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Any negative numbers that appear on pow cards (and negative numbers in general) only regard villains. A literal ‘Positive & Negative’ stance.

Edit: And the greater the negative number, the greater the threat that the villain is.

Guilty Gear Xrd REVELATOR; Faust’s “Stimulating Fists of Annahilation”.

A.K.A.: Faust’s finger attack, Thousand years of pain, Kancho attack, best overdrive in the game

Screenshoted from this video, all creditis due to them

“In Depth Analysis:”

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BTS Reaction: They talk about your insecurity in an argument

Request: Hi dear! 💕 Can I ask for a Bts reaction? With them saying a mean thing (hitting one of your insecurities) they didn’t really think during an argument and immediatly saying sorry after seeing your surprised/sad face. I’m sorry if this is hard 😰🌸💖

A/N: I’ve been looking forward to writing this, thank you for the request anon! ^_^ xx


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It had been such a silly little spat, you two hardly ever argued but maybe that’s what made the fact he said what he did hit you so much harder. The minute the words left his mouth your face turned grave, tears teetering, threatening to spill as time seemed to move in slow motion. ‘Jagi… Jagiya please look at me’ he would whisper, to ashamed of himself to speak properly. ‘Y/N I’m so sorry you know I didn’t mean to…’ he would rush all of his words, desperate to reconcile before he made things any worse. At that moment he honestly felt like the scum of the earth for hurting the one person he loved more than anything.


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Yoongi didn’t use his words often so when he did, they cut like razor sharp glass. As soon as the words fumbled from his lips he felt his stomach churn, not even daring to look at you as tears fell from your cheeks, the air knocked from you entirely. ‘Y/N...’ was all he could get out, speechless at how low he had stooped to use your own insecurity against you. He would have to take himself away from the situation, let it sink in that not only he had messed up big time but possibly lost your trust, using the biggest thing you trusted him with against you. That thought alone caused his heart to tear just a little.

Rap Monster:

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The consequences of what Namjoon had just done would weigh heavily on him immediately. He was supposed to be on your team always, the one you could always turn to and feel comfort in, not the one that tore you down. ‘Y/N, words can’t even describe how sorry I am… you know I think you’re perfect it was just in the heat of the moment…’ he dropped to his knees in front of you, so your hung and heavy head could meet his eyes, to try and show you how sorry he was, not that even he was sure he deserved your forgiveness.


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The moment he saw your tears, his would emerge to, a mixture of both regret and anger at himself weighing on him in equal measures. He was sure you would never trust him again, he wasn’t even sure you’d ever want to see him again, all he could think to do was wrap you in his arms and pull you against him tight, whispering soft apologies into your hair through the tears on his cheeks. He held you tight, like you would break if he let go, or worse, leave.


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‘Y/N I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that, it was so wrong. You know I don’t believe that, I say dumb stuff all the time, you’re the smart one!’ he would scramble at his words, trying desperately to say anything and everything to make up even 1% of the damage he’d done just with a few single, venomous words. Maybe he was toxic, maybe you were better off without him he thought. ‘Baby you know I think you’re kind, clever, beautiful, sexy, elegant…’ he’d carry on, bringing your chin up to greet the sincerity in his eyes.


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The immediate defense he’d jump to is humor. To counter the slump in your shoulders and the anguish in your face he’d do anything and everything to try and make you smile again. In that moment, all he wanted was to be the reason for the happiness he so treasured in your eyes, instead of the painful spike of hurt he was seeing now. ‘Jagi! Aw c’mon jagi you know I didn’t mean that! Hey! Maybe we should go and get some ice cream! You remember that one time I fell over… near that restaurant… please just look at me… I love you…’


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I’m not sure he’d quite know how to handle what he’d just done, he’d just know he had to back track and take back everything he said if he could. ‘No no no babe please don’t cry… I never want you to cry because of me ever, I’m sorry I said that it was my stupid mouth running off, I promise I’ll try and do better and be a better person for you because I love you, every part of you and never ever want to see you like this ever again ok? I love you. Please don’t be sad, I didn’t mean it.’ he’d fumble with the sleeves of his hoodie before, desperate for some kind of contact with you, pulling you into a soft hug and kissing the top of your head softly, rubbing your arms and trying to calm the situation down. 

hey so since Shiro and Keith are similar in age to Flynn and Rapunzel, can we as a fandom start up a sheith tangled au? It would be adorable. And imagine them during the lantern scene singing “I See the Light?” Epitome of iconic.

