vending maschine


Vending machine invasion by Denise E.


06.03.2012 Kamakura 

This thursday already begins at midnight. The day before Vicky, Bettina and I met Ryota at an Izakaya in Yokohama. We planned to take the last train back to Kamakura. But since Ryota was smart enough to distract us with beer and stories, I didn’t check the time before midnight. Since our last train was already gone we could stay a bit longer and embraceRyota’s offer to sleep at his place.

After sleeping around 3 hours we went back to Kamakura, which is still my favorite city in Japan. The Kamakura guesthouse doesn’t reduce that love at all. It’s a traditional japanese house, so you sleep in Futons on Tatami mats. Moreover the owner and staff are really friendly. After mentioning that my most favorite dishes are お好み焼き (Okonomiyaki) and たこ焼き (Takoyaki) to the owner, she suggested to do Takoyaki Party. Everyone could join and had to pay like 700 yen.

We still had time till 7 o clock so we went to the city. By coincidence we found a Studio Ghibli store, which we wouldn’t visit for the last time. All of us are hugh fans of the Ghibli movie, so we had to keep ourselves together and resist buying the whole store. After our third visit the cashier smiled at me and asked where we’re from, since she remembered us.

Starting at Kita-Kamakura station we visited the Engakuji and afterwards the Kenchoji temple. I visited both during my first trip to Japan and I can only recommend them. What I like about temples in Japan is the fact that you can walk a while through the temples and take the different impressions in.

Before returning to Kamakura station via the shopping street we visited the Hachimangu Shrine, which is the biggest shinto shrine in Kamakura. Many japanese people made a pilgrimage to pray for something.

On time we started the Takoyaki party! Till midnight 18 people ate 600 Takoyaki together. That’s what the staff told us in the late evening. It was a successful event, which gave me a chance to eat the best Takoyaki and put my Japanese skills to the test. With every customer of Kamakura guesthouse I had many interestring conversation and got to known that a person went all the way from Tokyo to Kamakura by bycycle. Impressive!

Today’s calendar:
Weather: sunny and 15 degrees
Distance: From Yokohama to Kamakura
Accommodation: Kamakura Guesthouse

Positive: Takoyaki!
Negative: nothing

Prompt: Anonymous asked: Ok, since we’re doing this, let me contribute to the season 7 wishlist too: I want Caroline pushing Stefan against a wall to kiss him hard, basically a reverse vending maschine situation! The chances aren’t that bad either, we all know she’s gonna jump his bones sooner rather than later, probably because of jealousy issues, and that’s when they finally take it to the next level, so I can totally see something like this happening. And she’d be the one in control which she has been craving…

Disclaimer: Alright you guys asked for it. My first fanfiction ever. This is very much smut and rated M because I am 100% trash. You’re welcome.

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