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Getting around in 'Assassin's Creed'
  • Altair: I ride horses.
  • Ezio: So do I, and I ride gondolas in Venice!
  • Connor: I, too, ride horses, and I have a ship: The Aquila.
  • Shay: I have the Morrigan.
  • The Frye twins: We have horse-carriages, a train, and rope-launchers!
  • Arno: ....... all I have is parkour, my guys.
Dating/Marrying Thomas Brodie-Sangster Would Involve...

Butterfly kisses…

A honeymoon in Venice…

Bike rides…

Having 2 playful children…

Playing around on movie night…

Making him smile while filming on set…

Answering questions about you during interviews…

Long hugs…

Teasing in bed…

An adventurous happily ever after…

Another 3 Things you shouldn't do in Italy

DON’T take a tourist gondola ride in Venice unless you’re prepared to pay EURO 80-100 per gondola for a 40 min ride. These are official rates so don’t get taken for a ride by shady gondoliers who charge random prices. On a budget, try hopping a Traghetto, one of the water taxis used by locals to cross the Canale Grande. The ride will be shorter, but the boats are similar except that tickets will cost around 5 EURO. 

DON’T expect the “Italian” food served in other countries to actually be served in Italy. Italian food is VERY regional. It’s also seasonal. Try local specialties, e.g. Genoa for pesto; Naples for pizza; Bologna for Bolognese sauce and filled pastas like ravioli, tortellini, lasagna; Milan for risotto and Ossobucco alla Milanese; Rome for Spaghetti alla Carbonara, Spaghetti all'amatriciana, and lamb. Gnocchi, bresaola, polenta dishes, and Tiramisù are found all over the country, but they’re native to North Italian regions like Lombardy and the Veneto. Prosciutto/Parma ham is most commonly associated with central and northern Italy. Oh and Americans, NO PEPPERONI PIZZA (lol).

DON’T tip, no matter what they tell you abroad. Tipping is not obligatory or common in Italy and can be an insult. However, tourist-savvy service people may have heard that other nationalities (especially Americans!) are genetically programmed to tip everything from waiters to performing rabbits, so the cheekier ones might try to work you for some spare change. Unless they gave you the best service in the history of the planet, resist. People earn a living wage so there’s absolutely no need to tip.

DON’T ask your waiter for Parmesan to put on your seafood pasta unless you want to see a grown man cry. One of the holiest commandments of traditional Italian culinary etiquette is that cheese and seafood never, ever mix. Only very recently have certain cheese/seafood pairings cropped up - i.e. ricotta with sea bass, gorgonzola with clams - but this is considered very avantgarde;a purist won’t touch such dishes. Also, for the love of Saint Peter, don’t let an Italian see you cutting spaghetti with a fork and knife or roll it on a spoon.

Sasusaku month 2015

Day 3 - Carnival 

New Year’s Preference

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New Year’s was your favorite day of the year, especially when you spent it with Dean. The two of you sat on the couch binge watching Orange is the New Black while eating pie, curled up under the same blanket. It was the one day of the year that the two of you didn’t have to go on a hunting trip and could pretend that you lived the “apple pie life” together. Dean told you how everything that he loved about you, from your eyes to the way you snort when you laugh before the two of you got in a pillow fight. For dinner, Dean had Cas bring you two your favorite burgers and some more pie for dessert. After you were both finished eating, you and Dean climbed into Baby and drove to watch the fireworks.


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Spending New Year’s with Sam was the most relaxing day of the year. The two of you watched Harry Potter all day while arguing over the Lord of the Rings. It was the one day of the year that you could convince Sammy to eat as much junk food as he could fit inside of him and then some which is why the two of you always gained at least five pounds by the end of the day. As the day drifted into the evening, Sam pulled you on his chest and draped a blanket over the two of you, lazily rubbing his arm up and down your back as he told you cheesy jokes that you tried your best not to laugh at. To top off the night, Sam told you how he couldn’t imagine sharing the day with anyone else before the two of you drifted off to sleep.


