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Getting around in 'Assassin's Creed'
  • Altair: I ride horses.
  • Ezio: So do I, and I ride gondolas in Venice!
  • Connor: I, too, ride horses, and I have a ship: The Aquila.
  • Shay: I have the Morrigan.
  • The Frye twins: We have horse-carriages, a train, and rope-launchers!
  • Arno: ....... all I have is parkour, my guys.
Dating/Marrying Thomas Brodie-Sangster Would Involve...

Butterfly kisses…

A honeymoon in Venice…

Bike rides…

Having 2 playful children…

Playing around on movie night…

Making him smile while filming on set…

Answering questions about you during interviews…

Long hugs…

Teasing in bed…

An adventurous happily ever after…

Another 3 Things you shouldn't do in Italy

DON’T take a tourist gondola ride in Venice unless you’re prepared to pay EURO 80-100 per gondola for a 40 min ride. These are official rates so don’t get taken for a ride by shady gondoliers who charge random prices. On a budget, try hopping a Traghetto, one of the water taxis used by locals to cross the Canale Grande. The ride will be shorter, but the boats are similar except that tickets will cost around 5 EURO. 

DON’T expect the “Italian” food served in other countries to actually be served in Italy. Italian food is VERY regional. It’s also seasonal. Try local specialties, e.g. Genoa for pesto; Naples for pizza; Bologna for Bolognese sauce and filled pastas like ravioli, tortellini, lasagna; Milan for risotto and Ossobucco alla Milanese; Rome for Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Spaghetti all'amatriciana, and lamb. Gnocchi, bresaola, polenta dishes, and Tiramisù are found all over the country, but they’re native to North Italian regions like Lombardy and the Veneto. Prosciutto/Parma ham is most commonly associated with central and northern Italy. Oh and Americans, NO PEPPERONI PIZZA (lol).

DON’T tip, no matter what they tell you abroad. Tipping is not obligatory or common in Italy and can be an insult. However, tourist-savvy service people may have heard that other nationalities (especially Americans!) are genetically programmed to tip everything from waiters to performing rabbits, so the cheekier ones might try to work you for some spare change. Unless they gave you the best service in the history of the planet, resist. People earn a living wage so there’s absolutely no need to tip.

DON’T ask your waiter for Parmesan to put on your seafood pasta unless you want to see a grown man cry. One of the holiest commandments of traditional Italian culinary etiquette is that cheese and seafood never, ever mix. Only very recently have certain cheese/seafood pairings cropped up - i.e. ricotta with sea bass, gorgonzola with clams - but this is considered very avantgarde;a purist won’t touch such dishes. Also, for the love of Saint Peter, don’t let an Italian see you cutting spaghetti with a fork and knife or roll it on a spoon.

Sasusaku month 2015

Day 3 - Carnival 

Mystic Messenger Imagine

Where would the members of the RFA take you on holiday?


  • Yoosung wouldn’t be able to afford an expensive trip like the rest of the RFA (he’s a student after all)
  • But he still wants to treat you to a break away
  • You end up going on a camping trip
  • And it rains loads
  • Yoosung gets really annoyed by the rain as he wanted to go to the beach and sit in the sun
  • He’d planned to go to arcades and eat fish and chips on the sea front
  • Now you were stuck in a tent together, with water leaking through one corner
  • There wasn’t even wifi
  • You were still determined to make the most of it
  • ‘Yoosung, come play cards.’
  • Yoosung agreed reluctantly but you both became more and more competitive until you were both completely invested in the game.
  • After that, Yoosung brightened up and you started to make the most of the holiday, despite the weather
  • You both bought matching wellies and raincoats and went out wearing them
  • You went to the seaside wearing them and ate soggy fish and chips in the rain
  • You went to the arcade and Yoosung spent ages trying to win you a toy on the claw machine(Damn it, he was getting his girl a pikachu soft toy)
  • He eventually managed to win it and gave it to you, proudly
  • There’s a game similar to LOLOL in the arcade and you have to stand and watch as Yoosung beats the high score (which takes a long time. You enjoy watching how excited he gets though when he eventually beats it)


