velvet-gloves asked:

Once you get this you have to list 5 things which make you happy then send it to the 10 people who reblogged from you last :)

that’s soo cool THANKS!! <3

so what makes me happy?

1. MUSIC! music is such a big part of my life and I probably couldn’t live without music anymore.. also I hear lots of different stuff and I just love it all!
also I am just counting musicians into this!

2. my family. yes sometimes I am annoyed by them, but in the end I always know they’re here for me and would do a lot for me. and knowing that just makes me happy. also sometimes I read about people with a bad home situation and that makes me realize how happy I should be with my family. and i am!

3. my friends. we just laugh so much and they make me happy! <3

4. books (& fanfiction) just reading about a different world and being able to completly escape into that world and identifying with the people makes me happy (and cry sometimes tbh.) but still so glad I am able to read and books exist!

5. at the moment the great weather outside makes me soo happy, like I am just spending time in the sun and listening to music and it feels so fucking great!


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I was tagged by inspiredbytroyesivan thanks bae!<3

Things I am currently in love with:

one song: Ganz schön okay - casper feat. kraftklub (yeah it’s a german song, but atm I always listen to it bc it has such happy vibes and makes me smile and fits the great weather outside perfectly. also it’s soo mean to ask me for just one song, I could name you whole albums I am in love with because music is everything!!)

two movies: Cloud Atlas & Death at a Funeral (the last one bc I watched it recently and laughed soo much)

three shows: sherlock, shameless, glee (I love to many tv-shows for my own good. it was hard to pick only three!)

four people (well I would go with family and friends but you dont know them that’d be probably boring): joko & klaas (from a german tv show. I have so much love for them lately.) kraftklub (from a german band, and yeah they are 5 people already but shhhhhh) and benedict cumberbatch 

five foods: pizza, salad, strawberrys, chocolate, lasagne with vegetable

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hope you have fun :*