up a lifelong fan I’ve heard “the black ranger was black, the yellow ranger was yellow” a MILLION times. This was a great way to show the diversity of the show and joke at how innocently they cast the original series. People always took that too seriously, and I gag every time I hear it, and this turned that right around. The fact that we have the ONLY Asian, Indian, and female Latinx American superheroes on the big screen right now, and this was a great way to really show the world how great, yet how scary that is. 

Next we see some new shots of the Rangers discovering their abilities.  Zack wiping out into the trash KILLED me. I couldn’t stop laughing. 

Next we see the Rangers enter the Command Center for the first time, and Billy was having NONE of it. He’s like a mini Diggle with his humor and reactions, and every single one makes me choke up from laughing. He is ready to bolt at every turn and I AM GONNA LAUGH TYPING THIS. He’s the best. The Rangers then confront Zordon, and he was so excited to see them. I thought he would be more cold, and I am so happy I was wrong. He and Alpha are both sweet and inviting, and perfectly cast. You can tell that they want the Rangers to be safe and succeed. It’s so nice. They are almost completely unchanged as characters in the best of ways. I can’t wait to see more of them. Everything Zordon says gives me giant chills. 

The next morning Trini is ready to tell her mom, Elizabeth Banks all about her night in a spaceship, and she is having NONE of it…

You can tell Trini has tried a drug or two in her day, and her mom who totally isn’t the future vessel of Rita Repulsa’s alien spirit trapped in the Green Power Coin has had about enough. It was probably something she’s given up, but parents are parents for a reason. You can see both sides. Trini was so upset, but IT WAS SO FUNNY. My parents watched with me, and this joke was as big of a hit with them as the train sequence in the second Ant-Man trailer. It sold them in an instant. 

Next it’s training day, and the Rangers are ready to take on whatever they have to, obviously being informed of their mission by this point. Zordon informs them next of the Putties, and prepares them to take them on. Zack thinks they are holograms, but they are physical battle simulations, straight out of In Space. He gets cocky, then gets knocked off his feet. Billy once again nails a perfect one liner, with “THAT’S A STRONG ASS HOLOGRAM” and I was on the floor. It killed me. Trini’s perfect innocent laugh made it even funnier. You can feel the pain inside her. Becky and RJ especially are killing it. 

Now the bedroom sequence makes so much sense. Rita is awakened and possesses Trini’s mom. After that we see her rob a bank with a Putty, awaken her army, and take the Rangers down, after forming her costume, Venom style, and it’s amazing. Bring on more and more of this version of Rita. SHE IS TERRIFYING. 

Next, as Kanye blares over everything, perfectly chosen by the way, we see so many fantastic shots of the Rangers together, apart, and doing everything Rangers do. Kicking stuff, walking badassily (yeah I made up a word), and saying those iconic words that have felt dead for six years, and gave them life again…

Next we have the sequence that hit me like a ton of bricks that have been turned into a sentient alien grunt, where Jason helps his father, Roy from The Office out of a car involved in a horrific accident, which mirrors the truck crash I’m sure killed Jason’s little sister in the first trailer. It has no words, and doesn’t need to, because Bryan Cranston’s sweet sweet vocal chords tell us that “this is your destiny.” I began to cry the first time I watched the trailer. It crushed my heart in the best of ways. These last six years have crushed it in the wrong way, and this moment is wholly representative of what Power Rangers had felt like up to that point. It felt safe. It felt like home. Power Rangers was a family member, and it still is, but feels like the redneck cousin who screams at you if you dare mention President Obama and his beautiful family around them, aka my whole extended family. They’re all the redneck cousin. The show used to get me through everything, with an open hand to lift me up. Hell, even during Samurai and Megaforce it had moments of that, be it a littler amount, but still there. Power Rangers has been there for me every day when I came home bullied, covered in blood and bruises, every time someone I thought was a friend ran away, and most importantly when I was assaulted by classmates on graduation night. I used to be able to turn off the world with it, like my shadow, my greatest ally, and the one person who has gone through everything with me, in some ways even greater than my parents and sister. I could always go to it and not feel ashamed or embarrassed. The show in its current form has no trace of that whatsoever, and it hurts me every day. I feel like my lifelong shadow, friend, and ally has turned away, and it crushes me. In this moment in the trailer, all that came rushing back. In five seconds there is more emotion, love, and a message that the show has forgotten. That message is of humanity. That anyone can lift the people around them up. We all have the power to embrace, accept, and fight through darkness and hard times. That is what Power Rangers is about to me.