  • Zen wants to take you on the trip of a life time so he plans it all behind your back and doesn’t tell you where you’re going.
  • You even fly without him telling you what airport you’re going to
  • He’s taken you to New York City :)
  • You stay at a 5* hotel overlooking Central Park because only the best will do for his girl
  • Zen takes you around all the tourist attractions of New York: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Met Museum, Central Park, Top of the Rock and Brooklyn Bridge
  • So many selfies sent to the other members of you at all the different attractions
  • And selfies all over social media
  • You get lost all the time as Zen isn’t very good with directions but he insists on guiding you around
  • ‘I’m sure it’s this way, MC. Just trust me.’
  • Half hour later you have to go back the way you came because you went in totally the wrong direction
  • On your final evening in NYC, Zen takes you to see a Broadway musical
  • As you’re watching the show, you can see that Zen is longing to be on the stage rather than in the audience
  • It makes you remember how much passion the boy you love has and how important acting is to him
  • Both of you are in tears by the end of the show as it’s so emotional and the actors are so good
  • 'I bet that one day you’ll be among those actors, Zen. You deserve to be on that stage.’


  • When Jaehee goes on holiday, she wants to relax completely
  • So, you plan a break away to a beach/island getaway for the two of you
  • You go to the most luxurious hotel you can afford and get a premium room overlooking the sea with a jacuzzi on the balcony
  • When Jaehee sees the hotel you’ve booked, she’s stunned
  • 'MC, you shouldn’t have booked such an extravagant hotel! We could have managed with a basic hotel as long as it had a coffee machine. Can we even afford this?’
  • Okay, so maybe you went a little over the top but you wanted to treat Jaehee and help her to unwind
  • You promised to work extra hard to make back the money that the holiday cost
  • When you arrive at the hotel, Jaehee has to admit that it was worth the price you paid
  • The atmosphere of the holiday is really light hearted and you’ve never seen Jaehee so relaxed
  • Jaehee and you spent a lot of time in the pool, swimming and splashing around together
  • You also went for romantic walks on the beach in the evening
  • Jaehee researched before going and found a historical building that she wanted to visit one day
  • Every morning started by visiting a different coffee shop in the nearby town and drinking unique coffee flavours
  • And eating pastries for breakfast
  • You don’t want to go back home when the holiday is over but Jaehee has so many ideas for her cafe and can’t wait to go home (even if it does mean working hard again)
  • She’s also really grateful to you for booking the really nice holiday, as it’s something she wouldn’t usually treat herself to (so you’re forgiven for overspending)


  • Jumin travels a lot, so a holiday doesn’t sound that appealing to him
  • But you’ve been begging him to take you somewhere exotic so he books a fancy trip around Europe as a Christmas present (he doesn’t trust his assistant to do it as it’s a gift for you and he doesn’t want anything to go wrong)
  • You’re really excited when he tells you and start to pack immediately
  • Jumin buys you new clothes for you holiday
  • Damn it, that man can’t help but spoil you
  • The vacation is definitely the best you’ve ever been on
  • You visit so many places in Europe
  • Jumin takes you to see the Acropolis in Athens and treats you like a modern day goddess (doesn’t he do that every day though?)
  • You eat calzone in Venice and ride in a gondola
  • You go skiing in the alps and drink hot chocolate at the ski lodge
  • You go to the Christkindlmarkt (Christmas market) in Germany and buy toasted almonds and traditional German cookies
  • In France, you obviously visit Paris and see the tourist sites such as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre
  • You go to Spain and visit Barcelona to see the La Sagrada Familia and drink sangria in the sun
  • Jumin finds himself enjoying the experience more and more as the holiday goes on
  • Sure, he’s seen most (if not all) of these generic tourist attractions before but he’s never seen them with you
  • Your enthusiasm and energy makes Jumin realise how he’d taken his life of travel for granted
  • It feels like he’s never seen these sights before and it’s the first time he’s seeing them because you’re making him view them differently
  • Bonus: Jumin ends up buying a tacky fridge magnet and postcard from every place you visit (the postcards he sends home to Elizabeth to show her where he is)


