Okay everyone always rags on Tim for this scene and claims it ” victimizes” Damian and makes him more hurt than he can possibly deal with or something. Or that Tim is taking stuff out on Damian. Really? Give Damian more credit. Give Tim more crdit. Here’s my 2 cents.

1. I like Damian. I like that he’s a kid who’s insecure and is becoming aware of his own issues, but I also like that he is perfectly capable and secure enough to take a hit and bounce back. I will later delve into why I don’t think this was a slight against him nor was it meant to hurt him, but I also understand that Damian is understandably angry regardless. Which makes sense. But he isn’t some helpless baby nor is he a victim of any sort. Never has been and never will be. He doesn’t go into waves of man pain and he gets better. He is not a victim, never has been. He has weaknesses and can be hurt but to say that or to act as if this list brutally put him down and made him insecure implies that Damian never recovered from this, which simply isn’t true.

2. This list is not a list of personal vendattas. Dick points out that he, and only he, isn’t on this list. Implying at EVERYONE else is. And it looks to be the case because even without seeing the whole list, we see a nice chunk of the Justice League up there. Superman. Wonder Woman. Even Supergirl is up there - Kara and Tim are friends and they do trust each other. They were on the Teen Titans together. And I bet if they went further down, other Titans are on that list as well. Tim isn’t making this a hit against Damian. Damian is up there because when you do objective threat assessment for an objective list, he should be up there (and note he is under “good guys” list with all the heroes/former-heroes). If it were just Damian and Jason and Rose up there I might raise an eyebrow, but this is an all encompassing list. ANYONE who could be a threat, so EVERYONE (once again), is on that list. This isn’t a personal thing and it isnt to “victimize” Damian. It shows how Tim thinks and compartmentalizes objectively. The only bias on the entire list is that Tim couldn’t bring himself to put Dick up.

3. THESE ARE CONTINGENCY PLANS. Circumstances allowing, these are never ever supposed to see the light of day. That’s part of the reason why they are hidden away in a password encryted file. As Tim even says, it’s a plan IN CASE a good guy goes rogue for WHATEVER reason. Tim isn’t planning on attacking Damian, or any of the good guys for that matter, but he knows will if he has to and so he’s prepared to fight the good fight like he AND Damian were taught to. You can’t fault him for that.

4. Can we all agree that Dick likes Damian? Yes? Good. Now, does Dick remove his name, or anyone’s name? NO HE DOES NOT. In fact, he only rags on Tim for having a shitty password and then says that HE GETS IT. He can’t honestly look Tim in the eye and tell him this is wrong because he doesn’t completely believe it is. And he even makes it so HE can freely access the plans. Because, while he is skilled and incredible, Damian is new to this whole planning and performing jobs thing. However, Dick and Tim have been around long enough that they know the value of being prepared and they know how important it is to have a contingency plan for rogue heroes. Dick probably has one himself (though maybe it doesn’t look the same because it’s probably different for everyone). We all know Bruce did this. If you don’t think Barbara and Jason do this, you’re lying. Cassandra probably has one too. They know the value in them and how important they can be in a desperate situation because they’ve seen it, just like Tim has. That’s why he made it and that’s why Dick didn’t say it was wrong and kept it.

The real point of this scene is to show how much Tim has grown from Robin and how much yet another death has weighed on him. Tim was always the rational compartmentalizer, but now it’s even more so. Tim is isolated and removed. He doesn’t feel like he can trust anyone except Dick, and they’re still a tiny bit frayed from Dick not believing Tim about Bruce. Tim has had so many tragedies and lost a lot in a pretty short time period, and now wuth Bruce dead? His new adoptive dad? Tim is removing himself from the equation and while is stand by the fact THAT HE WASNT IN THE WRONG WITH THE PLANS, he also doesn’t fully trust anyone if they are all on the list excluding Dick. He’s lost so much that he’s withdrawing. And whether his newfound compartmentalization is “good” or “bad” is an opinion matter, but the fact is that things between him and Damian are a tragedy partially due to that. While Damian’s trick with the severed head grenade helped nothing, Damian now is adjusting and craves the trust of others, while Tim has been through enough that he doesn’t really give it out ever anymore. So the two clash and it’s inevitable. It’s kinda tragic for both sides.

And it re establishes Tim’s place as the thinker. He thinks ahead to impossible scenarios that others don’t want to entertain. Tim is like Bruce in many ways the others aren’t, which is ironic because he doesn’t really try at it, but unlike him in other ones (obviously).

This is Tim as he is now; recovering from his isolation, reconciling with Dick, and compartmentalizing and thinking objectively. This is the Tim he grew to be, still retaining a bit of himself but is changed by losing so much. He is now at the point where he’s so removed he literally can’t understand why Dami is that mad, which kinda implies that he himself would not be because he’s that objective and far away from all this nowadays. And it’s not his fault that all that shit went down and I probably would have a hard time trusting others too. It’s a little sad though.

On the up side, it’s also Tim and Dick reestablishing a bond here so that’s good for them.

That’s what I got out of the scene.