All these posts about Venezeula keep popping up in my feed

Let’s start from the top.

Venezuela has not been the most stable country in the world. There have been several coups in its history. some of which were directed by Leftists, others by members of the Right. So it stands to reason that tensions will be at boiling-point over such a close outcome. Does that mean that a recount isn’t a good idea? No, I would support it, if only to reduce tensions and increase transparency over the outcome.

If it was rigged, it would be a lot more obvious than this. There are many cases of vote-rigging and electoral fraud in history, and given the Socialists are looking for a clear sign of support from the people, they would be trying to win by a far larger margin. So no, I don’t think this election’s results have been fixed.

However, it is rather possible that votes have been withheld for some reason. I would compare the situation to that which happened in Florida during the Bush Administration, though obviously the countries and parties involved are rather different. And yet, it’s quite obvious that neither side will back down from a conflict.

You have half the nation on one side and the other half on the other. The question is, are you all going to allow a civil war to break out, even if Maduro wins the recount?

Because we all know what happens if someone starts one. A war will bring the country back to square one, with a hundred thousand corpses and a shift back to the cycles of instability and autocracy, between extremes on the right and left.

There are no Libertarians here, Tumblr. This is seriously complex business.