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260217 • 4th Week of Feb • 🎧 : Should Have Held Onto You - Astro 》
I actually like how colorful this page turned out. (Okay it’s not that colorful but it’s the brightest spread in my entire bullet journal so…) and this entire spread is dedicated to Red Velvet ^.^ They’re doing such a good jobs promoting rookie!! ♡ School has been drowning me with so much homework. Welp! And here are some trials I’ve painted for my concept innocence. Hope y’all have a fantastic day!


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- pastel kpop (any bands, really) 

- anime (tokyo ghoul, ouran, HAIKYUU!!, yuri!! on ice, bungou stray dogs, ghibli) 

- animal crossing 

- pastel aesthetics 

- troye sivan 


American fashion designer Betsey Johnson (Paraphernalia Boutique) works in her studio with an model in the new fashion collection, New York City, September 6, 1966. Photos by Susan Wood


Haku-Toothless hybrid, “How to train your dragon” & “Spirited Away” - two lovely creatures in one.

Dan Karhu, Evgeny Hontor, Velvet Clay Studio 2016

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