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11 for the meme? Please and thank you :D

A little late, but here you go. This is also for @bloomingcnidarians who asked for  the exact same prompt!


11. A Surprise Kiss Velvet Shepard/Garrus Vakarian

(requested by @ferociousqueak and @bloomcnidarians)

The Normandy crew was back at nearly full strength. They went through hell and came back alive. Most of the abducted crew had survived even. Velvet could not quite believe it yet.

“Set course to Ilium, see if we can get repairs,” she said.

“Aye,” Joker said back over the intercom. EDI was quiet for the moment.

Velvet was exhausted, but still had way too much adrenatline coursing through her system to be able to sleep any time soon. She went to the mess hall to get something to drink. A few people were there, speaking in hushed whispers. Velvet made herself a coffee and wandered to a table in the corner furthest away. She sat down and absentmindedly played with her stirrer.

“Hello Shepard,” a pleasant and very familiar voice said behind her, “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all, Garrus. Have a seat,” Shepard said.

Garrus took a seat opposite to Shepard and watched her coffee. “That’s not going to knock you out,” he said.

“I know,” she said, still playing with the stirring rod.

“You know your species needs sleep, right?” Garrus said.

“We do?” she said.

Garrus put his hand over hers. “You do.”

Velvet stopped and watched him intently.

“Perhaps you’re right,” she said eventually and got up, “Goodnight Garrus.”

“Goodnight, Shepard,” Garrus said.

She walked away, turned back, gave him a quick kiss on his mandible and walked to the elevator. As the doors closed behind her, she hummed a happy tune. The future might be bleak, but at least she had her best friend and lover at her side. It was enough for now.

Eleanor was honestly surprised when Velvet showed up at the GSA bake sale. Trying to get Velvet to do anything with the club was like pulling teeth, even though she was the vice-president. (And Eleanor still wasn’t quite sure how that happened.)

But there she was, dressed head to toe in her usual black and red. Even the basket that she was carrying was black.

The basket stuffed full of… were those cupcakes?

“Gimme!” Magilou said, making grabbing motions with her hands. (Since when was she a part of the GSA? Eizen and Rokuro were always around too. When had Eleanor’s club become the preferred hangout spots for the Lords of Calamity? How can she stop this?)

“These are for the bake sale,” Velvet says, taking them out of the basket one by one and arranging them carefully. The frosting on them varies in the colors, each based on a different pride flag, from homosexuality to bisexuality to asexuality. “I had some leftover quiche from last night. You can have some of that.”

“But that’s ooollld,” Magilou complained.

“Not it’s not,” a sweet voice said from behind Velvet. “She made it this morning but she thinks if she tells you it’ll make her look soft.”

The boy behind Velvet could not be more different from her if he tried. Light and sweetness where Velvet is dark and sarcastic, Eleanor resisted the urge to wrap him into a hug.

“Laphi,” Velvet said with a sigh as she pulled out the promised quiche.

“I don’t see why you feel the need to hide it,” Laphi said. “It’s cool that you’re such a good cook!”

Velvet was a good cook? Eleanor would be the judge of that.

She took a quiche when Velvet offered the plate to her. Magilou had already eaten one and was working her way through another, so they couldn’t be poisonous…

Eleanor took a bite and found god.

“Vel, your cooking has claimed another victim,” Magilou said, eyeing Eleanor with a laugh.

“I can’t believe you can cook,” Eleanor said, even as she reached for another quiche.

“Why not?” Velvet said. She sounded offended but when Eleanor looked at her, she saw a faint blush spreading across Velvet’s cheeks. “I make the snacks for the club all the time.”

“You made those? I thought you just bought them?”

“No, I didn’t. Hands off,” Velvet said, slapping away Magilou’s hand that had been creeping ever closer to the last few quiche. “Those are for Eizen and Rokuro because I couldn’t convince them to come any other way.”

“Do you just cake, or do you cook too?” Eleanor asked as they first few students approached the table.

Magilou was doing her full customer service spiel. Eleanor was more than happy to hand the table over to her. Magilou was very… energetic and Eleanor always had trouble keeping up with her.

