World-renowned Chinese artist Ai Weiwei recently unveiled a new version of his famous Forever Bicycles installation at the 14th Biennale of Architecture in Venice. On display until November 23 in the riverside courtyard at the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti as a part of the Lisson Gallery’s Genius Loci—Spirit of Place exhibition, the installation consists of 1,179 steel bicycle stacked and connected together to form modular layers of geometric shapes.


Sugimoto in Venice: Coinciding with this year’s Architecture Biennale, on June 6 Hiroshi Sugimoto’s glass tea house was unveiled at Le Stanze del Vetro, a museum on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. 

Hiroshi Sugimoto: Still Life, an exhibition of never-before-seen photographs from the artist's Diorama series, is on view at 510 West 25th Street, New York, through June 28.

Celebrating the Humble Home –  the Belgium pavilion at Venice Biennale 2014

Curator Rem Koolhaas asked the national pavilions at this year’s Venice Biennale to tackle ideas of ‘modernity’.

The Belgian Pavilion ’Interiors. Notes and Figures’ was rated as one of the 10 best pavilions by The Guardian. Sébastien Martinez Barat, Bernard Dubois, Sarah Levy and Judith Wielander visited 260 homes around the country, using their findings to produce a minimal recreation of common domestic architecture within their Venice biennale exhibition.

The Venice Architecture Biennale 2014 is on until 23rd of November. More info here.


Installation in the Greek pavilion of the 2012 Venice Biennale, by AREA Architecture

AREA’s Athens Charting installation at the 2012 Venice Biennale - Greek Pavilion unites four Athens city blocks into one, giant public space, in the form of a 3.3m x 2.5m paper model. Part urban survey, part spectacle, the model is entirely hand-drawn with blue ink on white paper. Representing the city as a continuous surface that is, nevertheless, heterogeneous and culturally inscribed, the model seeks to engage the dynamic and rapidly changing context that characterizes Greek cities today.

Read more here


Luminaire Light Installation | Rem Koolhaas | Via

This year’s International Architecture Exhibition, entitled Fundamentals, is a major re-staging, renewing the Biennale’s emphasis on the history of architecture and architectural culture. Fundamentals consists of three interlocking exhibitions: Elements of Architecture in the Central Pavilion; Absorbing Modernity 1914-2014 in the National Pavilions; and Monditalia, which fills the halls of the Arsenale. Together they illuminate the past, present and future of architecture.


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And now… Artist of the week, Iceland’s representative at the Venice Biennale 2013, Katrín Sigurðardóttir.

In her work, Katrin Sigurdardottir examines distance and memory and their embodiments in architecture, urbanism, 

cartography and traditional landscape representations. Sometimes there is a mnemonic aspect to the work, i.e. making 

the work is a process of spatial recall. The places created are frequently based on real places, points of departure, arrival 

or passage, places as minute at their spatial and temporal distance as the models she make of them. While alluding to real

locations, her works question the verity of these places, as well as our account of them.

Sigurdardottir´s work crosses the boundary between perceptual and embodied space. She takes on the uneasy confrontation, when the viewer has to negotiate a new relationship with the miniature, see it as not representing other than itself, 

a disproportionate constructed object in the full-scale world.