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Monki going out shirt / Velvette pink lingerie, €50 / Adidas Originals 80s shoes, €160 / Whistles genuine leather handbag, €62 / Herschel Supply Co backpacks bag, €49 / Charm jewelry, €4,46 / Muse eyewear, €79 / Sara Happ lip treatment, €21 / H M face mask, €1,36 / Ole Henriksen face cleanser, €17 / Davines hair conditioner, €25 / Davines hair conditioner, €8,92 / Davines hair shampoo, €21 / BIA Cordon Bleu serveware, €7,25 / Mead 3-Subject Spiral Notebook, 120 Sheets, College Rule, €4,59 / Crate and Barrel terracotta pot, €8,89 / Jo Malone honey candle, €62 / Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera (includes Fujifilm Mini Film…, €45 / 3.5 mm White Earbud Headphones for Amazon Kindle 2 E-Book Reader, €6,51

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Hye~ I don't think you guys are robots, you guys make beautiful edits and gifs everyday and we're thankful for you guys being wonderful person ;uu; keep loving red velvett <33

awwwwwww~ thankyou ; n; you’re so lovely and yes, we will keep loving red velvet babies!! xD

- mich@jinqki

Slydale’s - Vintage Fox Family

Father: Slick Slydale is so clever he never needs to scold his kids. He just outsmarts them!
Mother: Velvette Slydale adores a bargain. She’s the cleverest coupon clipper in Sylvanian Woods!
Brother: Buster Slydale is awfully naughty. His teacher even spells trouble: B-U-S-T-E-R.
Sister: Scarlett Slydale has the finest, fuzziest, reddest tail in town. And she’s proud of it!
Baby Brother: Skitter Slydaleis always on the go. He just skittered away with his sister’s toy again.

For Reference:
Tomy | UK | 1988 | Item #: ?


Lorette Velvette / Hellcats “Love Is Dying”

“Начинка” флагмана верфи VELVETTE MARINE 12,5 метровой моторной яхты VELVETTE 41 EVOLUTION#velvettemarine#velvetteteam#velvette#boats#yacht#motorboat#volvopenta#mercruiser#казань#волга#главныйконструктор#самыйлучшийкатернасвете#внеговлюбитьсяоченьлегко#заводкатеров#эпохаперемен#нормальноделайнормальнобудет#купиvelvette#победитель#стратегияпобедителя#закажиvelvette#флагман#верфь#чтохотятмужчины#чтотворятмужчины# by velvettemarine