  • When Seven finds out that you’ve always wanted to visit Disney World, he books the holiday immediately
  • Because he’s secretly always wanted to go there too
  • He’s as excited as a five year old the day you travel
  • To be honest, you both act like children throughout the whole holiday
  • One of the highlights of the trip is when Seven meets Woody and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story is probably his favourite Disney film)
  • He really enjoys Epcot as Future World is so scientific and interesting to him (especially Test Track as it allows him to design his own car and drive it so you end up doing this ride about ten times)
  • You Disneybound together as Peter Pan and Wendy one day and get stopped by cast members who tell you how great your Disneybound is
  • Seven obviously goes over the top with the Disney bound as he loves to dress up anyway (It wouldn’t be surprising if he’s dressed as Wendy honestly)
  • Seven really gets into the character of Peter Pan that day (as if that boy needed another excuse to be mischievous and childlike)
  • You both share a mickey shaped ice cream and Seven ends up getting it all over your nose (of course you blame Seven but it was probably your fault really :p)
  • Seven teases you for crying at the fireworks but by the end of the show, he’s bawling his eyes out too
  • Both of you declaring it the best holiday ever, but that’s probably because you had each other)
  • You both promise to take your children there when you have them, as it’s the most magical place either of you has been to
Ending scene

At this point, if the ending scene of Kingsman: The Golden Circle doesn’t end with Eggsy and Harry on a boat in Venice, riding to their next mission and Harry giving Eggsy a gun and he clocks it and they look at each other and Eggsy says, “Together?” and Harrry smiles and says, “Together,” before killing everyone, bitch what’s the point coming out with a 2nd movie!

WhAt’s tHe PoInT?!!!!!!

New Year’s Preference

Link to my Sherlock Preference


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New Year’s was your favorite day of the year, especially when you spent it with Dean. The two of you sat on the couch binge watching Orange is the New Black while eating pie, curled up under the same blanket. It was the one day of the year that the two of you didn’t have to go on a hunting trip and could pretend that you lived the “apple pie life” together. Dean told you how everything that he loved about you, from your eyes to the way you snort when you laugh before the two of you got in a pillow fight. For dinner, Dean had Cas bring you two your favorite burgers and some more pie for dessert. After you were both finished eating, you and Dean climbed into Baby and drove to watch the fireworks.


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Spending New Year’s with Sam was the most relaxing day of the year. The two of you watched Harry Potter all day while arguing over the Lord of the Rings. It was the one day of the year that you could convince Sammy to eat as much junk food as he could fit inside of him and then some which is why the two of you always gained at least five pounds by the end of the day. As the day drifted into the evening, Sam pulled you on his chest and draped a blanket over the two of you, lazily rubbing his arm up and down your back as he told you cheesy jokes that you tried your best not to laugh at. To top off the night, Sam told you how he couldn’t imagine sharing the day with anyone else before the two of you drifted off to sleep.


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For Cas, celebrating a new year had never been special until he met you. When Castiel learned how much you loved New Year’s, he insisted on spending the day with you doing whatever you wanted. You agreed, and dragged your boyfriend over to the couch to start your disney marathon while consuming an unhealthy amount of junk food. As you watched Frozen with an unwavering smile on your face, Cas looked away from the screen and lovingly gazed down at you as you watched the movie. He loved watching you change emotions to follow the movie, but what Castiel loved the most about you was how caring and empathetic you were towards others. Although Cas didn’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, this year he decided that his would be to never let someone as breathtaking as you get away from him.


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Spending New Year’s with Crowley was as relaxing as sitting on the beach or travelling to Paris- whichever you preferred. On New Year’s Crowley was determined to make his Queen feel like royalty. The two of you started off the day in Greece for breakfast, enjoying the beautiful clear water before heading to Italy for a romantic boat ride in Venice. After Crowley had finished showing you around in Italy, he insisted that the two of you roam the streets of Budapest- somewhere that you had always wanted to go. You eagerly agreed, and with the snap of his fingers the two of you were standing in front of the chain bridge. For dinner, Crowley teleported the two of you to a romantic dinner under the Eiffel tower before taking you to New York for fireworks. When everything on Crowley’s itinerary was done, the two of you cuddled in bed, eager to spend another year together.

2P South Italy/Flavio Vargas

He would take you on a shopping spree and there would be lots of flowers and jewelry. Did I mention the shopping and a VERY NICE HOMEMADE MEAL! Yes, Flavio is an amazing cook.