Privileged (22/?)

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“The group struggles to cope with the loss of one of their own as they try to remain focused on their mission to break into Mount Weather. *yn* discovers her reputation amongst the grounders and begins to realise the impact of her actions as well as realising the dangers of the forest.” 

Warnings: Swearing, mild angst, violence, hinted smut, fluff

Notes: Based on 2x09 ‘Remember Me’ of The 100. 

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Raven’s broken voice made *yn*’s stomach churn even further as she stared at his lifeless body lying at her feet. Feeling eyes on her, *yn* tore her gaze from Finn and looked over her shoulder.

She swallowed when her eyes met with the hardened and hate filled ones of a grounder. Flitting her eyes around she noticed that there were at least a dozen pairs of eyes all boring into her body. Ever single one of them looked blood thirsty, like the second they got her alone they’d tear her limb from limb.

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Swimming with a venomous olive sea snake…maybe not for me.

bluemediaexmouth~OLIVE SEA SNAKE~
Some cool facts:
The breeding season of this species generally runs from May to July ;
Courtship in the olive-brown sea snake takes place in the open water, often with several males vying for the same female ,while mating takes place on the reef floor ;
Fertilization is internal ,and following a gestation period of nine months the female olive-brown sea snake gives birth to up to five live young .;
Female olive-brown sea snakes are only thought to breed every second year…. .


Amber gems who take a form that resembles the bug in their gem. I.E;

An amber with a mosquito in their gem? Long nose, spindly, maybe wings

A spider? Fangs, venom, maybe their corrupt form is spider-like?

bedroom names: fionn

AN// wowow gonna do a sexy imagine i guess lol. i kinda had to put names in this one instead of Y/N so i’m using eden/edith.. please forgive me.. this is my first smut and i feel like it kinda sucks but let me know!! i hope you like it!!

TW//NSFW!! daddy kink

trips home to visit your family were always dreaded. by you at least, Fionn found it to be absolutely hilarious whenever your family would drag you into ridiculous arguments. since all of Fionn’s premiers, press, and interviews for Dunkirk were coming to an end you decided to take a trip to visit your parents back in Surrey. both of your parents were neighbors, you had grew up together and started dating after high school when Fionn began to pursue a career in acting.

Fionn guided you into your childhood home, already smiling, he knows how much you hate it. he loves antagonizing you, in public and in private;). you are greeted at the door by your annoying older brothers, making a “Eden sandwhich” after they were done squeezing you to death and having a chat with Fionn, you made a beeline to the kitchen hoping to bypass some chaos from your sister, pecking her cheek quickly. your parents hugged you both tightly, “it feels like i haven’t seen you two in ages! come help your mum with dinner, Eden.” your mum says handing you a bowl full of an unrecognizable substance. your dad takes Fionn to the living room to hang with the lads, winking at you as he follows.

after you finish preparing the dinner with your mum you take your seat next to Fionn at the dinner table. the conversation is lighthearted and the food is delicious. things quickly change. your mom asks your brother how things are going in London, where he is trying to become a musician. “not good, mum. no record label seems to think i’m fit. i’m constantly out playing hoping someone will recognize me but they won’t even give me change like they do on the movies.. hell, i can hardly afford my rent.” you can tell he’s pulling your mum’s heartstrings just to get some money.. he’s particularly good at manipulating people. “well son, we’ll see if we can send some money your way.” poking at her lasagna, guilt stricken.

Fionn can tell you are on the edge of starting something. his hand is around your thigh, thumb massaging your leg gently, glancing at you slightly trying to distract you. even though he does like to see you get rilled up around your family, he knows your words are venomous sometimes. “well maybe you should get a job then. mum and dad have supported us long enough.” you say, heart racing and face flushed with anger. your brother didn’t deserve their money. he was lazy and you knew he would never become famous as much as you would like to believe it.

