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characters: irene x reader ➵ genre: smut ➵ wc: 2417
➵ summary: request, you come home to irene wearing lingerie.
 author’s note: this took me two different sessions in four months to write. sigh, i really just need the one session.

With her signature, devilish smirk, her hand reached out for yours slowly, engulfing your palm within hers. At a turn of her high-heeled feet, you were made to follow her trail, having to listen to the footwear reverberate against the wooden laminate flooring as you licked your dry bottom lip. During the time it took to get to the bedroom, you couldn’t help but take in the detail of the back of the chosen attire, with the lace being the recurring theme all around. They were present above her petite yet plump rear, which you shamelessly gawked at. Upon arrival, you couldn’t help but sneak a light smack on one of her bare cheeks, making her yelp cutely and turn back to you.

“Nuh uh uh,” she said in a crescendo manner, “tonight, we’re playing by my rules.”

“And am I not allowed to touch?” you slightly raised an eyebrow, pulling her small frame towards your body.

Her hand released yours, using them to skim over your torso, still cladding your blouse, until she reached your shoulders, massaging them gently. To get a hold of her, your initial move was to rest your hands on the small of her back, spreading your fingers across her soft skin. Before you could pull her into you even more, with the mighty power that Joohyun had, she was able to flip you, taking you off your feet and making you thud against the mattress, not allowing any time for you to recover by instantly mounting you.

Though you gasped, it was followed by a chuckle and a grin, already sensing what type of mood Joohyun was in, and tonight you didn’t mind it one bit.

“You can’t touch,” Joohyun instructed, “not until I allow you to. Can you do that for me?”

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chuklebrotherz  asked:

Another Combat Totes prompt. Velvet decides to play the part of the Easter Bunny for the Easter holidays. Unfortunately for her, she accidentally uses the wrong type of "bunny costume". Coco can't seem to handle the situation well.

Holy shit. Tbh, I don’t think anyone would end up handling that situation well. Poor Coco. Here ya go.

Donation prompt info!

Velvet was so excited for her new temporary job. 

It was a one day only type deal, considering she would only be working the day before Easter, and she wasn’t even doing it for the bit of money. Rather, she was doing it solely for the joy of making children smile.

Coco had gone to the mall early with her that day, both to support Velvet and to keep the customers in line. She hadn’t officially been hired as a security guard, but she’d taken the liberty upon herself to protect Velvet at all costs.

After all, an angelic, adorable rabbit Faunus girl dressed in the cutest clothes and wearing the brightest smile and speaking with the kindest, sweetest voice ever was likely to attract a bit of unwanted attention sooner or later. Coco was determined to keep anyone over the age of ten just as many meters away from her teammate.

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Since our dear Sin-Mother-Harem-Boss-Lady @bullysquadess is currently recovering from surgery, I thought she might like to see what happens when I’m given velvet ribbon and little gold bells.  (I tried to resist, I promise, but it turns out that, underneath the sarcasm and winged liner, I’m just a giant piece of trash.  However, in case anyone else wants to be trash with me, I’ll be adding these to my Etsy shop soon.)

(Ft. my mom’s Christmas garland, my wet hair, and my under eye bags.)


From the way the cardinal checks out the building when he approaches, I get the impression he’s not really super keen to be going inside, but at least he gets to console himself by using his awesome cape skills to go through the tiny door as draculally dramatically! as possible considering how very tiny a door it is. 

And thank you, dungeon master dude, but I think you’ll find that *sarcasm* and the *heaping of scorn* are Armand’s job and if he requires your help in this area I can’t even finish this sentence because he will NEVER require your help in this area. 

So, you know, shut up.  

Klaus leaned over Lucas’ shoulder to take a look at the pictures he took this morning. “How did they turn out?”

The young hybrid shrugged his shoulders. “So far they’re okay. I need to work on my angles more.” He bit the inside of his cheek as he stared at the picture of Aurora playing in their mother’s garden. “Also my lighting.” He pointed to the computer screen. “It’s too dark.”

Klaus nodded his head agreeing with the statement. The picture was a bit dark. To the human eye, one could not tell but the Original Hybrid could. “Something was blocking the sun. Made it a bit dark around the edges. You need more patience.” He brought chair from across the room to sit next to Lucas. “It would’ve been perfect if you were actually going for it.”

Lucas shook his head. “It wasn’t.”

He clicked through some more pictures of the Bennett-Mikaelson’s Big Brunch. It was an eventful affair. Family and friends of the Mikaelsons and Bennetts were invited. The backyard was decorated with spring-ful touches. The table was filled with food, family, and friends. They even had a seat in between Bonnie and Lucy with a single white rose on the cushion to honor Grams, since she was the one to start this tradition.

Though the supernatural family have had its dark times, it was a relief to find a sliver of light in between. With targets on the King and Queen of New Orleans, the family hardly had any downtime. Bonnie made it her mission to have a day with just her family, crazy ass druids and maniac blood thirsty wolf packs be damned.

Lucas continued to scan through the photos. The eldest Bennett-Mikaelson overall was happy with how the photo turned out…minus the tiny flaws. It made the little one’s heart warm seeing his family together again. He was happy to be in their Tudor home. He was happy to have his parents, aunts, uncles, and friends so close by. They needed this day and watching the stills on his laptop from the brunch made him content. He caught so many wonderful moments it was hard not to take pictures of everyone. Lucas’ camera never left his hand.