As the trailer finishes, we see all the toys that look nothing like the toys, BECAUSE YOU DON’T SHOW TOYS FIRST. I had no words. I screamed like a kid. It was fantastic. This trailer was perfect and it was the perfect ending. That’s a lot of perfect. I cannot wait for March 24th. 

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Don’t drink yourself to death after you watch it.

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Dark Cream and Dark Link are dating each other, not a bad ship I've seen worse with other fandoms but I'm alittle confused, who is Nny dating? Is she with Eddie Brock as Venom or the Alien costume by itself?

Nny: My heart is taken by the symbiote~ 

(Side note if people are confused this Venom is an Alternate Universe version where the symbiote doesn’t need a host to survive)  


Marvel Super Hero Secret Wars Spider-Man Figure (1984) from Mattel.  The Spider-Man figure with the black costume (Venom!) came out with the second wave of Secret Wars action figures that included a number of random figures such as Baron Zemo, Daredevil, Falcon and Hobgoblin that were not even appear in Marvel’s Secret Wars series. 

"I'm you daddy!" 5sos parent blurbs

A/N: just something I wrote after a touching moment I saw on T.V.


He was late, so very late and he knew there was no excuse but he just got caught up at the studio. Tonight was Michael’s five year old son’s first Halloween party that he would actually remember and Michael promised he would be there. Did everything in his power to make sure he would be and now he was racing home with only five minutes to spare.

“Is he ready to go?” Michael burst through the door of his parent’s house already kicking off his shoes and removing his jacket. “He said he didn’t want to be spiderman and hid in his room.” His mom gave him an apologetic look as he made his way up the stairs to his old room. He removed his clothing and quickly dressed in his Venom costume before heading to his son’s room. “Hey mini me are you ready to go?” He hoped that in the short time that his son changed his mind and put his costume on. “Almost daddy! No peaking!” Michael chuckled to him self. “Ok I won’t peak. I’ll wait down stairs for you, ok?”

Once he heard his son’s agreement he went down stairs and put on his shoes. “He said he was almost ready.” He told his mom who walked up to him from the kitchen. “Maybe he changed his mind when he saw you drive up, you know how he is.” She chuckled to herself, them both knowing full well how his son is. “I’m ready daddy!” Michael stood up and walked over to the stairs to see his son in black jeans, a Green Day bro tank, and black converse. “What happened to spider man?” Michael lifted his son up to rest on his hip. “I wanted to be my favorite super hero.” Michael thought that spider man was his favorite super hero and the way he was dressed didn’t even look like a super hero. “I’m lost. Who are you?” His son smiled wide showing his one missing tooth. “I’m you daddy!”


Being a single father was hard enough but on days like this it was the worse. His daughter was doing a school play today and he had to work. He had promised that he would be there and now he’s stuck behind his drum set laying down some tracks for the new album. Every chance he got he checked his watch to see that the count began to his daughter’s play, now it was thirty minutes till it started. “Alright Ashton that was ok, but you seem to be distracted, focus and lets go again. When you’re ready.” He nodded and started the beat again trying to put his all in it, the minutes ticking away in his head.

