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i love mob so much please for the love of god tell me about ur feelings on 100% ecstasy

OH BOY WILL I !!! ABSOLUTELY 100% (pun unintended but warmly embraced) 

out of all the 100% events, ecstasy is my favorite. the drama… the tragedy… will fiction EVER peak like this again? i don’t think so. but BEFORE I DELVE INTO ALL OF THAT, there’s something i want to talk about first: mob’s psychic powers as an expression of his emotions. 

we all know that mob suppresses his emotions to avoid outbursts of psychic power. but THAT implies that mob’s psychic power is a form of self expression, in the same way that body language is expression. 

he can direct his psychic powers – the same way we can direct our bodies’ actions – but there are other components that are difficult to stop, similar to how people’s shoulders tend to hunch when they’re angry or upset, how they subconsciously cross their arms and direct their feet away when something is making them uncomfortable, etc. 

unless you know about these bits of body language, and make a deliberate attempt to suppress them, it’s difficult to stop your body from revealing something about your emotions. similarly, one function of mob’s psychic power is as an extension of the way he expresses himself. these things happen subconsciously and mostly without mob’s control. 

for example, one of the trademarks of mob’s 100% events is that mob starts releasing waves of psychic power that push his hair back. other side effects include cracking the ground under him, often to dramatic effect.

mob doesn’t push his hair up on purpose, it’s just something that happens – as a result of him releasing his pent-up emotions in the form of psychic power. these little bits of expression aren’t something he can control.

mob also says something REALLY INTERESTING in his first 100% event:

during 100% rage mob uses his psychic powers to fight dimple, yes, but these lines suggest that his outburst of power happened because he finally had to express his anger. and that implies that, in order to show his emotions, and express himself, mob has to use his psychic powers. 

which is something he almost never allows himself to do. 

never forget the disdain / loathing mob had for himself at the beginning of the manga, and how convinced he was that he couldn’t allow himself to express himself OTHERWISE SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD HAPPEN. 

further material to consider: the lines that he said right before his 100% animosity / hostility event 


at this point, mob hasn’t taken any action against koyama yet. his outburst of psychic power, radiating outward and blanketing the area, is not doing anything but expressing his hostility – to the extent that mob expects koyama to be able to feel it. 

in addition to that, during mob’s fight with toichirou, he cycles rapidly through a LOT of emotions, and this is what he says about it:

canon suggests that it’s not just a buildup of of emotions that cause his powers to run amok; allowing his powers to run amok also allows himself to feel the full intensity of his emotions. his psychic powers are key to expressing himself.

I COULD GO ON… but i’ll just leave things here for now. to summarize: mob subconsciously uses his psychic powers to express his emotions, which is why suppressing his emotions also suppresses his psychic powers. 

figure 1: a helpful venn diagram of things 


the fight against toichirou is possibly the first time mob has been able to fully utilize his psychic powers. the first time he’s had to, even. all the unconscious limits he’s put on himself – not allowing his psychic power to go free, stifling his emotions and powers – all come undone. 

mob is allowing himself to be himself, wholly and fully. he’s removed his inhibitions. he’s running wild and free. he’s no longer expending energy trying to regulate his psychic powers – he’s allowing himself to feel. this intensity of emotion and action is something mob has never given himself before, and the freedom of it… feels good. incredibly so. he feels free, he feels alive, and toichirou – the only individual to ever stand on a level close to mob’s – understands perfectly. 

this is a level of joy mob has never felt before. 

the release of his psychic power even comes hand in hand with mob’s body language becoming much freer and more expressive than it is in daily life. look at him go!! mob, for the first time in years… letting himself feel the intensity of his emotions, just as they really are.  

but of course his happiness isn’t going to last 

because mob wants to be a part of society, and he thinks he has to keep his psychic powers sequestered away in order to do that. his greatest fear is accidentally hurting the people he loves with his own psychic power, and when he remembers that possibility… 

the tragedy of 100% ecstasy is that – for just a brief moment, mob released himself from his self-imposed limits. for a moment, he let himself really feel, he let himself be, and in that moment he experienced a richness, an intensity, a moment of being so utterly present and alive that it brought himself to heights he’d never reached before. 

 and mob will never willingly allow himself to do that ever again. 

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Will you ever post more relive the magic ? It's fine if no, but the last time you mentioned it was almost a year ago and I'm curious ^^' hope you're doing okay !!

Soooo I know this is probably gonna cost me some followers, but I’ve been holding off on answering this and variations of this question for a while because I wasn’t sure of the answer.

