vengeance live

honestly tho i love GRRM’s theme of the body as battleground, and the different ways it manifests in the text, like Cersei’s aborted pregnancies as a battle against Robert and the patriarchal society he represents, and her loathing of her own body, and then Tywin shaving his head in defiance of the ravages of time, and Jaime’s “live for Cersei, live for Tyrion. Live for vengeance. […] When I reach King’s Landing I’ll have a new hand forged, a golden hand, and one day I’ll use it to rip out Vargo Hoat’s throat” and even if I wanted to bring Joanna into this, borrowing Catelyn’s line, “A battle without banners or warhorns, but no less fierce. Carrying a child, bringing it into the world”

And Tyrion, Tyrion, TYRION with his black and white hair, and his black and green eyes, and the way GRRM plays with Tyrion’s size, “for just a moment tyrion lannister stood tall as a king” and Tyrion’s battles against Tywin and literally how Tywin tries to use Tyrion’s body against him sexually, and Tyrion’s victorious defiance of his abuser, like, you could write a whole essay on Tyrion and the body as battleground in ASOIAF, 

I just love Tyrion, I love Lannisters, I love ASOIAF