He just finished his third track when John walked into the room followed by his daughter and Ashton’s daughter. Ashton checked his watch and saw that her play ended and she was out of school. His heart broke knowing that once again he disappointed his daughter. John let her into the booth and she walked over to Ashton. “Hey sweety, how was school?” He lifted her up and sat her on his lap. She smiled at him and launched into a full blown story of how the play went and her lines and how they got a standing ovation. “And today was Hero Day. We were told to dress as someone we looked up to and admired and saw as a hero. My friend Cathy dressed as Black Widow, everyone else was dressed as other super heroes and famous people! Wanna see who I dressed as daddy?”

Ashton nodded his head and set her on her feet where she turned and showed him her outfit. She was in black jeans, boots, and a ripped tank top. He tried to think of who she was but it didn’t click in his head. “Who are you princess?” She smiled bright showing her own little dimples. “I’m you daddy!”


Luke was heading out for another tour, but this time he got to bring his daughter along with him. He had her a t a young age so he didn’t get much time with her when his career took off so he was glad to have her along this time. He checked his bags and her’s only finding one things missing. His guitar was gone. He could have sworn he put it at the front door. He ran up to his room and checked there, then he checked the music room he had down stairs. He hadn’t found it so he pulled out his phone and called Calum.

Calum checked his place and told Luke he couldn’t find it, then he suggested calling Michael who was at the studio. Luke tried that and got the same result, so he called his parents and they told him the same. He was losing his mind. He turned the house up side down looking for his guitar. He had others that he could take but this guitar was his first and he didn’t feel right going on tour without it.

He searched for two hours before Ashton reminded him to pick up Lucy from her moms and meet them at the airport. He really didn’t want to go without his guitar but he put his things in the car and drove to his ex’s house. When he got there he knocked on the door and his ex’s boyfriend opened it. “Luke.” He gave a curt nod to which Luke responded with one of his own. “Is Sam here?” The boyfriend nodded and let Luke in. “She’s in the family room with Lucy.” Luke nodded and walked off, knowing his way around the house.

When he walked into the family room he saw Lucy in her black skirt and Sounds Live Feels Live tour shirt, with his guitar resting on her lap. The case not far from her feet. He smiled and watched fondly as she strummed the few notes she knew of their latest single. “Sounds good penguin.” His baby girl looked up at him with a bright smile, her crystal blue eyes shinning. “I’m you daddy!”


Calum didn’t get to sleep in often so when he had the chance he took advantage of it. Today wasn’t one of those days. He wished it was but he woke up to the sound of his band mates playing their instruments. Knowing that they liked to play early in the morning he decided to just put in his head phones and role over to hide from the light. Once he was comfortable he went back to sleep.

He wasn’t sure how long he was asleep before he was shaken awake. He bolted up and looked around him for danger, only to find a apologetic Luke standing next to him. “This better be good Hemmings.” Luke smiled and nodded like he was a bobble head. “Dude you have to see this!” He seemed so excited so Calum figured he should humor him and see what had him in such a state.

He rolled out of bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes before gesturing to Luke to lead the way. He followed behind Luke slowly wanting nothing more than to go back to bed. “Look!” Luke pointed to the music room that they had made in the house they all lived in. When he was done rubbing his eyes for the second time he peaked into the room to see his six year old son sitting on the couch with Calum’s bass in his hands. He had a look of concentration on his face as he tried his best to play the chords to end of Hey Everybody.

Calum watched him with so much fondness Luke had to take a picture, the flash catching Cal J.R.’s attention. “I’m you daddy!” He said it with such pride and admiration that Calum chocked up and just nodded with a bright smile on his face.

ON SALE THIS WEEK! POWERS BUREAU #12 (W) Brian Michael Bendis (A/CA) Michael Avon Oeming The shocking conclusion to this volume of POWERS is here! Walker and Pilgrim are faced with the future of powers, and it is not pretty. PLUS!  big sneak Peak at the Powers Tv show. . GUARDIANS OF GALAXY #21
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