2P North Italy/Luciano Vargas

He would cook you a home cooked meal, and then fly you’ll out to Venice for ganglia ride and drinks on the rivers. Followed by gift exchanging. 

-Admin Melody

1P North Italy/Feliciano Vargas

I could see Feli cooking you a really nice dinner and then taking you to a really small, secluded place in a park. Once you made it to the park then he’d give you a gift and confess his love to you for about an hour. 

1P South Italy/Lovino Vargas

He’d want everything to be perfect, so he’d take you to a very romantic, fancy restaurant. Lovi would be a lot more affectionate throughout the day, and would have probably have gotten you roses or some other type of bouquet. He might be a little bit nervous at the restaurant just because he wanted you to enjoy yourself. 

-Admin K. 

anonymous asked:

Can you do the axis proposing to their s/o? Bonus points for Prussia and Romano.. (Love your blog!!!)

Thank you so much!

Ludwig, thank you so much for meeting me!” you exclaimed. “It’s been such a long week without seeing you!” You leaned over the table to give him a small kiss, but he didn’t return the favor. “Hey, are you alright?

He glanced around before settling his eyes on you. “I’m fine I suppose. Can I ask you something? You nodded. “I hate doing this in public, but” he took out a simple gold band, “will you marry me?”

“Oh! Of course I will!” You jumped up and hugged him.

North Italy:
It was all so extravagant and uncalled for. Feliciano had planned a fancy dinner before a ride around Venice on a gondola. He seemed fidgety and nervous. “Feli, are you okay? You don’t seem yourself?” you asked after you got out of the channel. “Did you get sick?”

“No,” he sighed. Suddenly, he smiled. “I planned to ask this ten minutes ago, but here we are.” He took out a little black box. Feliciano beamed up at you. “Will you marry me? Please?”

“Shut up!” You pushed him away, and he almost stumbled into the water. “Yes! Yes! I’ll marry you!”

You had been with Kiku for three years. A long time in other words. You had been patient, but you were growing more frustrated as time went on. There was one thing that you were certain over, and that was that you wanted to marry that man. “Hey, we need to talk,” you admitted one day while sitting on the couch next to him.

“Yes, we do.” He sat down his book and looked you in the eye. “I have something I want to say.” Your face dropped. This is how you had been broken up with before. “I want to marry you.”

You shot up. “Really! I was about to say the same thing!” You started dialing on your phone. “We could get married right now! I know someone!”

He pulled you down by the nape of your shirt. “Maybe we should plan it first.”

“There is no way in hell that Marvel is better than DC,” Gilbert said as he sat next to you on the train. You were both on your way home from a date.

“Unlike DC, Marvel has developing characters. Plot twists lie in the wake of every story line. DC’s stories are so overdone! A rich man uses his money to fight crime? Boring. An alien came to fight crime? Boring. A human experiment from World War Two gets frozen and fights villains in present day? Awesome. An ancient god uses his powers for good? Awesome!” you finished your little rant. “DC is unawesome.”

Gilbert stared at you with wide eyes. “Marry me,” he said. You laughed. “I’m not joking.” He dropped to one knee. “I don’t have a ring, but we can buy one soon! Just marry me!” he practically begged you.

“Alright, but the wedding has to be Marvel themed.”

South Italy:
“This day has been terrible!” you yell as you step into your house. “Everything sucks!” You begin to take off your pants. “I hate everything!”

Lovino peeked around the corner. “I can make it better. Get in here.” You sighed and followed him into the garden. He covered your eyes as he led you off the porch and onto the small port of land he called his flower garden.

(Your favorite flower) had bloomed perfectly. In the evening light, they looked even more beautiful. “Oh, Lovi, I didn’t know that you were growing these!” You step forward and pick a single flower before turning around. “This is absolutely per-” You drop the flower.

Lovino was on one knee. His blush was redder than the color of the sky as the sun set. A little ring was in his hand. “If it’s not too much to ask, will you marry me? It’s just that you make me happy and a much better man, and I couldn’t imagine life without you.” Without a word, you sailed into his arms while planting kissed on his face. “I’m going to take this as a yes,” he smirked.