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Going Somewhere?

5e, party is a halfling monk, human paladin, and a dragonborn fighter. We have been pursuing the agents of a nefarious secret society in Waterdeep, and have just encountered one unexpectedly while out shopping.

DM: You see Ludvig [the guy we’re after] handing a coin purse to a back alley vendor. He’s looking around to make sure he’s not being watched. As you see him, he sees you and bolts down the street.

Monk (OOC): Hey, [DM]? Be honest with me: is this a chase sequence? City streets, back alleys, rooftops, dodging through crowds?

DM: …Yeah, why?

Monk (OOC): Is there anything especially cool that happens in this chase?

DM: Not really.

Monk (OOC): Perfect. How far away is Ludvig from me?

DM: One hundred feet.

Monk (OOC): Perfect. I’m going to save us all a half hour of dice rolling then.

Monk: I move 35 feet, use a ki point to dash another 70, and use my attack to crane kick Ludvig in the back of the knees with my full momentum. (rolls to hit, succeeds)

DM: *rolls* …Jeeeesus Christ.

DM: …I assume all of you have skinned a knee before?

Party: Yeah.

DM: The rest of the party sees nothing but a blur before Ludvig’s legs are taken out from under him as he’s running full speed. He skins his knees, his hands and arms, and his face on the cobblestone as he skids fifteen feet face-down across the pavement. He is unconscious and bleeding out.

Fighter: I guess I’m gonna go interrogate that back alley dealer.

Paladin: I guess I’m gonna go heal the villain.


此付近 by sunnywinds*


Soooooo Saturday I met Gareth David-Lloyd…this was quite an adventure I have to say and I just felt like I needed to share my experience and the thoughts going through my mind.  

I totally knew this was going to happen.  I’ve been planning this little trip to Huntsville for a couple of months now and was totally ready to shell out an obscene amount of money to meet this guy.  I just so happened one day to be curious enough to see if Gareth was coming close-by anytime soon.  I kind of figured it would be a stretch, but lo and behold, Gareth was coming to Huntsville.  To my dismay, it was a Doctor Who convention and he was arriving as a Torchwood guest and I literally know nothing about these shows.  I probably watched one episode of Doctor Who a long time ago and then tried a Torchwood episode shortly after my decent into Solavellan hell just because…reasons…

I’ve been planning this, worried because of my lack of knowledge of the Whoverse or whatever the hell people call it, unsure of whether this convention was going to be massive or tiny, and just general freaking out over getting to meet Gareth.  With my print in hand, my boyfriend and I went all the way up to his grandparent’s house just for me to meet this one guy at a convention that I knew nothing about.  

Unsure of how long this convention was going to take, I told my boyfriend ahead of time that he should probably be ready to wait a while.  I had never been to this convention before, but all other conventions I had gone to had a lot of waiting involved.  He ended up having one of his friends that were close by drive 30 minutes over to the mall where this hotel was located so that they could play card games.  I walk in the front door, scared as all get out with this universe that I had no idea about.  

I went up to the marked tables and literally had my badge in hand within 2 minutes.  I was the ONLY ONE IN LINE.  I saw people, sure, but there was like no one around.  Granted, I had gotten there at like 11:30, so the con was already like halfway over for the day, but still!  I expected to wait in line for at least a few minutes.  I looked at the clock and saw that I had apparently prepared too much and was now an hour early before Gareth was supposed to be signing stuff.  UGH!!!  I thought, well, I don’t know anything about this fandom other than Daleks, the phone booth, and then that Matt Smith is apparently the best doctor (I have no idea what who this person is but I apparently know his name), but I guess since I have time to spare I may as well go to the Vendor room and Artist Alley.  I went to where the Vendor room was, literally passing maybe 2 or 3 people.  

