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Batman Ninja comes out to the public this month so I can finally start making a print series! I really wanted to do something based on hanafuda cards; my family has some sets, yet I never learned to play…but I’ve always loved the designs of each suit! To start, here’s Dick and Jason :) Dick’s is based on the March suit which is designed with sakura and flower viewing curtain. Jay’s is centered on the August suit and, because I’m a sucker for patterns and symbolism, the design on his robe is based on the ayakashi Noh mask: these characters are vengeful spirits, usually warriors.

Will probably adapt these to shirt designs once all of them are done, too. 


we had environment and character design classes this week, our project was to reimagine hans christian andersen’s ‘the tinderbox’. i reframed the story to be about a princess who wins the favour of a trio of vengeful spirit borzois that kill those who prey on the weak. more sketches are on my portfolio blog

Some of my favorite facts from Castlevania canon

* Dracula and Death himself are BFFs.

* An alternate dimension exists that contains nothing but 24 different kinds of chairs to sit on.

* Dracula rides a unicorn.

* Vengeful spirit monsters can be defeated by throwing pies at their faces.

* Skeletons ride motorcycles. In 1852.


Author: @onlydeanandjensen

Pairing: Dean x reader

Characters: only Dean & reader

Warnings: language

Summary: Dean and the reader went on a vengeful spirit hunt but things turned out a little more fire-ly than expected. 

Side note: This is a one shot meant for the ‘Unlucky Number 13 Challenge’  by amazing @amanda-teaches, prompt #5 - Explosion (that explains the very original title haha). Enjoy!! 

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life hacks from ancient rome
  • if you’re ever in trouble and don’t know what to do, just throw down an old book and do whatever it says on the first page you open it to
  • unsure of somebody you’ve just met? conquer them and claim their household as part of your empire to make sure that they know who’s boss
  • if you ever have a disagreement with somebody, stabbing them several times in a public building and causing a civil war is a good way to resolve conflict
  • make sure that everybody is aware of your political stances by ending every conversation with a resounding declaration that your opponents must be destroyed
  • if you don’t want to try something new, get out of it by claiming that your ancestors would never have done such a thing and that to do so would then violate the mos maiorum and call down your predecessors’ vengeful spirits upon your head
  • when in doubt, consult the sacred chickens