“Sometimes. If my sister is busy at work or with the kid.”

“Can you… teach me?” Eleanor said. “My mom keeps trying to sign me up for lessons ever since I set off the smoke alarm making ramen that one time.”

“How do you set off a fire alarm making ramen?” Velvet asked and… was she smiling?

She needed to stop right now because it was making Eleanor’s heart do flip-flops and it was Velvet.

Velvet was not cute! Not at all! And also possibly straight!

“I… might have forgotten to put the water in,” Eleanor confessed.

Oh, and she’s even prettier when she laughs…

“Sure,” Velvet said. “How are you going to survive in college without knowing how to make ramen?”

Magilou called Velvet over to the table and Eleanor was left with the realization that she and Velvet had an entire conversation without either of them yelling.

This is a step forward, right?

Velvet glared at one of the customers who was questioning the flavor of the cupcakes. It’s cute, Eleanor thought to herself.

Then she squashed that thought, locked it away with every other feeling she didn’t want to think about, and went to go rescue the poor sophomore from the combined terror of Magilou and Velvet

My Top 50 Korean Songs or 2015

[Full Playlist]

  1. I Need U – BTS
  2. 변명Excuses – G.Soul
  3. Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet
  4. Awoo – Lim Kim
  5. RUN – BTS
  6. 몸매 Mommae (ft. Ugly Duck) – Jay Park
  7. Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet
  8. 뱁새 – BTS
  9. View – SHINee
  10. Butterfly – BTS
  11. BAE BAE – BigBang
  12. 공드리 Gondry – Hyukoh
  13. Flower (ft. Tablo) – XIA
  14. 쩔어 DOPE – BTS
  15. Papi – f(x)
  16. Eureka (ft. Zion.T) - Zico
  17. 4 Walls – f(x)
  18. Odd Eye – SHINee
  19. 풀어 Pour Up (ft. Zico) - Dean
  20. Apple (ft. Jay Park) – Gain
  21. Coming Home – G.Soul
  22. Crazy – 4minute
  23. EOEO – UNIQ
  24. Love Me Again – G.Soul
  25. 아낀다 Adore U – Seventeen
  26. You Think – Girls’ Generation
  27. If You – BigBang
  28. Touch – Anda
  29. Traveler (ft. Zico) – f(x)
  30. Sniper – Shinhwa
  31. Pepe – CLC
  32. OUTRO: House of Cards – BTS
  33. 미쳐있어 Crazy For You – G.Soul
  34. Bad – Infinite
  35. Lion Heart – Girls’ Generation
  36. Bang Bang Bang – BigBang
  37. OOH-AHH하네 – Twice
  38. 알면 다쳐 Love Game – Lim Kim
  39. 만세 Mansae – Seventeen
  40. 뻔하잖아 You Know (ft. Okasian) – Jay Park
  41. 와리가리 Comes and Goes – Hyukoh
  42. 잡아줘 Hold Me Tight – BTS
  43. Stress – Taeyeon
  44. Too Very So Much – MYNAME
  45. Bang Diggy Bang Bang – MFBTY
  46. 신녹히 RUSH – Monsta X
  47. Transformer – EXO
  48. Paradise Lost – Gain
  49. El Dorado – EXO
  50. Crazy (Guilty Pleasure) [ft. IRON] – Jonghyun

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The person reviewing Zestiria on ANN has not played the game. Also she even noticed that sorey and mikleo aren't interacting as much.

Yeah, I saw that when I checked their ep 0-2 review to verify.  Which is a pity, because like I keep saying like a broken record, the game is so much better.

My issue with the anime isn’t so much the lack of soymilk as much as the lack of … anyone being recognizable in comparison to their in-game counterparts.  Like, at this point, I’m hoping Zaveid never shows up again because he was actually decently written and was expanded upon (in a good way) during the Rayfalke Spiritcrest episode.  I’ve seen the first bit of Berseria (just the prologue) and played the demo, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised by Velvet’s character.  That she actually had a softer Must Protect Laphicet side actually endeared her to me far more than anything they showed in those 2 Berseria promo episodes in Zesty X.  I mean, I hate to sound like a “But The Original Was Better!” type person, but in this case … it really is the case, lol.

