Idols that did a black person impression that will get these fuckin hands: Wonda from Orange Velveta, John from Monster Z, and Roach Manifestation from Boomerang Boyz

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Name - Aidan but some people call me Mitchell (my middle name yea yea)

Time/ date - July 16th, 11:30 pm

Last thing I googled - ‘’how sick would u get if u ate an expired package of instant velveta’’ uhh it didn’t rly matter bc i ate it anyway lol

Birthday - Nov 30th

Gender - Genderqueer - They/Them

Height - 5′5′’

Favourite color - cool colors like purple n teal n nice blues!! also p bright pinks n other obnoxious neons

One thing that makes me happy - pacing around my house while i put away dishes!! idk it sounds weird but it gives my legs n hands something 2 do

Favourite movie - jurassic park!!! 

Last book I read - a book on dinosaurs!! except it was rly outdated so a lot of the info was kinda garbage

Most used phrases - “excellent!!” ”nice” “o gdi” “o same”

Beverage - mountain dew, root bear, honeydew milk tea

Food - takoyaki!! salmon!! fish i love fish!!

Dream wedding - uhh i don’t rly intend 2 marry but i’d definitely be able to wear a suit n be comfy with not being in a dress that’s rly all i want

Dream job - artwork for movies or being the person in the movie i guess!! i rly enjoy acting omg

uhh mutuals if u wanna go ahead!! :^V

I think I wasted the little bit of chicken we had left

I decided to make the jambalaya velveta box my dad got because it looked good. But I can smell the spice from the living room. What have I done????!!!

Who turned my Wonda from Orange Velveta, John from Monsta Z, and Roach Manifestation from Boomerang Boyz post into a Min receipt post? Bih… Make your own post. I don’t even know who Min is

Day 3

Day 3 of no meat now keep in mind ladies and gents I gave up meat not milk nor eggs trying to take it day by day maybe one day I will get to the point where I swear off those two. But so far I have been doing good, although on day one I made a mistake and got overzealous with the cheese I stupidly bought from a convenience store now it was Velveta shredded mozzarella cheese I forgot to read the label (shoot I was hungry as all get out) but I did after and read the dreads word “gelatin” I was angry why would a cheese require “gelatin” now if y'all don’t know this “gelatin” (yes I mean Jello) is made by boiling skin or bones of animals. Needless to say I no longer just eat something blindly I’m reading them ingredients! Any who aside from that I have been doing good and feel like it’s a step in the right direction. Now I have kids and other family members who are still kinda sketchy about the whole thing and I cook for them so I still have to deal with meat but hopefully soon I can get them all aboard (at least to an extent)

braiding the cheese

life can be reduced to cheese. 

some people like cheese whiz and velveta: things like top 40 radio or an hp computer. theres absolutely nothing wrong with cheese whiz or top 40, but you can get tired of it often and quickly. 

some people try to cut the cheese out of life and go on a diet. these people don’t have humor, don’t have fun. 

even though dairy isn’t a natural part of a human diet, it is part of our lives, and good as fuck!

one needs to eat just the right amount of cheese to be happy; some cheese is processed and shitty, some is fine and goes elegantly on the salad that is life. 

theres creators of cheese as well. they are the artists, musicians, comedians, and special “everyday” people who make life that much better.

these guys take the cheese that is life, and braid it into beautiful patterns. before we eat the cheese, live life, we get to look at the beautiful cheese they have made. 

epicurious says all we need to survive is some bread an just a little bit of cheese.