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My mother always took me on adventures and wheter it was a day at Venice Beach or traveling to Africa. It was to learn about other cultures. It taught me about communication and to not be afraid to voice an opinion. That’s another thing i look for: someone who disagrees with me. It’s important to have challengers, not in an offensive way, but someone who reminds you that what you are thinking is not always correct.

anonymous asked:

top five most likely things infps do for fun?

ooohhh FUN? That’s my middle name (not really I’m a boring teenager who likes glow in the dark dinosaur stickers and poetry). LETS GET THIS LIST DONE!

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1) READ- obviously this had to be in the top five! We infps generally adore reading and we love how books can transport us to magical places, make us fall in love, frustrate us and get us emotionally attached to fictional characters. 

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2) Travel- Most of the things that are fun to us, involve exploration in some way or the other and this? This is the real deal- we dream to travel all around the world- Venice, Paris, Africa, Vienna EVERYWHERE! Travelling as they say, is like reading more pages of the book that is the world and it gives us a sense of freedom which we absolutely love!

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3) Look through old photographs, trinkets and letters- I have something I call a memory box and it contains strange little things that I’m sentimental about- from the teddy bear candle on my first birthday cake, to the leaf I stepped on when I had a good day! Most infps tend to collect all these little things and sort through them because they have an amazing memory and although that means that some unwanted details may be etched too clearly in our minds, these objects take us to moments in our lives we are able to experience again.

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4) Spend time with our loved ones- This might just be being alone with them and not talking or watching a favourite movie together or talking about everything and nothing, but infps are warm, relationship-oriented creatures and although we love being solitary, we also like the company of the few people we allow to be in our hearts!

5) Daydream- Did you seriously think that I would leave this one out? HAHAHAHA not a chance! We love this and as I repeatedly say, we are dreamers and nothing entertains us more than going through our thoughts, making up creative *coughsweirdasfcough* scenarios and taking wonderful little trips in our imaginations!

- Your infp princess