Im old enough to go on my own adventure but I still just…havn’t found the right pixelmon…I want a water type for sure, but not a fish. A mammal. A pixelmon that isnt only adorable but is fierce.

I’m kicking stones as I walk down the river bend behind the pixelmon center I have made home in. I have no pixelmon at all because I never got a starter only few pokeballs and some berries…I keep kicking stones and hear someone yelp in pain.

“Hello!? I’m sorry if I hit you with a stone!” I look around and spot a blue toned creature on the river bank.

I rush over to only find out it is mudkip hybrid with a person. And he’s adorable.

“Um Hi there.” I walk up slowly and wave. a bit. He’s wearing a graysuit and holding his head where I must have hit him with the stone. He looks at me, up and down, like I did.

“Hey, are you the one who hit me in the head with a rock?”

I blush and rub my neck
“Heh, y-yeah….sorry about that, let me help you out there.” I sit next to him and go through my bag of stuff looking for my first aid pack.

“I’m Quentin aka Husky Mudkipz.” He stuck out his hand and smiled a bit ‘You are?“

"Annie aka Vengelfe.” I took his hand and shook it. We both blushed and I went back to tending his injury.


“And, you seem to be better.” I helped him up and he dusted off his suit.

“Thanks for your help Annie.”

“No problem….um Quentin?”


“Wanna…..go on a pixelmon adventure with me?” I was blushing and I knew it. He blushed back.

“Y-Yeah! That sounds amazing!” He grabbed his stuff

'I feel like this is the start of something amazing’ I thought to myself.

He took my hand, blushing as much as I was, and I held his hand back. And we started our quest together. As one instead of two.