So, the one, AND ONLY ONE, good thing about taking your daughter to the E.R. at three in the morning for croup is that their nebulizer has a dinosaur mask on it. Dr. Baffled, I hope this was at your insistence?

Hi! We’re sick. Baking soon, maybe?


Happy Halloween, everybody! I’m hoping to get some better pictures when Vengelet pairs up with her partner in crime tonight, but as she was running a fever and throwing up in the night, trick or treating may not happen. We’ll have to see. But here’s Vengelet being the most adorable Link ever, mugging with Sisterling.

Fun Fact: The only way to get her to wear the costume last Sunday was to go to a petting zoo. We’ll see if we can achieve another miracle tonight.

It’s been a LOOOOONG time since I’ve posted anything I made. I’m going to try to get back into the habit. TECHNICALLY, these aren’t food, but I still made them, so I’ll post them. Vengelet turned 4 this summer, and despite seeing none of the show, and reading none of the books, she has a HUGE fascination with the Ninja turtles. So, she got weapons for her birthday. Because I’m THAT dad. The one who gives his kid weapons.

On fire!

So we had a small fire scare this morning. Everything is fine, nothing happened, but the fire department did send NINE fire vehicles(they do not mess around with townhouses). Which was greatly exciting for Vengelet. As we’re watching them pack up:

Vengelet: Look! Look! Dat one fireman is on TOP of dat firetruck!

Me: Yes, he is. He’s putting hoses away.

Vengelet: (Thinking hard)….Dat not very safe.


Being a dad is pretty sweet. This was Vengelet’s first experience with fondant. It started here, and ended 8 hours later, when we thought she was pooping blood, and then subsequently realized where all the red fondant had gone.

I’m about to spam your dash with a bunch of deliciousness. Please retreat to a safe, 500 yard radius. You have been warned.


So, our big weekend trip yesterday was to Cox Farms, out in Centreville, VA. We went with Vengelet’s daycare boyfriend, Will, and his mom. It was AWESOME. Vengelet was super excited to see all the animals, even the sheep that tried to eat her fingers. She got to ride a tractor, and go on a hayride, play in a corn crib and visit Goat Village. Goat Village was pretty cool, as it was just a pen with about 80 family-friendly goats in it. Wifey loves goats, so we might have spent a little longer than we should have, but Vengelet loved them too, and had to kiss about 18 of them. Good times were had by all!

This little gremlin thinks she can outsmart me!
I’m holding a small bucket of candy.

Vengelet, inquisitively: My some dis?
Me: No, sorry you can’t have any of this. You don’t have enough teeth for this.
Vengelet, reassuringly: My some dis.
Me: Nope, sorry, you’re too little.
Vengelet, thinking hard: ….My hold bucket?
Me: Ha, no, nice try.
Vengelet,  patting me on the arm, helpfully: My hold bucket, Dada.