This was probably the smallest Vendor room I had ever seen.  There were like maybe 10 tables and was filled with maybe like 20-30 people including the people running the booths.  People everywhere asking me to enter this raffle and do this doohicky and I’m just like “haha no thanks” and walked away nervously.  In under 2 minutes, I had already looked at everything.  In another 2 minutes, I had already looked through the Artist Alley.  I still had so much time before meeting Gareth.  I decided that I should at least go over and see if he was around, I could just sit there and be creepy and stare at him for an hour, worst case scenario.  

I went over to the room where the signings were happening and he was already sitting down doing autographs.  I felt my heart jump in my throat and walked over to him.  Once again, there was no line.  I literally became the second person in line immediately.  I paid the lady sitting next to him, already aware that I was spending another $40 just to get him to sign my print and felt my heart start racing.  Then as the people in front of me left, my hands started shaking.  I started to fumble to get the picture out of the protective thing I bought and he said hi to me.  Dude, you guys, I felt my face burn bro.  That accent was to die for.  Literally, I could have just passed out.  I told him that I was actually a huge Dragon Age fan and really appreciated all the work that he had done.  When I showed him the @nipuni print that I had brought for him to sign, he absolutely gushed over it.  He just kept talking about how pretty it was and then quickly signed it for me.  I couldn’t stop my hands from shaking, but he was just so nice and then shook my hand.  I told him that I had literally no knowledge of Doctor Who or Torchwood and literally just came to this convention to get his autograph.  He was just so cute and I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

I’ve gotta do something about vibrating when I get all nervous around people I like.  It’s a sickness and I have no idea what I have to do to get rid of it.  It’s embarrassing and I could just feel myself turning beet red while I was standing in front of him.  It was so bad!!!!

So yeah, that was my ridiculously long and stupid story about what a dork I am and all this trouble that I went through literally just to meet this adorable cutie.  $100 for this like 30 second moment was well spent.

Immediately after this, I started getting sick and am still sick.  Gareth got me sick by being too adorable.  I’ve decided.  Now, I gotta go die somewhere…

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Any convention fics? (I'm going to Anime Expo so I need fics to read while I'm line to get my badge tomorrow squee)

yes :D

Send Nudes! by DizzyRedhead, TrishArgh

When Steve decided to cosplay Captain America, one of his favorite TV characters, at a convention, he didn’t expect to meet a Winter Soldier cosplayer who looks like he stepped right off the screen (and has a great ass). He didn’t expect to hook up with Bucky, or to find out that they live in the same part of Brooklyn. He definitely didn’t expect the sexting, or the continued hooking up, or the dinner dates.

Steve didn’t expect any of this. Especially not the feelings.

live for the way that you cheer and scream for me by oh_la_fraise

“Jesus, you’re buff.” He snatched his hand back again, blushing. “Christ, I can’t keep my mouth shut. Sorry. It’s just, you could be Cap himself with those arms.”

Aka the one where Bucky is dressed like Captain America at a Captain America convention and doesn’t realize he’s talking to Captain America.

Of Coffee and Comics by reclusiveq

Despite being the creator of the very popular comic Not Without You, Steve is virtually unknown in the comic world. Now he wants to make a debut appearance of his new series without worrying that its popularity will be reflected by his first series. When Steve decides to attend his first convention as a vendor in Artist Alley, he’s only expecting to promote that new comic. What he wasn’t expecting was to run into a fan of Not Without You and fall head over heels for him. But Bucky Barnes is already in love with someone else… the anonymous creator of Not Without You!

Steve can’t tell him the truth, but that doesn’t stop him from wanting to win Bucky’s affections.

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I plan on going to a small local con as an artist alley vendor for the first time. I've never done this before so I have no idea where to get prints, buttons, stickers, etc. Could you possibly lend a helping hand? ;u;

Have you tried:

We’re here to help, but also: there are a ton of materials already here and you can help yourself.

