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black panther set in korea!!!!! not pictured are prop vendor stands and smoke machines that might be involved in some sort of explosions during a car heist?? we were told to go inside the buildings because it’s a more dangerous shoot with debris involved.

edit: car CHASE, not car heist. christ i don’t know where my brain was when i made this post

It's been weird

(Tl;dr at the bottom )I’m a greeter at walfart and I’ve posted before on here but today OMG. This morning I clock in and I’m making my way to my door through electronics and a lady stops me to help her find a cord for something, I don’t work back there but I try my best anyways and it’s for a glucose meter. I show her where the phone chargers are because I glanced at the port of it and I think I see something like an Android charger, but I can’t find anything, she however picks up an iPhone charger and is convinced that it will work. I try to tell her no before finally radioing for help and walking off. I see her later walking out the front door with nothing, sorry you don’t know about chargers.
The second difficult lady was bitching and swearing about how she hates having to get her returns tagged and how no one even takes the stickers I give her. I try to explain ita a security measure be she isn’t having it, even going so far as to point out no is at the other door, “so what? People are allowed to steal on that side?” And to be completely honest I don’t like this system either, it doesn’t really atop anyone but I need the money, so I calmly tag her stuff and she walks off in a huff.
3rd problem of the day, there is a dead rat or something in the soda machine or claw machine on the aide of the store I stand at the most and the stench of death is slowly making its way to me as we speak. I took the liberty of speaking to a csm about it but since it’s a vendor machine nothing can be done by us

TL;DR - I had to explain to a woman that an iPhone charger won’t work for a glucose meter, I hate my job as much as you do, and the stench of a dead rat is slowing creeping through my lobby

during the end credits of tiny nomad, i was planning to have all my previous film characters wave at the screen, with a little header saying “goodbye calarts!”  I started on it a while back, but never actually got around to finishing it.

1st year - Serenade to Miette:
2nd year - Crayon Dragon:
3rd year - Wolfsong:
4th year - Tiny Nomad:

I have to admit, I got a bit emotional drawing some of these characters again - its a huge nostalgia trip. I remember drawing my 1st year characters and suddenly I remembered one day I was so confused why I drew a set of legs, and it took me a very long time to remember what they were for. I’ll miss the scent of red bulls, whiskey and some vendor machine food, great great stuff. I’ll even miss having meaningless arguments with friends and classmates during film crunch time.

And when finishing a film comes, its the greatest thing ever. When we turn in our student films, there’s literally no work to do. It’s like you win your life back, and it makes you appreciate the benefits of life more. Some of us suffer from post film trauma, in which our daily habits are screwed, having the urge to “work” on “something”, and maybe having panic attacks now and then. Some actually finish way beyond the deadline, so they were enjoying life while some of us who haven’t finished were still working our asses off.

I’ll definitely miss my days at Calarts, and I think my calarts experiences have been the best. Its a school, so of course it has its problems. 

Its funny how some people see calarts as the best animation school, or the disney esque school, or the whatever cream of the crop school. Some people loved their experience, some people hated it, and some people dropped out. From what its worth, its the student that shapes his/her experiences at a school. One student can work side by side with another classmate on their film, another could goof off, another could work alone, and yes there are students who blame the school for not “teaching” them enough, or students complaining other students for ruining their calarts experience.

However, I am now officially a graduate of calarts, and the next chapter of my life begins with my first day at Dreamworks. Thanks for giving me a chance to be a part of an excellent community.

How To Fall In Love Chapter5

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I was sitting in the living with room with Y/N’s grandfather. My hand was wrapped in gauze because it already bled through 6 bandages.

“So your father is the president of Global Education?” he asked leaning in and sitting on the edge of the seat.

“Yeah, he is,” I just nodded with a crooked smile.

“Extraordinary!” he exclaimed, “Your father has been one of our biggest customers since we first started!”

“What a small world!” I said in the same matching tone.

“Indeed,” he dipped his head once.

“I guess I should be going,” I stood up and Y/N, Jason, and their grandmother entered the room, “Thank you so much for having me. I will definitely remember this.” I held up my hand at the last part.

Y/N walked with me to the door as her family stayed behind.

“I’m really sorry about that,” she pointed out by the door.

