RWBY x B.A.P ~ROSE~ Series

Due to my crazy idea of when RWBY meets the B.A.P songs of the 6th Single Album “ROSE”, I just put together in one AMV Series. I called it:

The RWBY x B.A.P ~ROSE~ Series

What is it?

The RWBY x B.A.P ~ROSE~ Series is a AMV Series when RWBY from Rooster Teeth meets the songs of the 6th Single Album ROSE by B.A.P, a Korean Boy Band from TS Entertainment. 3 songs will tell the story: “WAKE ME UP” for RWBY Series, “DYSTOPIA” for Ruby Rose and “DIAMOND 4 YA” for Jaune Arc and Phyrra Nikos (Arkos).


Due to my high support to their latest MV, I decided to do RWBY Style! This video features all the volumes of RWBY but mostly to Team RWBY. I added some few bad guys too to make it super nice!

“D Y S T O P I A”

This song really suites me for Ruby Rose, the main character and the leader of Team RWBY. The lyrics matches well in her story from Volumes 1 to 4. I popped my mind about the song while I am looking at the pictures of Ruby Rose. At the start, she looked young and l lot of fun (sometimes) but now at Volume 3 and 4, she became a true badass so don’t mess up with her.


I made such wonderful idea when I looked at the lyrics while listening to the song and I just thought myself, “What if I would make a RWBY AMV but this time Jaune Arc and Phyrra Nikos (Arkos)?” And it turned out (sort of) a great idea for me!

When you see an “i” button on all the RWBY x B.A.P ROSE Series Videos, you know what this means? It means please support “WAKE ME UP” by B.A.P on TS ENT Official Channel and NOT 1THEK! Please stream, it will help a lot! Thanks!


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