I am now. It’s a definitive no. And here’s why:

Recently Action Labs released its latest Miraculous comic set in New York. There’s a lot - and I mean a lot - wrong with it. Honestly, I would have just been grossed out by the fact that for some reason, the very underage main character reverts to her civilian mode… completely nude. In an alleyway. In a city. The writers either had to break canon, or invent a reason for their underage female protag to be buck naked for a large chunk of the issue. That’s not a good conflict, that’s just fucking creepy, full stop.

And if that wasn’t bad enough? She covers herself in a cardboard box, then runs into a group of racist caricatures of Black people, immediately assumes they’re looting a store, and then begs them not to kill her. 

So far I’ve seen criticism of this deflected as “oh but the Black people are actually collecting goods to donate and she learns an important lesson!” Sorry, that’s really not how that works. The writers chose for the underage female hero to be naked. They chose for the female hero to look at Black people and see criminals. There’s no fig leaf that covers how heinously inappropriate both of those choices are. 

I wish I could say that well, maybe the showrunners will take these issues to heart and take steps to fix them. I can’t.

Consider this me “going all SJW.” (Side note: the Venn Diagram of “Assholes” and “People Who Use ‘SJW’ as a Pejorative” is a goddamn circle.) What other valuable lessons are going to come out of our heroes’ vile racist beliefs? What lessons are your nonwhite viewers supposed to learn, that even superheroes can’t get over their own racism for ten goddamn seconds? And for fuck’s sake, what lesson are your female readers supposed to take away from this? That not even grand cosmic superpowers can save a female hero from being stripped naked and dumped on the streets because that’s what the all-male writers team wanted?

Sorry, but fuck that. If I wanted racism or sexism from someone who’s supposed to be a role model, I’d follow President Trump on Twitter. I really do hope that ZAG and Astruc figure their shit out, but in the meantime, I’m not holding my breath.

P.S. “Ghetto Blaster” ???!!!

It’s always funny to me when people say anything was so ‘[weighty adjective] that Cicero wrote Atticus about it.’  Like, my friends, Cicero wrote Atticus about fucking everything.  He wrote the dude constantly, from times people were mean to him, to how his daughter is doing, to his general Feel that day, let alone important events.  He wrote a treatise on friendship based on that guy.

So the thing itself doesn’t even have to be extra.  What’s huge is how gay cicero was for atticus lol.

Todays deluge of Scotland pictures is brought to you by Destroyer Liliana of the Veil! For all of us who live in the Venn diagram intersection of: loving mechs, possessed by demons, driven by necromancers, cosplaying as Korean e-sports stars also possessed by demons.

00qad headcanons: baby boomer!james and his three millennials

so @10kiaoi and i were having one of our 4am conversations when the topic of juicers came up, and a whole slew of 00qad headcanons were born…

- alex juices every morning and makes power smoothies. he’s that guy. the whirring can be heard every morning as soon as he returns from his run at 6:15am sharp 

- while james is very much interested in health and fitness, he does not rise at 5am unless it’s for a mission, and prefers animal protein to alex’s offerings of crispy tempeh 


- james is literally from another generation. he has 19 years on alex, and certainly double-digits on the mischief twins

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Saracha33, bromance, bulletproof, conscious-ramblings, aaronknowitall, sslarrysettingsail, and verily all went completely or nearly ghost when Louis' promo started. Larries aren't going to survive a summer of Louis' promo, are they? I'm just sad this is how things are ending. Everything getting gradually more toxic and then, of course, Louis getting left behind. Left behind at Syco, left behind by Larries. I get the latter but it breaks my heart too. And now he's back on Freddie's turf. 😔😔😔

Listen here you dumb cunt, all this message deserves is a big huge fuck off to you and yours. However, since this has been the latest conversation piece in inboxes around the fandom, thanks to you cowards, here’s an answer:

First of all, who the fuck are you to decide what is the standard of a fan? Do you seriously have no life and all you do is go through our blogs and see what we do and don’t reblog? Do you know that we all have jobs, and families, and friends? Even for Harry’s promo (cause I know you’ll compare… you guys just love fucking venn diagrams) many of us were accused of being absent or not supportive. Also, as comparisons go, are you pathetic enough to go through our blog and write down how many times we reblog a post about Louis or Harry or Niall or Liam? Do we need to make sure it’s all even so we can be a true fan™? 

