dailykujos  asked:

I notice you're pretty hostile, words goes around you aren't much of a people person if you get me.. Us two as allies, what say you?

“I work alone. Ain’t lookin’ fer no partner in this.”

He takes another shot before setting down the glass, sitting up from the lean he had on the table, stumbling a little. The little spurs of his boots clink as he saunters over, leaning into the other’s face. He smells like whiskey and regret.

“I always work alone. My kinda work ain’t fer pretty boys like yerself, lil mech. If yer still all down but nine, make sense’a this.”

He leans back and grabs the bottle sitting on the table, taking a swig of it and draining it before setting it back down.

“Keep it dry. ‘Ve knocked men galley west a’fore. A’less you think you’n handle this line’a work, I ain’t buyin nothin’ fer ya, secon’ fiddle.”

((slang translations: all down but nine- not making sense of something. knocked galley west- to beat the shit outta someone. second fiddle- second in a team; player of a lesser roll.))