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One morning in 1961 at the Querini Stampalia, I asked him to keep water outside the palace… He looked at me and after a pause he said: “Inside, inside! Water must be inside, like everywhere in the city. We just need to control and use it as a shining and reflecting substance. You will see the light reflections on the yellow and purple stuccos on the ceiling. That is so gorgeous!

- Giuseppe Mazzariol, director of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, recalls Carlo Scarpa’s attitude to the creation of the museum space in the centre of Venice.

When I arrived at the Fondazione one afternoon last week, the tide was rising and canal water was slowly infiltrating the dusty channels cast into the museums interior, making it’s way through round holes cut into the walls. The steel grilled ‘watergate’ in the museums facade is permanently submerged and the sound of water lapping against stone inside the corridor and it’s cooling effect makes the space uniquely beautiful, neither interior nor exterior.

In the garden to the rear there is a beautiful continuity of form and material from the inside spaces.

I think Scarpa’s design and many of the older buildings in Venice offer a positive glimpse of future opportunities for living in cities threatened by rising water levels.

quick itabros fic

“Hey, fratello,” Veneziano said, sitting on his beach towel and facing out to the sea.

“What do you want?” Romano asked, irritated. He didn’t bother getting up or even opening his eyes. He was perfectly comfortable lazing on his beach towel, thank you very much. He had been drifting off to sleep before Veneziano had killed the silence, like always. Whatever his brother wanted to ask, couldn’t it have waited?

Not catching his older brother’s irritation (or more likely choosing to ignore it, given its frequency), Veneziano plowed through.

“When I die, do you think my soul will be sent to heaven or to the ocean?”

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Romano being worried about Veneziano being independent is actually really legitament.

Vene has never been able to hold off on his own since he was so small. He lives off the Italy title.

Romano has Rome which is the capital of him and all of Italy.

What does Vene have? Venice, but flooding is a problem and eventually it will sink.

If Vene didn’t live off Romano’s support he would most likely fade.

As much as Romano tries to make it seem like he doesn’t care, he loves his baby brother

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What exactly is the illness Italy has concerning Acqua Alta? Like I'm hella curious (I love your blog by the way! It makes me rlly happy)

(thank you!!) 

The illness in itself is technically just a head canon that I created, but here’s how it works 

Whenever Venice has a horrible flood it will occur, it’s not something that dictates his daily life too often (and they have pretty bad ones, hence it was given the name Acqua alta because it was a recurring issue that even Da Vinci’s time faced. In a couple years Venice will be underwater)

Venice is headcanoned to be connected to Italy Veneziano’s heart giving him heart related problems such as heavy palpitations and even momentary cardiac arrest. 

He can also cough up blood or have bad nose bleeds as warnings that he’ll be experiencing some not fun symptoms which include the heart issues next to fainting, having trouble breathing, and vertigo. 

Italy does a good job at hiding these symptoms and he and Romano have a system where Romano will take over his meeting days so he can stay at home or go to the hospital for a few days to lessen the pain he’ll have to deal with (I head canon that there are such things as ‘nation doctors’ or just doctors that know of nation existence so Italy can just see them and have his own room with pain medication and a nasal cannula to help the breathing and basically a stress free environment) 

Though eventually, he’ll be faced with his growing mortality and soon his terminal illness will be harder to keep secret and he’ll have to tell the other nations, quit attending meetings all together and soon fall bed-ridden until he dies and Romano becomes the only Italy.


Tourists take a swim in Venice. 

Trouble is, where they are at is typically and filled with tourists..

The situation in Venice is troubling. 70% of the city is under water.

High tides and heavy rain caused the massive flooding. Tourists are wearing highwaters instead of shorts.

But the idea of people swimming in the water just for a photo op? Hope the sewage isn’t hitting into legs and feet beneath..

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About Italy waving off his symptoms as small and unimportant could I request a drabble of Germany and Italy fighting about how he just waves them off as nothing?

(yESS!!! Sorry if there are any typos i’m tired ;3;)

Italy was always one to voice how he feels.

If he feels happy he will be vocal, if he’s upset he’ll definitely let one know even if he words it in the most inconspicuous way possible…

But when it came to illness, Italy was an entirely different person.

Back in the days when they would train together for war Italy would always let him know when he was exhausted and hurt somewhere, but sick? Italy was silent. He didn’t mutter a word.

Maybe it was because illness clouded his conscience but Italy never seemed to be very concerned by how he feels.

Even when it was evident that he was sick and Germany knew that he wasn’t feeling well he wouldn’t say anything about it. He would get up for training like Germany told him do and do everything he was ordered to until Germany found he had a fever and sent him off.

Even now that they were much closer than just allies, even much closer than friends, closer than best friends…Italy would wake up pale and shaky and still tell him “Good morning”.

It came from later knowledge that Italy was one to get sick frequently which caught Germany off guard. If Italy was so immunocompromised Germany would have known about it, right?

Apparently Italy is more of a closed book than he comes off to be.

It irritated Germany to no end how Italy would hide so much from him and shroud it with a smile as if there wasn’t anything masked behind his face. There was so much about Italy that he didn’t understand and god he wanted to…

Aqcua alta is another word for ‘Venice flooding’.

It plays a dire roll in Italy’s health as a whole.

Turns out Italy isn’t as healthy as anyone would have thought.

