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tbh i am so excited for Moana you guys. Another woman of colour is being added to the ranks. More little Polynesian girls are going to have a Disney lady of their own to adore!!!! GAH!!!! That is so fucking awesome, yo.

Growing up I relied on Mulan as my role model. I loved her to death. I watched the movie over and over, sang the songs, recited lines. It’s so ingrained in my childhood that most of my close relatives relate that movie to me with no hesitation. She was the first character I can remember my child self loving with my entire being. Why? Cause she looked a little like me. Now, I was a pale, curly-haired Filipino child, not Chinese, but her round face shape, black hair and overall design were enough for little me to go “LOOK! She’s kinda like me/some of my relatives! I wanna be like her!”. A little odd? Maybe. But she was Asian, and damn it little me was gonna love the shit out of her because of that (and other things of course. Just her general badassery)
I was never really as attached to the other princesses (maybe Ariel, but I really just loved the fact she was a mermaid) as I was to Mulan, and now that I’m more aware of representation and such, I know why. And I am excited for Moana because now a shit ton of Polynesian girls (or maybe just little gals that may look like her!!!) will see her and know that beautiful princesses aren’t just of white complexion!

I’m stoked and I’m hoping they present her and Polynesian culture in a proper way
I have hope Disney YOU CAN DO IT

every time my mom calls me to the living room, i walk up and say “baby?” because I’m hoping it’s because my aunt sent her another picture of him

i havent had a baby cousin to play with in YEARS i am so excited about this, fight me