50 things I have learned from cosplaying at conventions and conventions in general:

1. Get everything done for registration and hotel booking months in advance

2. Get your cosplay list done at the same time, or at least a rough plan of who you want to cosplay

3. Plan when and where you will get your cosplay pieces

4. Know the weapons/cosplay policy at the con beforehand

5. Learn to sew on a machine

6. YouTube is your best friend for sewing, makeup, and wig tutorials

7. Pack your things in rolls and inside of other things to save on bag room

8. Pack your cosplays side by side in your bag for easy access

9. Wear a cosplay there and back, especially if you have four or more cosplays

10. Bring extra shopping/garbage bags for merch or room garbage

11. Bring a garbage bag for your dirty clothes so they don’t stink up the clean ones

12. Bring a small drawstring or carrying bag for your camera, wallet, phone, etc.

13. Make a checklist of your things before going as you pack

14. Make a checklist of your things after con as you pack

15. Know a rough plan of what events you want to go to before arriving at con

16. Know the sleeping arrangements before con

17. Give everyone a room key

18. Share your contact information and emergency contacts with everyone in your room

19. Make up meet up points for food or check-ins periodically

20. Carry a water bottle and fill it up like crazy

21. Don’t wear your binder for more than 12 hours

22. Don’t wear your circle lens contacts for more than 12 hours

23. If the cosplay hurts you, take it off

24. If something breaks or tears on your cosplay, ask for help from a vendor or a con staff member

25. Weapons check your prop weapons

26. Know where security is

27. If something seems wrong, report it

28. Eat at least one good-for-you full meal a day and supplement it with water and snacks

29. Don’t go to rave/dances in a binder

30. Shower at least once a day

31. Carry deodorant on you

32. Brush your teeth twice a day

33. Sleep at least 6 hours, hopefully more

34. Keep all of your things together

35. Budget a certain amount of money for every day

36. Save money for food and emergencies

37. Murphy’s Law: Everything that can happen will happen

38. If you don’t know if you want something from artists’ alley/ vendor hall, wait until the last day and see if you still want it

39. Try new things

40. Get consent before taking pictures, giving hugs, doing shipping photos, etc.

41. If someone is uncomfortable with something, stop what you are doing

42. Do not bring people back to your hotel room without your roommates’ permission/knowledge

43. Keep your hotel sink area clean

44. If you want your room cleaned/serviced, put the sign on the door handle

45. Before the cleaning staff get there, be sure to pack away everything and lock items such as laptop computers, charging cords, or expensive cosplay items in your room safe or better yet your car

46. If you cannot room at the hotel the con is at, the con may provide transportation there and back

47. Bring one or two sets of normal clothes and walking shoes

48. Bring extra pairs of socks

49. Bring a small first-aid kit

50. Don’t start or continue drama; end it as soon as it starts


You all are really enjoying DarkpathAU so here’s a compilation of reference sketches for you to look at (with bonus captions if you full view them)

Since I’m not sure if I’ve ever directly put it out there or not, Hiro has a motor control neuro headband over each of his friend’s heads. They’re not villains by choice, everything they do is under Hiro’s control. Tadashi eventually manages to get the thing off of Wasabi at least (after a scuffle), and then they become tag-team buddies. Those two are total bros in this AU (hobo bros more like because they really don’t have a good place to stay other than an old room in an abandoned hotel on the outskirts of the city).

Also, couple more things: Hiro and Yama have a huge rivalry over who ‘runs San-Fransokyo with an iron fist’. They argue and are constantly firing back and forth at one another; Yama’s Fujita’s and Bombers against Hiro’s crew. It’s how they spend their weekends. 

Lastly, if you’re wondering why Hiro has no trust over people who look like Tadashi: bottom left drawing in the final picture and the huge scar across his face now as a result. Good thing big sister Gogo was there to save him. But the event was a little… traumatizing, because it would’ve probably killed him had Gogo not stepped in last second.

