Te amo de forma pequeñita así de forma tierna y un poco adictiva, te amo con esa locura que solo yo entiendo y se me nota al abrazarte, te amo al grado de mirarte a los ojos y robarte un beso eterno, te amo infinito sin dudas y sin miedo...te amo tan intenso como un susurro en el oído, como sentir el escalofrió al pronunciar mi nombre, te amo por ese olor que sale de tu cuello, te amo por hacerme sonreír sin fines de lucro, te amo por que peliemos y nos reímos 2 minutos después, creo haberlo dejado claro que ya no es un simple te amo.


“I’ve always been pretty vocal about Gilmore Girls and I know everybody’s been waiting, and I was like, ‘That will never happen,’ and it’s totally happening. While I was actually here, I got an email from the producers. Again, I’m always vocal about Amy Sherman-Palladino and Dan Palladino: They’re two of my favorite people, two of my favorite writers ever, of all time. Just to be able to speak their words again, of course I would do it. So I told them, yeah, of course I’ll do it.

- Milo Ventimiglia [x]


Kingdom Hearts Ages

Nomura has stated that Nobodies don’t age but remain the age they were when the became Nobodies. Which makes sense, because Nomura’s goal seems to be to insure the Wayfinder Trio doesn’t lose 13 years of their life (Ven won’t age without a Heart, Time is different for Aqua/maybe not passing, Terra’s body became a Nobody a few years after the end of BBS).

What doesn’t make sense is that this

Became this

In one or two years. 

Assuming Lea is around the same age as Ven and became a nobody two years later, Axel is around 17? 

Which feels a bit ridiculous because he doesn’t look 17. But then again:


Became this

In just one year!

And Jasmine is 15 (It’s a plot point that she has to marry before her 16th birthday) while Aladdin is 18, bt both just look like adults. 

And this is Squall from FFVIII compared to Leon in Kingdom Hearts

In FFVIII Squall is 17, while in KH1 he’s 25…

So maybe, as @sea-scarin suggested, in Kingdom Hearts, like in Pokemon, aging is a matter of suddenly evolving to the next age range