Hunter Green in the Summer

I’m not sure why, but I usually associate hunter green with Fall clothing, and maybe even Winter. Certainly not for when it’s hot out. But one thing I’ve noticed is that it’s actually a really great year round color (and I’m clearly not the only one).

Here I’ve put together a pretty casual summery look, anchored by some cut off white denim and Venetian loafers. A softly constructed light blue striped shirt that rumples in the heat of a summer day is a perfect complement for the half-lined 3 patch pocket jacket. A knit or grenadine tie would be perfect, but for those of us of lesser means The Tie Bar’s ‘grenafaux’ gets the job done at $15.

Jacket: Michael Bastian for Barneys New York, $200 @ Barneys Outlet

Shirt: Solosso MTM, courtesy of Solosso 

Tie: Hunter Green 'Grenafaux,’ $15 @ The Tie Bar 

Jeans: White Jeans from Pac Sun, $20

Shoes: Allen Edmonds 'Castine’ Venetian Loafers, thrifted $17


I just now realized I never announced the top ten for this week. So without further delay. 

  1. New Old Stock 1940s Fedora
  2. Slim Leather Attache….and a few other cool cases.
  3. Unique Nunn Bush Full Brogue Bluchers
  4. Yuma Style Venetian Loafers
  5. Grenson Wingtips
  6. Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece Suit by Cantarelli
  7. Isaia “Gian Luca” Sport Coat
  8. Mabro Loro Piana Wool Sport Coat
  9. NEW Ralph Lauren Purple Label Keaton Shirt 
  10. Crucial Solid Navy Polo Tie

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