You know, there are a lot of Japanese tropes in hetalia (despite it supposed to be about the world). Veniziano is obviously a Hetare (the entire basis of the series). But besides that you have the tsundere

Your girl in pigtails 

Tsundere girl in pigtails

Classic girl with big boobs

Neko people 

And many many more. However, recently there has been a certain character trope that has become VERY popular in the media that I would like to talk about. This craze is mostly due to this game:

That’s right folks. Today we will talk about yanderes. 

First of all, what is a yandere? A yandere is “a person who is initially very loving and gentle to someone (or at least innocent) before their devotion becomes destructive in nature, often through violence and/or brutality.”  

In hetalia we do have one yandere who is often never thought of as one because we don’t really see them as dangerous. We have some characters who are often mistaken to be yanderes or yangires. 

The character most commonly mistaken for a yandere is Russia. I have heard so many people say he is a yandere. he is NOT a yandere. The biggest reason is because he isn’t dedicated to someone or something and has never really tried to brutally murder someone. He shows no signs of antisocial personality disorder. He shows a lot of true emotion. He is very kind to animals and tries to be nice to and not scare people when he can (key word being tries).

Also this is not a face a yandere would make. Yanderes aren’t really afraid of anything (much less a chibi prussia). And when he harms others he isn’t aware that they don’t like it. Hima himself describes him as “childishly cruel”. Sure he says creepy things but that’s part of Russia. And many countries in the real world are terrified of Russia. Russia is supposed to be intimidating. 

While he is not a yandere, he could have the potential of becoming a yangire. Yangires are “normal people who suddenly become violent, sometimes due to a past trauma. Yangires are very similar to Yanderes, both are people who suffer from personality disorder and can easily become violent and extreme”. If you want an example of a yangire, look at rena from higurashi no naku koro ni (NOTE: this anime is NOT for kids. very gory and sad). Russia still doesn’t fit this description. He doesn’t just randomly snap and try to kill people. If he’s cruel to someone, he doesn’t try to KILL them (at least not on purpose). Hell even JAPAN is closer to this definition than Russia. Conclusion: Russia is not a yandere or yangire. 

Now that we talked about who Isn’t a yandere, let’s talk about who is. You probably all saw this coming because i pick on this character a lot (as well as her country).

Oh Belarus. You appear in so many of my posts. And you always bring me a shit ton of notes. 
It turns out Belarus has even MORE character depth. This was probably really obvious, but you never really step back and think about it. What does it really mean? When she bursts down her brother’s door, we normally laugh or think it’s cute. 
Let’s get this straight: Yanderes are not cute. Or at least their actions aren’t (imo Belarus will always be hot). By the end of this post, you may feel a bit uneasy around this character.

She fits the definition perfectly. She has been shown to be willing to harm or kill people in the sake of her dear sweet onii-chan. She states over and over how much she wants to marry him. She stalks him. She steals his toothbrush. She steals his underwear, smells it, and wears it as a hat. She has suggestive photos of him as well. She commits violent acts against people she sees as a threat to their relation ship. And how about a yandere face?

There it is.

But the scary thing is what a yandere’s state of mind is like. Yanderes almost always have Anti Social Personality Disorder or what is commonly referred to as sociopathy. This disorder is commonly found in serial killers. To sum it up, these people are incapable of feeling empathy, regret, or remorse for others. They have not regret for their actions and normally don’t feel emotions to the extent that we do. They still feel emotions, of course, they’re just not as strong. They may mimic emotions to make others believe that they are normal. Of course there are MANY people with ASPD who have become functional members of everyday society. It all depends on how you grow up. But for those who succumb to alienation and are raised in isolation, their future is much more likely to go down a darker path. Belarus, growing up with only her siblings, who themselves are very dysfunctional, you can see where this is going. And we see this emotionlessness in Belarus. A LOT. 

even as a child she is indifferent to the problems being discussed by her siblings. She’s not even happy building her snow tits. In the Good Night with Sheep character CD, we hear this somewhat flat tone of voice when not talking to Russia and her indifference towards her siblings when she does something that bothers them (like hurting Russia’s arm). I mean jeez Belarus, if you’re going to be a yandere at least ACT like a normal person so people don’t suspect you when someone goes missing. That’s like yandere rule #1! Oh wait, it’s too late for that… 

Even though she hasn’t really murdered anyone (that we know), she is certainly not afraid to do it. It was there from the beginning:

In case you can’t see, that’s a KNIFE that she is holding against Latvia’s back. 

 (In the second pic she’s breaking Liet’s fingers if you can’t see). 

And let’s not forget she went on a total rampage in this character CD. (flip to 7:40 to hear it and RIP Urara Takano’s vocal chords). You can hear her destroying shops and merchandise. 
She even looks like a yandere. Frilly old dress, innocent white bow…she looks like the vocaloid Mayu. Ironically Mayu is also supposed to be a yandere. 

With the potential to be a sociopath, Belarus’s aura of terror gets darker. Still not afraid? It has been confirmed Belarus thinks humans are “a series of misfortunes and hardships" and has shown disliking towards them. Scared now? 
Again, I love how deep this character is and how well it represents the actual country. The real country is kind of like a yandere, actually. “WHAT?! You don’t like Lukashenko-senpai’s views. Okay then. Let’s send the KGB to make you ‘mysteriously disappear’”. It appears to be just your average hockey loving country. But within the civilization, they have little to no human rights and mass corruption. Belarus is a scary country. What better to represent it than a scary character?