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Do you have any music recs? :)


• nct - limitless (wait 4 the chorus its A+)
• seohyun - bad love
• loona - my sunday (the mv completes the song it’s so cute so feel good)
• day6 - I wait (r u surprised)
• red velvet - body talk (wow such surprise much shock)
• clc - meow meow

• bastarz - make it rain
• bastarz - beautiful & selfish girl
• bastarz - that’s right (please support bastarz)
• fiestar - a sip of lips
• gfriend - say my name (their best song hands down @ gfriend pls make more songs like this)
• oh my girl - stupid in love
• laboum - ding dong
• shinee - don’t let me go
• ladies code - my flower
• ladies code - jane doe

• fiestar - one more (just discovered this gem I can’t believe I haven’t heard it b4)
• sunny girls - taxi
• fx - x (idk why but but whenever I listen to this one I can’t help but think of the powerpuff girls)
• red velvet - oh boy
• goohara - how about me
• amber x ksuke - breathe again (i fukin love ambers vocals in this song but the chorus gives me a damn headache so I only listen to like half of it and then I have to skip lol)
• hellovenus - show window
• hellovenus - whisky
• iu - zeze
• iu - glasses (the change of pace during this song is soooooooo good, reminds me of the start of red hot chili peppers’ can’t stop)
• bestie - love options
• sunmi ft yubin - who am i (literally one of my favorite songs ever ever ever)
• red velvet - bad dracula (the red stuff is ketchup)
• exo - what if (dot dot dot dot)
• bastarz - nobody but you
• bastarz - charlie chaplin
• got7 - good
• exo - my lady
• after school - heaven (literally heaven)
• after school - bang (the live performances for this is iconic)

The reports had shown up from town to town. In the deepest corners of forests or caves would lie countless corpses–human, daemon, even exorcist–and the culprit never to be found. Frankly Velvet was surprised that the Bloodwings hadn’t informed the group of the occurrences firsthand.

But their silence was tell enough that they knew exactly why.

Giving herself full into the rage and hatred transforms her into a wolfish beast of black and red. She believes that it can be controlled (Another tool to give her an edge against Artorius!) But every time Velvet thinks she’s got a handle, something slips and she is lost to her emotions until near exhaustion. All Velvet sees is red–and anything that dare breathes around her looks like him.

Perhaps the hunger is too great, the pain runs too deep and the hatred burns too bright.

But she is much too stubborn to accept that it was uncontrollable. So once again here is that fabled beast far on the outskirts of town, gnashing the mangled body of a daemon in her blood soaked maw. Ears perk at the sound of one approaching, their scent immediately caught. A low growl rumbles in the beast’s throat as she recedes into the shadows to stalk.

“Are you happy?”

The question took Velvet by surprise by its bluntness more than anything else. She turned around in Yatsuhashi’s arms, making out every detail of his face in the darkness. Stress had sketched deep lines onto him over the years; he’d been the first to go grey, much to Coco’s amusement.

With Yatsu, it was always a matter of wrangling out the context-heavy meaning to his words. He didn’t waste a lot of breath on words; each one had to carry twice its weight. 

Reaching up, she brushed his hair back up out of his face, pressing a slow, thoughtful kiss to his lips in order to bide for time. Did he mean in general? It wasn’t like him to try and make small talk like that, so perhaps he meant, Do I make you happy?

Or maybe, she thought when he put one hand on her bare hips to pull her closer, he meant immediately, now, was she satisfied with his performance tonight? A residual, pleasurable ache between her legs warmed and melted at the rasp of his calloused palm over the small of her back; she folded into his arms as sure as if she’d been crafted to fit him.

She decided to take it at face value.

“I’m happy,” she mumbled into his neck. One ear twitched, playfully bopping him on the nose. 

There wasn’t a single variation of his question where that wouldn’t be the true and honest answer. 

He kissed her again, satisfied. She listened to the way his heartbeat evened out into deep slumber, letting it carry her down as well.