Second of all, can you be any more dramatic? Louis is getting left behind…jfc. One of the things this fandom has done relentlessly is support Louis, and that’s because he deserves it and WE WANT TO!

Finally, if all of us go ghost, so what? Is it because so many look up to us? We never asked for that commitment and responsibility. You’ll go on and talk about “big larries”, but it’s people like you who place us there, when we don’t even want it. We like the same thing you guys do! We are as big a dorks as everyone else. Nothing special here. 

I know you wrote this message to rile up and try to start a ridiculous conversation, but just rest assured that we are surviving this promo just fine. 

Thanks for sparing a thought to us xx

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(1/2) Sorry I can't help but feel like you've misunderstood the concept of intersectionality. The point was never to put experiences of oppression into a heirarchy, unless you're getting your feminism from tumblr activists & 'how priveleged are you' Buzzfeed quizzes. "Intersectionality" was (is?) supposed to be abt intersections of oppressions, like a vent diagram. The overlaps, unique experience you face due to multiple factors including 

(2/2) class, sexuality, religion, disability etc., not just racism and sexism. Is that not exactly what you’re talking about? Like a rich lesbian black woman has different experience than a poor straight black woman in a wheelchair and you can’t compare the two out of context? Also when you say “intersectionality says __”, well intersectionality is a concept, it can’t really SAY anything soo who are you referring to, 17 yo libfem wannabe SJWs or scholars like Kimberle Crenshaw or who??

Your problem is that despite whatever “intersectionality” was supposed to be, it has absolutely been turned into a hierarchy of competition. It’s a way of micro-managing labels. Your analogy using a Venn diagram perfectly sums up the major issue that I have with the concept and how it’s been twisted.

So, sure, you can have this simplistic and reasonable-sounding idea that goes:

and others can look at it and think, well, obviously, yes. Of course black women are capable of experiencing anti-black racism as well as misogyny. That makes complete sense. Both of those things are terrible and they shouldn’t happen.

The thing is, the reality of “intersectionality” is this:

Suddenly it’s not enough that black men experience anti-black racism, because, well, they can’t experience misogyny as well. And it’s not enough that white women experience misogyny, because they can’t experience anti-black racism as well. That works again in conjunction with the fact that both misandry and anti-white racism isn’t even accepted as existing, so if there are individuals who state factually that they’ve been through awful misandry or anti-white racism, either their experiences are washed away as “fiction” or they’re twisted so that they are described as something else so the refusal to accept the truth still stands.

Instead of quickly using labels to reason basic facts, i.e. “A black woman can experience anti-black racism and misogyny because those labels exist,” it’s used as a way to judge individuals based on nothing more than the collection of labels that they have to see how quickly they can be dismissed and mocked, using the “intersectionality” model to tell them that they don’t have any “real” problems. 

Which, as you’ve guessed by now, is absolutely the hierarchy that you’ve denied.

Let’s look at your example:

“[A] rich lesbian black woman has different experience than a poor straight black woman in a wheelchair.”

Let’s change a couple of those labels. Now we have:

“A rich black lesbian woman has different experience than a poor straight white man in a wheelchair.”

In the reality of “intersectionality,” the rich, black lesbian is still more “oppressed” than a poor, straight and white disabled man just because he happens to be white and a man, because in the “intersectionality” reality, there’s a hierarchy of who’s automatically more “oppressed.”

“Intersectionality” isn’t true intersectionality of genuine understanding. It’s a vehicle that thrives on abhorrent identity politics. It’s an excuse to silence anyone else’s issues if they don’t have the right skin colour (which absolutely includes racist abuse and mockery of black individuals that aren’t deemed “black enough”). The darker someone’s skin colour, it doesn’t matter what the rest of their “intersectionality” is. Unless you’ve forgotten the Facebook-livestreamed Chicago Torture, where a racist group of two black men and two black women tortured a vulnerable, white disabled teenager – and the violence against him was widely dismissed as “Well, he was white so he was an oppressor and it doesn’t matter.”

You have rich black Youtubers complaining about how “oppressed” they are and countless people sneering that even the homeless have more “privilege” than the middle-class if their skin is the wrong colour. The same rule of their applies if the middle-class person is a white woman and the homeless person is a white man – that homeless white man still has “male privilege.”

It’s a farce. It’s an abuse of the term “oppression.” It doesn’t accurately discuss intersectionality of different issues because if even one of an individual’s labels is classed as “oppressive,” then all of their other issues are very quickly dismissed and their personal experiences derided.