But one thing is for sure.

Lithuania you are into some extremely kinky shit.

Hetamystery #4 part 2: Is Prussia East Germany?

Hello Hetalians and I awesomely welcome you awesome people back to the awesome second part of this awesome mystery. It’s time to finish what i started. After looking at all the facts, I am CONVINCED that this is the reason why our precious pompous pal Prussia is alive and well. After all the evidence here is why Prussia is East Germany. and here to help me is a special guest that will pop up a lot in this post:

I am going to reference Romano a LOT in this post so be prepared. Okay time for the facts. 

1. Germany and Prussia call each other East and West. 
This is pretty straight forward. Much like the Italy brothers calling each other, Veniziano and Romano. This also explains why he is still called Prussia and not East Germany. Prussia just sounds awesomer than East Germany. Like Romano is easier to say than South Italy.

2. Many people, including myself, agree that east and west Germany are different even today.
Because of WWII, Germany was split into two as you all know. Western Germany flourished under British, French, and American influence and became well advanced while communist East Germany, like many communist countries at the time, fell behind. I was raised by someone who grew up in the DDR (communist Germany) and a couple years ago, we got together and visited the DDR museum. She explained how similar it was to her childhood. The television sets from the 1980′s is what the west had in the 1960′s. There was only one model of car, the Trabi. But even today, people still consider the West and East different. Today, some people still use the words “Ossi” and “Wessi” to describe where people are from. Western Germany is still doing better economically than the east. Even their crosswalk signs are different. 

(Ampelmann is cooler in my opinion). My east German friend even has the DDR flag in her home and still identifies as being East German, much like many other people. Not only do they identify with being East German, but many Germans identify as being Prussian (Including myself. though i’m technically not really German). Now to compare with another instance of this in Hetalia.
Many people can agree that the northern and southern half of Italy are completely different, exactly like east and west Germany. Hima even explained this in Hetalia. How the north is full of tourism and riches and how the south is poorer and is made up mostly of farms, similar to how West Germany is more economically sound than the East. (Before you call me out on hating on Eastern Germany, I would honestly take Dresden and der Ampelmann over Frankfurt or any other Western city any day. In my opinion, the East has prettier cities). Many people identify themselves as northerners and southerners, but it is not as prominent as the Germany situation. 

3. Prussia and Germany live together.
Throughout Hetalia, we have observed that when nations merge, they live together. This is shown by the Soviet Union, the Holy Roman Empire, and once again, the Italy brothers. The German brothers are no exception. 

4. The last of Prussia was what is now East Germany.
When Prussia fell, it looked a little bit like this:

(Ignore the year at the bottom). That is before Poland and Germany claimed their shares. after that it was like this:

And where is Brandenburg now? East Germany. Again, you could say he is Kaliningrad Oblast too, but Prussia doesn’t live with Russia. He lives with his brother full time. Which makes sense since the larger half of him is in Germany.

5. Prussia’s hatred of Russia.
Prussia hates Russia to the point of “pulling out four eyelashes”. Has anyone ever wondered why? I believe the biggest reason has to do with The Iron Curtain. If you don’t know what that is, basically after WWII, there was something called the warsaw pact and then Russia had a bunch of satellite states that were under communist influence (this includes East Germany/Prussia). People weren’t very happy with the reds and fled in mass numbers to the western half of Europe. And Russia was like “Bitch don’t leave me” and so he made it pretty much impossible for people to leave the communism. It was basically a Berlin Wall, but for the Entirety of Europe (this actually came before the Berlin Wall). Many people couldn’t even visit their families or friends on the other side. 

As we have seen in Hetalia, countries who are taken over like this are ripped away from family and friends like how Lithuania was ripped away from Poland to live with Russia, Romano living with Spain, or how Moldova is seen crying about missing his brother while he is living in the Soviet Union. 

Imagine that you were one of those families i mentioned earlier. Unless they come to you, you can never see those family members or friends ever again. If you were that desperate, it would be an arduous (and more often than not, illegal) process. Cut off from real contact, forced into a government that you can’t stand, and never being able to leave. People died trying to get over the Berlin Wall. Imagine what the entire Iron Curtain was like. Prussia had to witness that happen. Germany was probably trying so hard to get back on his own feet, he probably rarely visited. I see no reason not to hate Russia if i was Prussia.
Himaruya also stated that Prussia was under Russian Control after World War Two. Sound familiar? Before you yell out Kaliningrad Oblast, think. What else was under Russian control at the time? East Germany. Also Kaliningrad Oblast was a part of Russia and less of a satellite state.

6. Comic evidence
This tiny tidbit of information is one that practically confirms my theory. It Comes from the comic “Germany is playing an impossible game”. Like the comic about how Germany was made, the kicker comes in at the end.

Boom. There it is. This is all one big reference to the Berlin wall and Russian occupation of East Germany. The “Wall in our hearts” is the Berlin wall since Berlin is the capital of Germany, and the capital is the heart of the country. Germany says “our hearts” because they are both Germany, and Berlin is both of their hearts. Ostalgie? East Nostalgie? Need I say more? And even more reasons for Prussia to hate Russia. Sounds like when Russia forced harsher rules on East Germany when the citizens tried to flee to the west. There is nothing more to be said. Prussia is East Germany. He is like the Romano of Germany (and look at that. theres a little Romano at the bottom!). Still alive because he still represents something. And because he is just that awesome.

And that was one mark higher on your history test. Thanks for reading.