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For Cas, celebrating a new year had never been special until he met you. When Castiel learned how much you loved New Year’s, he insisted on spending the day with you doing whatever you wanted. You agreed, and dragged your boyfriend over to the couch to start your disney marathon while consuming an unhealthy amount of junk food. As you watched Frozen with an unwavering smile on your face, Cas looked away from the screen and lovingly gazed down at you as you watched the movie. He loved watching you change emotions to follow the movie, but what Castiel loved the most about you was how caring and empathetic you were towards others. Although Cas didn’t usually make New Year’s Resolutions, this year he decided that his would be to never let someone as breathtaking as you get away from him.


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Spending New Year’s with Crowley was as relaxing as sitting on the beach or travelling to Paris- whichever you preferred. On New Year’s Crowley was determined to make his Queen feel like royalty. The two of you started off the day in Greece for breakfast, enjoying the beautiful clear water before heading to Italy for a romantic boat ride in Venice. After Crowley had finished showing you around in Italy, he insisted that the two of you roam the streets of Budapest- somewhere that you had always wanted to go. You eagerly agreed, and with the snap of his fingers the two of you were standing in front of the chain bridge. For dinner, Crowley teleported the two of you to a romantic dinner under the Eiffel tower before taking you to New York for fireworks. When everything on Crowley’s itinerary was done, the two of you cuddled in bed, eager to spend another year together.

2P South Italy/Flavio Vargas

He would take you on a shopping spree and there would be lots of flowers and jewelry. Did I mention the shopping and a VERY NICE HOMEMADE MEAL! Yes, Flavio is an amazing cook.

2P North Italy/Luciano Vargas

He would cook you a home cooked meal, and then fly you’ll out to Venice for ganglia ride and drinks on the rivers. Followed by gift exchanging. 

-Admin Melody

1P North Italy/Feliciano Vargas

I could see Feli cooking you a really nice dinner and then taking you to a really small, secluded place in a park. Once you made it to the park then he’d give you a gift and confess his love to you for about an hour. 

1P South Italy/Lovino Vargas

He’d want everything to be perfect, so he’d take you to a very romantic, fancy restaurant. Lovi would be a lot more affectionate throughout the day, and would have probably have gotten you roses or some other type of bouquet. He might be a little bit nervous at the restaurant just because he wanted you to enjoy yourself. 

-Admin K. 

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Since we're being fluffy instead of angsty: Ideal first date START


-A picnic.
-it would be so cliche too, he’d have sandwiches, a potato salad.
-the blanket would be a classic red/white checker pattern.
-he would bring lemonade, maybe a sweet treat too.
-Then when the two of you were done your meal he’d pack things up and invite you for a walk around the park.


-It doesn’t even feel like a date at first.
-but then you notice him doing little kind gestures.
-he even brings you a drink at one point (shocker)
-when you ask him if it’s a date he vehemently denies it, saying that a date would be a “useless waste of time and effort”
-but he still continues to treat you better than normal.


-He takes you on a river ride.
-he would be charming, still bashful – but charming non the less.
-It would be slow and steady with him (imagine a Gondola Ride in Venice Italy)
-he would actually engage in light conversation.
-when the two of you are done, he’d end in waterfall and take you to the cave to look at “the stars”


-He takes you to a planetarium.
-but makes the mistake to go on a weekend
-there’s families everywhere and lines are really busy.
-he has a slight attitude about it, but seeing how happy you are he bypasses the attitude and focuses on having fun.
-you guys see a show in the theater about asteroids
-you walk around the exhibits and try all the different interactive things available.
-and afterwards the two of you brave the gift shop.
-he buys you a cute plushie of the earth with a little heart on it.


-You go snorkeling in the water with him.
-he gets so excited when he sees you can breath underwater, and tries to coax you deeper.
-it’s to his dismay to learn the odd shaped mouth piece and long hollow thing coming from your mouth is the only reason you’re able to breath.
-so he stays near the surface with you.
-at one point you come up from the water, to take a breath, and when you put your face back in the water you can’t find him.
-he turns up 5 minutes later with a fish, which you politely decline.

-mod CB