“shut up, Eden. you don’t know anything about life. you’re just lucky you’re pretty, if not you would have never made it big.” he strikes back. the bickering continues for several minutes before a heavy bang on the table silences you. “that’s enough, Eden. leave your brother alone.” he counters. “oh so now, he is the victim! i ca-” you are interrupted by your father. “EDITH! didn’t i say enough!” you knew to be quiet. “yes, daddy.” your parents only called you by your real name when you were in big trouble. the rest of the dinner was awkward and silent.

after eating and cleaning you went to your bedroom to find Fionn sitting on your bed. you could see lust in his eyes. you close and lock the door behind you leaning against it, exhausted from the argument. Fionn walks toward you, “Fionn, i’m really not in the mood right now. besides my family could hea-” you are cut off by him pinning your arms above your head, knee between your legs. “seems you’ve been a bad girl for your daddy tonight, Eden. or should i say Edith?” he growls inches away from your lips, his shaggy hair tickling your nose, you can practically taste him from there. “Fionn, i rea-” you are cut off again. “shh.. in here you’ll call me daddy. don’t be a bad girl again, Edith. take off your clothes.” he says pulling away.

you’d never experienced Fionn like this. everytime you had had sex so far was amazing but it was loving and sweet not so dirty. you do as he says, heart pounding and almost afraid as to what he was planning. he attacks your lips with his bringing you to the bed. you feel self conscious. you laying before Fionn completely naked while he is fully clothed.

“what do you want me to do?” he asks desperately watching you writhe in the sheets for his touch. “fuck me..” you whisper not wanting anyone to hear. “what did you say? daddy can’t hear you.” he questions. “i said fuck me” you say in a normal voice hoping he will continue. “oh, Edith, that still didn’t do any justice to what you’re gonna receive. i want you to yell it, fucking scream it for me!” he yells as you cringe knowing your brothers next door will hear. but god, the way you were dripping wet for him and the bulge you can see growing in his jeans, you didn’t care who heard. “fuck me hard, daddy!” you yell wanting to feel him inside of you so bad. he strips his clothes off dangerously and climbs on you, then flipping you over.

normally you would have been terrified of this position but you needed him to bad you didn’t care where he fucked you as long as he did. he pounds you hard, pulling you hair and slapping your bum. “oh god! harder! harder, daddy, please!” you beg holding on your headboard hoping to silence the banging of it against the wall. “fuck, babygirl! christ! so sweet for your daddy..” he groans as you let out an involuntary “uh” everytime he pushes into you. “you like that? your daddy fucks you so good, yeah?” he screams grasping your boobs. “oh, shit.. daddy, daddy you.. you fuck me so good..” you say feeling your stomach begin to knot. “i’m gonna cum, daddy” Fionn is loving every single aspect of this. banging you hard from behind, in your childhood bed for fucks sake. the same exact bed you had sex for the first time years ago. “go ahead love, you have been such a good girl for ya'daddy..” he rides you out as he finishes off to.

the kinky-ness of tonight surprised Fionn himself. “i didn’t know you had a thing for daddy kink,” you say as Fionn lays beside you bringing you to his chest. “i didn’t either.. until i saw how you just obeyed your dad, just by the sound of your real name. and fuck Eden, it just lit me up. i barely made it to the bedroom before getting hard. i’m sorry if i hurt you, love… i wasn’t thinking straight. are you okay? i know you’ve never done that before..” he knows this because he was your first. and your only. “yeah i’m fine. it felt amazing anyway. but please.. don’t call me Edith in public.” you say as he traces his fingers slowly up and down your back, just like your vanilla sex, that you both adored so much. “oh don’t worry, doll. that name is only for the bedroom. and only for your daddy to call you.”

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@dandeliononfire here is your wonderful bday gift courtesy of @katnissdoesnotfollowback! We know it’s late in the day, but we also know we’re not too late since you live in Alaska. ;) Enjoy this read and have a fabulous rest of your special day!! EBD

The woods still make him think of hidden dangers. Wolf mutts, fire projectiles aimed at his head, buzzing insects, and terrible images. But as he stands on what used to be the edges of the District, a hasty fence in the process of being erected to keep the predators out, he feels drawn to the trees. To the shadows that hold the secrets to life and sustenance as much as they do to danger and death. What if he went out there? Just walked through the gate and went into the woods. He could do it now. Nothing would stop him. He’s faced two arenas, his own death, been tortured to shreds and slowly put himself back together.