So trust me when I say that I understand “intersectionality.” I understand it too well to ever give it the time of day.

Quotes from my weird professor, part the third:

  • “I figure if I can’t depress students at least once in my classes, I’m not earning my money.”
  • “It would have been better if Nabokov had died as a baby.”
  • *writes NABOKOV SUCKS on the board*
  • “I should have Venn diagrams emblazoned everywhere because they’re so useful.”
  • “It’s always bad news in Ancient Greece. Incest and bad news. Oh, and sunshine.”
  • “Why do we go to the movies? Sex and violence are the only right answers. Or, if you’re a loser, musical numbers. Musicals are bad. Sorry.”
  • “Advertising is hell. It’s a filthy, filthy business.”
  • “Why am I against plots and narratives? I know you’re all thinking, is it because he’s weird? I’m not weird. You’re weird. Societal narratives keep us trapped in this hellhole of conformity and capitalism. A narrative is someone being bossy.”
  • “I don’t like it when things happen.”
  •  “Are you depressed now with the mechanistic nature of modern society? Well, Shakespeare gives us a way out. Haha! Just kidding. Shakespeare makes it worse. Shakespeare makes everything worse.”
  • “You all use metaphors. Don’t look so innocent. I’ve heard you.”
  • “At the conference last week, I had a bacon-wrapped hot dog that kind of changed my life.”
  • “Night is often praised in poetry because it’s the time when people go to sleep, so it’s restful. People like to be unconscious.”

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yo is there any particular reason that Noah's never gotten a POV chapter? The other boys also seem to have more development and character arc than him.

The answer to your question is cleverly included in your question.

Point-of-view characters must be characters who are changing and growing; there is no reason for the readers to share their internal thoughts otherwise. It is not that every character who is changing gets a POV, but every POV must include a changing character. At least in my book: I write character-driven fiction, which means my characters don’t exist merely to propel a plot forward.

Here, I have drawn you a helpful Venn diagram using a piece of paper someone gave me at an event and a stubby pencil I found in the drawer of this rental house.


Noah does not develop and he does not change because he is dead. There are some advantages to being Noah in the world of The Raven Boys — he gets to lurk around above ground rather than below it — but he is still dead, and that means more than an ability to travel through walls and possess generally creepy sentience. It is not a superpower, being dead. While the others age, learn, and grow, Noah, if anything, is subtractive.

I can hear the cries: “but he would offer so much insight!” “he knows so much!” “the stories he could tell!” “it would be so interesting!”

Here is another POV that could offer a lot of insight and be interesting: the Camaro. It’s seen a lot! But it would be a transient gimmick; I’m not doing anything with the Camaro’s mental development, so it would be a stolen camera angle, nothing less. Sometimes that’s a valid narrative choice, but in a series like the Raven Cycle, where there are so many POV characters already, all battling for screen time to reveal their growth, I choose my page time carefully. Only humans and only living ones.

But hey, I have left it wide open for fanfiction.

Today in maths class the teacher was talking about Venn Diagrams and said “The important thing to know about Venn Diagrams is venn to use them and venn not to use them.”

Launch of Captain Swan Evil Regals Network

Hello fellow Oncers! This is a new network for fans who ship Captain Swan and who are also Evil Regals. Yes, we DO exist!

Here on tumblr it often seems like there are clear “sides” in the fandom. It’s easy to get the impression that there is a Captain Swan “side” that is by definition anti-Regina, and an Evil Regal “side” that is by definition anti-CS.

We are here to show that it is possible to ship CS and to love Regina! These are not mutually exclusive. We believe that there are a lot more of us in the middle of this fandom Venn diagram than tumblr might have us think.

The team behind this blog is made up of five people who believe that creating this space will help make it easier for secret fans of both to speak up and be counted.  We also believe that this blog and network can promote positive interactions between these two fandom communities. Who knows, we might even convince some people that the other side isn’t so bad after all… :)


If you like both CS and Regina, become an affiliated blog!

If you belong to one “side” and are open to the other side, follow us!

If you belong to one “side” and aren’t fans of the other “side”, but would like to get out of your lane in a safe space that won’t trash your favorite, follow us!

If you belong to another corner of the Once family and want to encourage positive fan interactions, follow us!

To all: please spread the word about this new network to your followers!We want to reach as many secret CS/ER multifans as possible :)

Visit our blog to learn more about us, meet our team and see how our blog will work.

Thanks and happy countdown to the season 5 premiere!