“Not the first time you hurt me,” I said flashing her a grin.

“You seem to be making a great impression on my family,” she said in a flat tone.

“I have that affect on people,” I waved to her family who were all watching intently then I looked back down at Y/N, “Well, I guess not everyone.”

She avoided looking at me as I stepped out the door. I quickly turned around to face her, “Meet me at Big Ben. 8pm. Don’t be late.” She gave me a confused face but I stepped off her porch before she could say anything.

This is going to be one heck of a 1 million pound date.


Your POV

I prepared myself for my date with Will. I was really excited; he was such a gentleman. I put on a black dress and my coat. I threw on my heels.  Will was waiting for me outside.

“I’m sorry that I have to leave,” I said to Grams at the door.

“Don’t even worry! Have fun on your date!” she squealed as she shooed me out the door.

I was greeted outside by Will leaning on his car.

“Hey, beautiful,” he said as I came down the stairs. He walked over to me and placed his hand on my lower back.

“Hi,” I said blushing.

“You look absolutely gorgeous,” he opened the door of his car for me.

“You don’t look so bad yourself.”

He walked over to his side of the car quickly, “I think we chose the perfect time of year to go see London.”

“Really and why’s that?”

“The snow looks beautiful, the lights are hung. You’re gonna love it!”

“I’m sure I will.”


Will took me to a beautiful restaurant. It was warm and cozy. We later went around strolling the empty streets of London.

“This has been so much fun,” I said as we got back into his car, “I’m really glad we did this.”

“Yeah. Me too,” he said leaning in. He didn’t hesitate to kiss me. I kissed him back awkwardly. He started to press himself more forcefully. His lips were moving to my neck.

“Will…” I whimpered, “Please. Stop.”

He didn’t say anything, instead he continued to kiss me and his hand trailed over to my breast.

I pulled his hand away, “Stop! Get off me!”

“What the hell?!” he said pulling away.

“I want to go home,” I said straightening out my dress.

“Listen, I took you on this date and I just thought you could give me something in return,” he started rubbing my thigh and I immediately swatted his hand away.

I opened the door and stepped out, “You are such a pig!” I slammed his car door shut, but he opened the window.

“Fine! Find your own ride then!”

I stood there in disgust. Everything he had been saying and doing was just to try to get into my pants. A bell rang, signaling that another hour had passed. I looked over to Big Ben to realize that it was already midnight.

“Oh no,” I mumbled to myself, “Harry…”

I darted towards the clock tower. No way in hell would he still be there. It was already midnight. He’d be crazy to wait that long. I was rummaging through my head for an apology.

“He couldn’t be there…he’d have to be crazy to wait that long,” I turned the corner to see that the lot around Big Ben was empty.

And on a bench underneath a tree, sat a 20 year old man with his hands shoved in his pockets, a scarf that was pulled up to his nose, and snowflakes sprinkled in his hair. As I walked closer to him, I could see his eyelids were closed.

“Hey,” I nudged him, “Hey. Wake up.”

He groaned and looked around before his eyes met mine.

“Why are you still out here? It’s past midnight,” I said in a stern voice, “Are you crazy? It’s like 30 degrees out here!”

“Don’t yell at me,” he said coughing, “It’s your fault for being late. What kind of person doesn’t show up? Did I not tell you 8?”

“What kind of person would wait out here for four hours?” I pulled him up to his feet and he started coughing, “I’ll go buy you some hot chocolate.”

I pulled him with me to buy the drinks from a hot chocolate vendor machine. We walked into the building to escape from the snow.

“Here,” I said handing it to him with a small voice.

He looked at me with tired red eyes. He took the drink from my hand and sipped it. We sat down on a bench inside, letting the silence kill us both. I noticed he was clenching onto a brown paper bag with a slim gray box barely sticking out from the top of the bag. I didn’t want to mention anything about it though.

“Why are you all dressed up?” he said with his voice straining.

“I had a date tonight,” I mumbled not really in the mood to talk about it.

“Were you late for that one too?” He coughed again. I didn’t respond.

“Who was it with?” he asked.

“With Will,” I said slightly ashamed that it was his friend.

“He’s not good you know. Not for you at least,” his eyes were dozing off.