He could do it. He could survive it.

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i love characters with robo arm. like, you got some cool characters like:
· Edward Elric
· Symmetra
· Vriska Serket
· Finn
· Luke Skywalker
· Venom Snake
and maybe some more im forgetting but the point is i love robo arms

DING DONG IT’S THEORY TIME BITCHES!!! So, this is from 2x08 “Love is a Devil”. After obviously freaking out (WTF ARE YOU DOING ISABELLE??) I started thinking of what might be happening between Izzy and Raphael in this scene. It looks like she’s trying to seduce him and he’s rejecting her (I don’t want to say it’s because saphael, but SAPHAEL), until it hit me right in the face. She’s getting addicted to ying fen. Ying fen is vampires venom, the one they put in you when they bite you. Now, Aldertree is obviously using her addiction to control her and she’s too smart not to see it, so, what if she’s trying to get free from him and his manipulations by finding another way to get the venom? Maybe a VAMPIRE BOYFRIEND/LOVER WHO CAN BITE HER (already hinting at Sizzy maybe? Simon is a vampire and Raph would never bite anyone unless it’s necessary). This at least is my theory about what’s happening/what’s going to happen. What do you guys think?

volturisecretary  asked:

Weird Hypothetical Question: If someone happened to cut their hand and some trace amounts of venom got into the cut (I mean in Bree Tanner we see vampires spitting excess venom, so maybe?), do you think they'd be able to see their hand "change." Alternatively, if someone got bit on their hand and the venom was allowed to "infect" that area for a while (rather than almost immediately being removed in Bella's case) (1/2)

and was then removed, do you think there would be any notable changes to their hand? I kind of like the idea that maybe their hand would have an off sort of pallor to it, or maybe that hand was naturally a bit colder because the venom altered the circulatory system in that area. Totally not sure if it would even be feasible to remove the venom though. Anyway, just curious on your thoughts :)

My guess is that there’s a very narrow window between venom infecting just one area and venom being in the system enough that a transformation is inevitable (if very very slow and torturous). It’s apparently possible because of the Bella example, and it does say that her scar is kind of silvery and is a couple of degrees colder than the rest of her skin. I think maybe if circumstances were just right, someone could get the effect you are describing but there would probably have to be minimal blood flow from the hand to the rest of the body for it to work–a tourniquet, or a 127 Hours situation where the hand/arm is pinned somewhere? Otherwise I think the venom would have spread too far once there was an noticeable, physical change in the hand to be removed and change only one part of the body. 

tl;dr: I think there are ways to make this scenario work in a fic or something, but it would be a highly unusual circumstance. And of course–incredibly painful even just isolated to the hand. 

It’s funny because I always thought Bella’s James bite was going to be important later.  That maybe it would make her immune to venom (sort of like when you get vaccinated, you know?) and possibly that her blood could then be used to make some sort of cure. Or maybe it had already started to change her just a little bit and that made her more accepting of the change, or sped the process along, or whatever. Maybe her knack for vampirism was in part because James’ venom had ‘prepped’ her body for it or something. But it never really amounted to anything which is odd to me since this seems like almost as big of a “first” (although not necessarily an actual first, just as Renesmee actually wasn’t the first) as Renesmee’s birth. Bella was bitten and didn’t die and wasn’t turned. Has that ever happened before? 

They say we’re bad for each other,
and maybe we are.

Maybe you’re whiskey,
and I’m an open flame.

Maybe I’m venom,
and you’re a hopeless victim.

I say fuck what they think,
grab the cash,
I’ll gas up the car,
and let’s ride.

Just me and you,
modern day Bonnie and Clyde,
what a fucking fairy tale.

Living off what we take,
and risking it all,
for a cheap thrill.

Dirty motel rooms,
bloody fingertips,
pupils blown wide.

They say we’re bad for each other baby,
so let’s show them,
how bad we can be.

—  you’re my sickness, and i’m your cheap disaster || k.a.