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Name: Eddie
  • Time & Date of Current Moment: January 12, 1:04 PM GMT+1
Average hours of sleep: 4-8 
Last thing I googled: No clue, last thing I remember is swimmers body. But that was on Christmas.
  • Nicknames: Sketch, Sketchy, Sketchmazoid, SketchMcoy and SketchOhoy 
  • Birthday: November 28th
  • Gender: Male 
  • Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
  • Height: 6’2”
  • Favourite colour: Orange and Pink, preferably in a skyline.
One place that makes me happy: No clue.
  • How many blankets I sleep under: 1 , and most of the time it’s one too many.
  • Favorite movie: Professor Layton and the eternal diva, Treasure Planet and Where the wild things are.
  • What are you wearing right now: prime color red hoodie, light jeans and a t shirt. Socks and underwear included.
  • Last Book You Read: I don’t really read very well, probably have some sort of disability I haven’t had diagnosed cause I don’t care enough. But I read “The Spin” some time in June-July. It was pretty rad, I’d recommend it even if it gets a bit stupid sometimes.
  • Dream job: Uhhh… I always say I want to be mad boss famous, but I guess what I mean by that is I want to be big enough in comics/cartoons that I can provide jobs for my friends who deserve work that they would enjoy within the field they are passionate about. Something like that?