There was no fixing it. The flooding issues have been there since Italy was very little. He apparently kept it to himself so well that his own brother didn’t know until about a century ago after Italy had entered cardiac arrest unexpectedly.

How Italy could hide such horrible problems that could cause his heart to stop was beyond anyone’s comprehension.

Italy told Germany not to worry…But how could he not worry?

Some days the forecast will alert everyone in Italy about some flooding difficulties going on in Venice leaving his problems public. Germany personally kept a close eye on Venice’s status on all times just to make sure.

Germany would remind Italy that if he didn’t feel good that he should either lay down or check into the hospital to lessen his symptoms, Italy would let him know his opinion, and they would work things out together.

Whenever they went to the hospital together Germany always had everything packed beforehand. He actually made ‘safety bags’ in preparation incase they were ever in a hurry.

They would check into Italy’s private room where he could speak with his private doctor who was knowledgeable about how nations work and aware of their existence and they would work out the best way to assist Italy during the floods…

One Germany couldn’t forget is when they spent a majority of the day just sitting there talking. Italy was hooked up to a nasal cannula to help him breathe better, he was smiling and was over all very lively but something seemed off.

His appearance had drastically changed since Germany had dropped him off there early in the morning…His eyes had sunken in, his featured paled drastically compared to his red cheeks, his eyes were glassy…He looked very off.

“Italy, are you okay?” Germany asked him.

“What? Of course I’m fine!” Italy replied with a smiled and continued to laugh off Germany’s comment.

As their time there increased Italy’s energy seemed to deplete, his eyes would roll uncontrollably, his speech would take long sudden pauses and he would continue as if he hadn’t stopped at all.

“Italy…” Germany called out to him.

Italy’s eyes were focused elsewhere and it didn’t seem like he could even hear Germany so he called out to him again.


Italy’s head snapped around, “yeah?”

“I think I need to call your doctor” Germany told him.

“Germany I’m fine. I feel great actually I think we should head home soon before it gets dark” Italy told him.

Germany didn’t want to say Italy’s opinion was wrong but the fact that Italy could look so sickly and then try to convince him that they should leave seemed absolutely absurd.

“No, Italy’s we are not leaving. You are not ready to leave” Germany told him.

“I know how I feel and I feel fine-“

“You don’t feel fine, Italy, you’re falling apart and you can’t even see it!” Germany quickly lost his temper but then tried to regain it again, “Look, I just want to do what’s best for you and you don’t know your limits sometimes. You always want to jump back into things as if you don’t care that you’re hurting-“.

“Oh no…” Italy interrupted him with a sudden exclamation.

Blood seeped out of Italy’s nose and dribbled down his chin onto his hospital clothes so suddenly that neither of them had much time to process it before Italy seized up.

Right after Italy began to cough of blood as well.

One of the most terrifying symptoms to aqcua alta was the sudden blood loss that italy would experience. It was as if everything was clogged up and then just spilled out.

Germany reached over to click the emergency button attached to Italy’s bed he saw Italy completely seize up. It was unknown to Germany if he was choking on his own blood or worser symptoms were going to show.

Italy fell limp against his bed shortly after Germany clicked the button.

He leaned over to grab Italy in hopes of somehow helping him but found Italy had gone completely cold.

“Oh god…” Germany muttered and then began to shout “OH MY GOD!”.

He gathered Italy up in his arms and tried to feel for any sign of a heart beat but it had completely stopped.

Germany raised his fists in an attempt to possibly revive him but he didn’t have the power in him to hit Italy; unconscious or not.

Italy’s doctor burst in with a defibrillator in her arms as if she had been awaiting this sort of thing to happen.

“Get back” she ordered Germany and he obeyed.

She rubbed the two pieces together and promptly pressed it up against Italy’s chest. His body jumped up in response of being shocked by the machine.

When it was to no avail the doctor tried again and again and again.

Germany sat in the corner of the room just watching the doctor trying to desperately bring him back.

She asked Germany to check Venice’s situation in between shocks and it was clear that she wasn’t even sure if this would be Italy’s last day on earth or not.

When news came in of Venice’s quick evacuation of certain areas and that there was an effort put into cleaning the floating city then after a few minutes Italy’s heart beat came back and he began to breathe again.

He ended up waking up to Germany cleaning the blood off of his face.

Italy looked up at Germany with half-lidded eyes, “I’m…So sorry…You had to see…That”.

“It was inevitable. You weren’t feeling well” Germany told him “Now imagine if we actually went home, you’d probably be way worse off”.

“I’m sorry” Italy repeated.

“It’s okay” Germany told him.

“I thought it was n-nothing…It is nothing…This happens all the time…Sometimes once a day when things get bad…” Italy mumbled drearily “I think it’s killing my brain cells…Every time I enter sudden cardiac arrest…Everything just sorta stops and I don’t feel anything…Its like I’m not even there…I guess I got so used to feeling l-like nothing that I just…Stopped caring”.

“I care about you” Germany said.

“I know you do…” Italy said, “Thank you for looking out for me, I like that you care…Y-You care more than I do about myself….How funny is that…”.

How old it must feel to feel such a pain so often…It was no wonder why Italy had grown so numb to illness.

Italy did consider himself lucky to have someone like Germany in his life.

Because although he may not care, Germany always will.