I didn’t respond. He knew how Will was going to treat me. And he probably even knew that Will was taking me out tonight. That’s why he scheduled for our date tonight also, but he didn’t want to sound jealous.

I was quietly thinking when my thoughts were interrupted by Harry’s head falling on my lap. I froze. He fell asleep just now. I looked down to see his face. He looked so peaceful, like a child. He finished his cup of hot chocolate, so it was now tilting on its side on the ground. I pushed his hair out of his face and felt how hot his head was. He must have caught a fever when he was outside waiting. For me.

“Harry…” I whispered, “Let’s get you home.”


I stumbled out of his car that I drove and helped him out the passenger seat. His arm was draped across my shoulders and he was still holding onto that brown paper bag.

“Inside you go,” I said as I opened up the door to his house.

I helped him upstairs and into his bed. I decided to make him some tea, so I boiled some water on the stove. I didn’t get a good look around his house before, so now I had the chance. He had so many pictures of his family. A few of them were formal, but most of them they were on vacation. The kettle screeched and I ran over to pour the water into a cup. I went upstairs and placed it on Harry’s nightstand. His head was still hot under my touch.

“Y/N?” he said in a raspy voice.


“Come lay with me,” he scooted over on his bed.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I shook my head.

“Please?” he said in a small voice.

I took in a deep breath and gave in. After all, he was only in this condition because I didn’t show up. I slid underneath the covers next to him. We were both stiff as a board at first. And then he pulled me onto his chest. His arms were wrapped around me and I could hear the slowness of his heart. His body heat radiated off of him like he was the sun.

“You knew about Will didn’t you?” I whispered.

He didn’t say anything but I knew he wanted to say yes.

“You knew that our date was tonight and you knew that he was going to be a jerk,” I continued, “And you didn’t say anything.”

“I didn’t want to seem jealous,” he mumbled back, “I’ve never been jealous before.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“Haven’t figured that out yet…” he said in a sleepy tone.

He was so strange, yet so thoughtful.


“Harry?! Have you seen Y/N?!! She didn’t come home last night!” I woke up to the sound of Grams at the door. Harry and I were still tangled on his bed. I quickly bolted up and out of his bed, causing him to wake up.

“Ugh. I’m so sore,” he said rubbing his neck, “Who’s at the door?”

“My grandmother. She’s wondering where I’m at,” I said quickly putting on my jacket. I bolted for the door with Harry quick on my heels.

“Grams, no worries! I’m right here!” I said opening the door.

“Oh! Sorry to bother you two! Your grandfather was just a bit worried!” she snickered like a child.

“Nothing happened last night,” I said quickly. Harry’s chest was pressed against my back and I can tell he took off his shirt. Now we look even more suspicious.

“Goodbye, Harry,” I said dipping my head and turning to face him.

I turned back around to walk down the steps but he stopped me.

“Wait, Y/N,” he said pulling onto my wrist, “What about my goodbye kiss?”

I turned around slowly to see an evil smirk playing on his lips.

Grams looked at me with admiring eyes, “Go on, Y/N.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I stepped closer, my facial expression hardened. He leaned far to reach me. I leaned back in and kissed the awful thing. My eyes fluttered close as his hand cupped my cheek to pull me in closer. It wasn’t that bad, but I was ecstatic to pull away.

“Thank you,” he whispered loud enough for my Grams to hear, who was watching with excitement.

“And one more thing,” he pulled the brown paper bag from behind him and handed it to me, “I’ll see you soon.” He winked and shut the door to his house as Grams and I walked down the steps and across the yard back to mine.

“He’s such a sweetheart, dear,” she clutched her heart.

“Oh he’s something alright,” I mumbled before heading upstairs to change.

When I got into my room, I threw myself on the bed and opened pulled the brown paper bag towards me. I took out the box and opened it

“Oh my gosh,” I said breathlessly. I was staring at the diamond necklace from the auction. The diamonds gleamed in the sunlight that was peeking from my curtains, “He was the anonymous donor?”

In the bag was a card. I opened it and read it out loud to myself, “My parents are throwing a huge formal Christmas ball. I want you to be there, wearing this. Plus, you kind of owe me, again.  –H”

What other surprises will he have in store?