You know you have a keeper when

-They are willing to take a long drive after a long family trip to sea world, all the way to your home 2.5 hours away just to be able to have time together for a few hours late at night

-They tolerate inability to stay asleep at night and give you random kisses at night because they love to do so

-They care about your nightmares even if they might seem stupid to other

-They enjoy not just doing lovey doing things together but watching Netflix, being hyper active, and talking about the supernatural.

-They help start a breast reduction fund to help fund your surgery due to frequent back-pain from breasts.

-They are affected when you cry and encourage you to express your feelings

-They take you to a 24/7 crepe cafe at 3am just because…well just because its fun. And the red velvette cake…yaaaaasssss…

-They are patient with you when you are throwing a fit because you go to a mexican deli and want the darn beef stew but they are out so you get so mad you almost cry.

-They act as an open, safe space. A place where you can approach them with any concerns about the relationship.

-They connect with you on a heart to heart level.. 

-You talk to each other even in your sleep. 

I do have a person in mind as I write this, and there will be more. Everyday, his care amazes me. There are ups and downs but life with him is an adventure where I not only do life with God, but life with my partner in crime. His desperation to see me this one night, along with how difficult I was acting that day, made me learn things about myself and my relationship with God. 

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hello!!!!! I live in gross auburn WA, I used to live like 10 minutes from Seattle. anyway Seattle can be expensive, have you looked into Bellevue??? also maybe you could find someone to be a roommate or something? best of luck my friend

thank you! i dont have a car currently tho so ive been trying to look near close places in the university district or nearby so i can use the bus system

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15, 22, 74, 81

15: I can’t think of a favourite, but I really like “They got money for wars but can’t feed the poor”
22: blue
74: cats!
81: swaddle, tattooed-doll, -emilyannemarie, coffeeshop-comfort, velvett-mermaid