can we just talk about scott fuller for a moment? scott fuller who seems to be forgotten by both the writers and the fandom. scott fuller who has grown up in an all white family, he knew he was different, he had to change his name because his sister couldnt say it, he had to grow up in a christian town probably being the only asian boy growing up. he had to deal with being bullied in school, he couldnt do anything when he and his family were kidnapped by more bullies. all scott wanted was to not be so weak, not be so venerable. the fandom seems to forget that scott has been through just as much as kate. he was kept as a pet, used as a pawn, had to watch his sister die in front of him, not being able to do anything, he became weak again because he knew that he couldnt save her against her will. 

scott fuller is one of the strongest characters on fdtd, he has grown, he has come to take care of himself but yet he doesnt ever get the recognition he deserves. without scott our ‘faves’ probably would never have gotten this far this season.   

Serious Question: Why does Western society venerate Sun Tzu’s Art of War and not Vegetius’s De Re Military or Carl von Clauswitz’s Vom Kriege?

cinsav72 replied to your link “The Pope Who Brought Me Home”

Careful how much veneration you give to the Pope. Jesus is the way the light and the truth. It’s ok to reflect on and appreciate someone who lead you home r planted the seeds… but, all glory and honor are God’s and God’s alone. Catholics too often forget that when they’re bowing down to the pope or over veneration of Mary.

Hi, I appreciate your concern. You’re definitely not the first and you won’t be the last to worry about how Catholics respect the pope and how we venerate Mary. I urge you to find out more about what the Church does teach.

But I wonder, did you read her article?

If you’re familiar with Meg’s writing at all, you would know that she does honour God first and foremost as do all Catholics. If we take a look at a couple of quotes from the article in question, I think it’s clear that Meg is talking about how Pope John Paul pointed her to Jesus and HIS love:

“…And there I was, a wide-eyed 13-year-old knowing nothing but that Jesus was God and he loved me. 

…There was something in his eyes that told me I mattered, something that spoke the love of Christ in a more powerful way than anyone I’d ever seen. I saw Christ move so powerfully in him that I fell in love. 

…I love him because he taught me what it meant to be loved by Christ. He longed for me and suffered for me and spoke truth to me. He put a human face on this institutional Church of ours and showed me that the Church was more than my teacher, she was my mother and my home. It wasn’t just that every explanation he gave satisfied my intellectual curiosity, it was that he spoke truth with the love of Christ. 

…He endured loneliness and oppression and near starvation and came out the other side so filled with the love of Christ that you were almost compelled to look away. It was almost too beautiful to endure.

He pointed me to Christ. He still does. He made me love Christ and his Church more.”

Btw, you can find Meg on Facebook and Twitter. She spends her life as a “Hobo for Christ”, relying on God’s providence as she travels to spread the gospel. I think she has a very keen sense of how her life is dependent on the grace of God.

And yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you that JESUS is the way, the truth, and the life. God bless!

For example, we often hear that necromancy was outlawed because it was a devilish practice that depended upon the power of Satan for its effectiveness. What you do not hear is that necromancy was an aspect of ancestor worship, and that part of outlawing it involved making it illegal to bury your family members on your own land. Suddenly, you were required to bury your dead in Church-sanctioned graveyards. This effectively removed one of your most solid claims to ownership of your ancestral land. It was no longer the place where you could prove your forefathers lay buried. It made it easier for authorities to come along and kick you out of your home and take state ownership of the land your family had left to you. This also supported the ultimate goal of breaking up family clans, and the political power and wealth that often went along with them.
—  Aaron Leitch, Folk Tradition and the Solomonic Revival; At the Crossroads
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