Living without tablet is suffering

Easing my suffering with some velvet room cat cafe AU. It’s pretty much a big Persona-verse crossover at this point. 

1. I think Marie and Jun would get along pretty well. Poetry night buddys, at least. 
2. Katsuya’s probably a regular customer.
3. Don’t give the cat coffee, Theo, you’ll make him sick )=
4. I think Hamuko and Ginko would get along well too. Based purely on they have similar hair. 
5. Igor does fortune telling as a selling point. Sometimes he’ll tell customer’s fortunes whether they asked for it or not. 
6. Naoya is so done with the demon artist
7. I think to max out charm stat, Minato has to drink upwards of 600 cups of coffee. It’s a wonder he didn’t die from a heartattack instead.
8. Yeah, okay Yu. You’re “busy.”