Let’s fill our blogs with ladies! Make a list of your top ten female characters, and write ONE word that describes the trait you admire the most about them. Tag ten friends, including me, and spread the love.

I was tagged by the passionate and otherworldly Yuna!

  • Ten'ou Haruka/Sailor Uranus: headstrong
  • Soryu (Shikinami?) Asuka Langley: determined
  • Lt. Major Kusanagi Motoko: enduring
  • Brienne of Tarth: earnest
  • Sarah Crewe: generous
  • Katy Carr: optimistic
  • Agent Peggy Carter: passionate
  • Dr. Jane Foster: brilliant
  • Darna/Narda: selfless

(Okay, I couldn’t fit more of my favourites in and I didn’t mean to post the names in this order, but eh.)

Tags in my tag section! (Sorry this late post is dreadfully late. DX)