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Lingerie is a girl’s best friend

We don’t have VS in England, we have Ann Summers, and it confused me bc Ann summers sells stuff like sex toys and lubes as well as the stuff VS sells, so I had a great idea and then had to simplify it because itS AMERICA. I don’t know why I’m telling you all this tbh.

edit: apparently we do have VS but only really in london, which doesn’t really count in my opinion <.< 

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rowoon toymaker!au 🚂

picture this ;

• it’s lightly snowing outside and the sun has almost fully disappeared on the horizon

• you’ve been out christmas shopping for hours when a small toy shop catches your eye

• in the display window sits a cream-coloured velveteen rabbit with a pink plaid bow tied around it’s neck

• it’s exactly what you’ve been looking for

• a little bell chimes as you pull open the door to the toy shop

jingle bell rock plays faintly in the background as you look around at the colourful assortment of toys

• ”ah, welcome!”

• a head pops out from behind one of the toy-lined shelves

• a boy that didn’t seem much older than you stepped out and smiled

• “how can i be of help?” he says cheerfully, adjusting his bright red santa hat

• “ah, i just wanted to know how much the rabbit on display costs.”

• “i’m sorry, that toy isn’t for sale. can i recommend some other stuffed animals though?”

• you reluctantly agree and begin a tour of the store

• before you even realize it, two hours had passed in the blink of an eye

• “sorry if i talk a lot, it’s just that i don’t see a lot of new faces around here.” he chuckles, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose

• you assure him that it’s fine and you enjoyed his company

• as he escorts you to the door, he stops to say something

• “it’s a shame that you didn’t find anything you liked.”

• you shrug it off and place your hand on the door handle

• just as you’re about to leave, you hear him say something of interest in a playful tone

• “y’know if you come tomorrow i think i’ll have the perfect gift for you.”

• ”come by around 4 o’clock, if you’re interested.” he adds before flashing a smile and walking away

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13.01.17 Drawing no.13

This film should have been called Fantastic Coats and Where Can I Buy One? Amirite???? While part of me gets a thrill out of imagining wearing Queenie’s velveteen pink I just want to BE Tina Goldstein and get to live her wardrobe.

touchesailor asked:

Hey there, I’ve been writing a fantasy story (semi-realistic) and I’m having a bit of a hard time describing rooms without making it sound like a list of things that are in it. The characters that the story centres around might not visit it again. So should I describe the room for flavour or just leave it as a basic description and if so, how would I go about that? Thank you for your blog though! I’ve had loads of great advice from it already!

If a room isn’t important to the story, you don’t have to go into a ton of detail describing it. However, it’s a good idea to throw out some basic details so that the reader can imagine the setting the scene is taking place in. You can start with a few general details right from the start. This is easier when a character is shown entering a room, however it can still be done if the scene starts when the character is already in the room.

Entering the room: Cassandra’s bedroom was large and feminine, with sunlight filtering through two curtained windows.

Already in the room: Cassandra paused in her ranting long enough to draw the curtains on the bedroom’s two large windows. The sunlight raged against the pink velveteen, casting a pink glow on the already pastel-colored room.

Then, you can add a couple of details later in the scene by having your character interact with the room in some way.

Tired of standing, Chester made his way to the heavily pillowed bed, then veered at the last moment toward a pink and white striped wing chair.

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Have a writing question? I’d love to hear from you, but please be sure to read my ask rules and master listfirst or your question may go unanswered. :)


Scalloped JSK スカラップジャンパースカート

BRAND: Angelic Pretty
PRICE: ¥26,040
Velveteen: Pink, Wine, Black, Bordeaux
Floral: Red, Blue, Black
MEASUREMENTS: 92cm length, 87cm bust, 70cm waist, 53cm skirt length
MATERIALS: Velveteen, ripple, broadcloth (100% cotton) fabric, lining (100% polyester), tulle (100% nylon), torchon and chemical lace