Tumblr Crushes

(done manually since tumblr decided to break the way I used to do it thanks tumblr love you)

(this list was just too fucking good, though. I love every single person in my crushes right now, and not like because they’re there; it’s just because I love each of these people and they're amazing people ;;)

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Yet another human roaming Nosgoth? Were the roaming vampires becoming weaker and more docile and passive, or were the humans merely that foolish?

“What are you doing here, human? This is hardly a place for someone of your…. stature.”

Normally this big, old apartment always seemed rather empty, desolate if anything. But today there seemed to be an exception as the blonde entered into the assigned room..only to find a group occupying the space.

This only caused the middle schooler to blink for a minute or so before offering a gentle smile as he stood in the doorway. No need to be rude to his sudden guests.

“ Good Afternoon. It is quite a surprise to see a sudden amount of guests, but it truly is a delight. Could I offer any of you some tea and a slice of cake? ”

One woman wants an enchantment

“Salutations miss.  I am Edward Lyons master enchanter.  If you want something to do something it is not built to do I would be the man you come to.  Now, what problems you you have in your life?”

velvetbigsis started following you

Inaba is a small town, a bit close-knitted even. So it came as a surprise when Naoto notice the new figure. Assumption is wrong, the detective knows, but this woman almost looks like a foreigner…

“Greetings.” Naoto started simply, tipping her hat. “Are you by any chance new in Inaba?” Implication of otherwise means a serious lack of observation on her part.