damerathepaladin  asked:

Damera: Hi Inca! What is your favorite druid form? ^^ Tetsuko: Hello Inca! :3 What's your favorite flower? Venmar: Hey! *grin* You like muscular men? /flex Damera: *faceplam* Son...

  • I like them very much, in bear form with some veggies. ^^ 
  • A cute warlock gave me Aethrils once and she’s real precious to me so my fav is Aethril ~ ♥
  • My partner is tall and fit but not muscular, just how I like it. 
Closer RP

>you sit down next to a tree and sigh. you’re a little frustrated, how are you and venmar supposed to find this girl? you have no idea where she could be at you have no idea what her name is and all you have is an old description of her. god you have to idea where to start looking.

>maybe you can ask taylor maybe he’s seen her before, you doubt it though he barely leaves his hive so theres no way he could have seen her.

god damn it…