Let’s fill our blogs with ladies! Make a list of your top ten female characters, and write ONE word that describes the trait you admire the most about them. Tag ten friends, including me, and spread the love.

I was tagged by the passionate and otherworldly Yuna!

  • Ten’ou Haruka/Sailor Uranus: headstrong
  • Soryu (Shikinami?) Asuka Langley: determined
  • Lt. Major Kusanagi Motoko: enduring
  • Brienne of Tarth: earnest
  • Sarah Crewe: generous
  • Katy Carr: optimistic
  • Agent Peggy Carter: passionate
  • Dr. Jane Foster: brilliant
  • Darna/Narda: selfless

(Okay, I couldn’t fit more of my favourites in and I didn’t mean to post the names in this order, but eh.)

Tags in my tag section! (Sorry this late post is dreadfully late. DX)

velvetdelirium said: aw. cute! love the purple too—i miss dyeing my hair! <3

thank you so so much! i had a lot of failures with the purple at first so i’m really glad it turned out alright finally! ;-; are there reasons why you stopped dyeing your hair?

ghirakwi said: seeing basa pics make my day wawawa touches

and seeing taelu-hime’s comments always make my day uwuwuwuu thank you himesama ;u; ♥


12 December 2011

Scarlet Wine Lounge with her, Pao, Johnny A.
Pizza obliterated, and as you can see Johnny Walker has no pants. 

Forgot to get photo of that blowjob i swallowed—go away, that’s what the shot was called. Bailey’s, Kahlua, and something else forgot but it was on fire and stuff. I was plenty sick, could barely speak, but that shit totally warmed me up (although five minutes later i was back to sniffling and i suppose that just means i need more hahahaha)

25 October 2011

The radioactive darkness in each others’ hearts.

“Something is going to change, 
that’s how I felt, in a little while
It disappears quietly, June, number 6, in a little while
By the time I notice, the hour hand is pointing to 2 o’clock, in a little while
My feeling suddenly becomes lighter, 
that’s how I feel, in a little while, in a little while
The night that the fierce typhoon passed, 
I was looking down on the city from the top of a tall building
I’m still a little erratic, tearing at the edge of its departure.”

- Folklore,


Paint Tool SAI + Clammbon + the warmth of her slumbering form.

© velvetdelirium | Gabrielle Mendez

15 January 2015

Have a pile of unfinished stuff still, but got sidetracked a bit. Generally i suck at likenesses but attempted a go at Jools’ gorgeous face. Started 10th January, was meant to just be an exercise but it didn’t want to let me go so first wip of the year i guess? Here’s hoping this doesn’t end up in perpetual work in progress state, haha.