WHEW, after that info dump have a bonus Aunt Cass doodle and her little shop she now runs in one of the back alley vendor streets because her actual one was ransacked when the city went downhill:


Check out this time lapse of #louisianacomiccon! It was a lot of fun, and it was awesome to meet those of you who were there, and see all the cosplays! See you next year there! You can see the full video at:
#Conquer3d #comiccon #comic #Con #conventionlife #convention #timelaspe #louisiana #Lafayette #Cajundome #artistalley #vendorsroom #vendors #artist #alley #time #lapse

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What's the best way to cancel going to work a con when it's because you have a funeral

Kiriska: Procedures for canceling a show will depend on the show. Typically, you would email the Artist Alley/Exhibitor/Vendor head to let them know.

If the convention gives a “refund by” date and it has not passed yet, ask them for a refund (full or partial) along with notice of your cancellation.

If the convention has a no refunds policy or the deadline has already passed, then you’ll just have to eat the cost. Emergencies happens, but conventions set deadlines for cancellations or no refund policies to protect themselves from vendors booking space and then canceling last minute, without giving them enough time to pull waitlist vendors.

If you don’t know the convention’s policy, you should ask about it, but in general, I’d assume no refunds.

Nattosoup:  It depends on the timeframe- so long as you’re cancelling two weeks in advance, most cons can find someone to fill that spot.  Regardless of timeframe though, you should let the show know ASAP that you can’t make it, so they can fill the spot, and remove your name where possible.  Most shows won’t refund if the cancellation isn’t well in advance (and some won’t refund at all) but given that it’s a funeral, and out of your control, they may feel compassionate.

You can also ask if they’d be ok with you selling the table to a specific artist, or finding a replacement willing to purchase the table from you.  I’d ask ahead- some cons don’t care, and some have a major problem with reselling.

Also given the circumstances, some shows will allow you to have someone proxy your wares.  Again, I would ask in advance, and don’t be surprised if they nix that idea- most shows aren’t keen on it.

Where to start to get a table at Artist Alley?

Looking to get a table at artist alley and not sure how? Well hopefully I can fill you in. 

When it comes to becoming a vendor at artist alley, each organization or show have their own set of rules. 

However the process usually goes as follows, each anime or comic con will open an application page to apply to be an artist at their show. When the application day opens, you normally fill out a form that discusses info about you, show samples of your work, what type of craft or artwork you create and info about how many badges you will need. 

These forms are usually brief just so the people in charge can see the applications and determine who may be a good fit for the show. If you are accepted, a follow up email will explain to you the next following steps whether it be visiting their web page and filling out the official application form, or simply making a Paypal payment.  

Bigger and more established shows who know they are in demand may have a different method to apply. This year at Anime Expo 2016— you had to purchase an Eventbrite ticket package in order to apply. They would review your information and artwork/crafts to make sure you aren’t selling copyrighted material or bootleg goods and if you are good to go, you fill out further forms on their web page to officially get your details and application form. C2E2 on the other hand have a staff that curates their vendors and artists to have the best possible experience for their guests. They learn more about you and your recent projects, if you are published and what recent work you’ve done and any type of info that they deem informative will assist them in determining who gets accepted into the show. 

Depending on the organizations who run trade shows, each have a method that they use to determine who gets accepted, some choose the lottery method, some first come first serve, some have to pay while applying depending on how many tables they have, and how many applicants there are. 

There isn’t a sure way to get in so keep trying and if you really want to get into a certain convention, you can always email them to request to be on the waiting list. Usually, many conventions do multiple rounds of drawing depending on how many people drop out, miss payment deadlines or any other issue. 

Due to the large majority of cons being free to apply at first, artists apply to many shows and then later determine that they can’t get into a specific one due to scheduling conflict with another, its always best to be communicative and ask if they have any open spots. 

Once you are accepted, organizations will send you info regarding their rules, operating times for vendors and artists and payment information. They may also ask for further information regarding Seller’s Permit so be sure to have one for each state you operate in. 

When the day finally arrives, go set up your table during their open hours for vendors and artists and have a great time! 

Just a general rule of thumb, don’t be so sad if you didn’t do too well. Usually Fridays are mediocre in sales, Saturdays are best, and Sundays should be better than Friday’s in most cases.

Peace out.