He clicked the next picture seeing one furrowed browed Henrik concentrating on the book he was reading in “his corner” on the hammock with Kol looming over him pointing to something in the book. Another where Uncle ‘Lijah peaceful lying against the big willow tree at the far end of Bonnie’s garden, reading to Aunt Gia. Her eyes were closed and a hint of smile curled at her lips. She was resting her head on Elijah’s lap with his fingers tangled in her dark locks. The next one was Cousin Lulu (Lucy), tante Nora, Bonnie, and Hayley sitting on the wide porch steps barefoot and laughing drinking Grams’ famous sweet tea. There was a shot of Aurora and little Oliver running through the star magnolia trees. Aunt Bekah and Marcel holding hands as they walked down the stone path. Freya blowing bubbles for Aurora and Ollie to pop. A huff of laughter broke through Lucas’ lips when a close up of a sleeping baby Aleksander lying on his mommy’s tummy, fat cheek squished and all.

His close favorite was the one where he took a picture of everyone around the table. Through the liveliness and commotion with everyone laughing, talking, and eating, there was a moment where he caught his father and mother staring lovingly at each other. It was as if there wasn’t anyone but them. They only mattered.

However, his favorite have to be the picture of his mother. Lucas stared at the picture. He remembered everything being bright and warm when he took the photo. Like his father, Lucas had a talent to catching people in the moment and this was one of them. He remembered the tingling in his chest and warmth. His feet snuggled deep into the hot grass and skin prickled with light sweat under the May sun. His hands were steady as his heart beat, then click.


He felt his father lean closer over his shoulder seeing the picture of his wife’s wide bright and carefree smile.

Klaus didn’t notice his hand moving forward to touch the laptop screen. His index fingers traced the lines on Bonnie’s face, then her small nose. She colored her hair into a much brighter brown than he was used to. He loved it of course. He thought the light chestnut hue made her skin glow. Freckles of gold danced in her hair under the sunlight. Gem cat eyes gleaming with laughter. Klaus’ eyes then travelled down her slender neck then traced every swirl and line of her floral dress.

He remembered her picking out the long maxi dress that morning. He was lying on the bed watching her move about around their room. She was simply beautiful. Her hair was in a messy top bun with little loose tendrils brushing against the two fang marks on each side of her neck. She was wearing his maroon v-neck, that moments before was littered on the floor along with his dark jeans and her sinful red velvet dress from their frantic love making.

Klaus buried his head on Bonnie’s pillow, remembering the night before. He could still feel the stripes on his back from her nails. The little nips on his neck healed but he could feel the stinging contrast with the softness of her lips. He buried his face deeper into her pillow. It still smelled like her. Lavender and honey with a mix of clean sweat. His hands clutched the ivory bed sheet. Her body heat seeped into his skin and the light dampness of her wetness soaked his fingertips. He wanted her again. The hybrid shiver from the thought.

Peeking from Bonnie’s pillow, he realized she was saying something to him. For some strange reason he couldn’t make out what she was saying. He admit he wasn’t paying as much attention before because he had other ravenous thoughts on his mind…still did actually. He wasn’t doing it on purpose, but his little witch was making him unbearably flustered again.

Though Klaus wasn’t paying attention, he did know his wife was excited for today. She was craving family time for these past months. They have been living in the compound while the children stayed with his mother and Aunt Dahlia. It was too dangerous for the children to be with them while the threat was still at large.

Klaus missed his children, but it was his wife who was going through it. It was her first time being away from the children. She stayed at the compound for a few days, sometimes a week she could manage, but months? She couldn’t stand it.

It was killing her to be away from them. They talked, texted, Skype, but it wasn’t the same. She couldn’t understand how Klaus could do it. She knew it wasn’t easy for him of course. Klaus always missed his children when he was away. She also knew her husband would do everything and anything to protect his family, even if it meant being away.

It was only yesterday the king and queen got to go home to their Tudors house from a long battle with the druids. Finally peace. Bonnie deserved this. They all did. His family needed to be together and the Bennett-Mikaelson Big Brunch was just what they needed.

Klaus watched as Bonnie lay her dress on the bed. She looked up at him ready to say something about tablecloth colors but stopped. She then crawled over to Klaus and kissed him ever so gently. It was then Klaus felt like he had forever. Staring at this picture now his talented son took reminded him of that.

He had forever with Bonnie.

He had forever with his beautiful children.

His babies are his world and Bonnie was his eternity. He loved them beyond comprehension and he’d be damned if he lost them. He had everything and it showed through this picture of Bonnie.

Klaus stood from his seat beside his son. He kissed the top of his curly head then lightly caress the little hairs on the nape of his neck. “Send me a copy of that picture.” He gave Lucas a parting pat on his shoulder then turned to leave out his son’s room.

Lucas twisted around in his chair giving his father’s back a curious glare. “Are you going to frame it?”

Klaus paused from going down the steps to look back at his son. “No.” He continued down the stairs following the chimes of laughter from his daughter and wife in the backyard. “I’m going to paint it.”

Lucas nodded even though his father didn’t see it. He turned back to his mother green eyes staring lovingly back at him. Flashes of taking the picture filled his mind.

Bonnie had the sudden urge to dance and thought torturing her son would be a fantastic idea. Lucas was minding his business wiping Aleksander’s slobber off his expensive camera lens when suddenly, he was grabbed from his seat. His mother dragged him into the fray of Bennett-Mikaelson madness.

“Stop hiding behind that camera and dance with me.”

Lucas pouted. He hate dancing. “But ma -”

“Don’t ‘ma’ me. Now come on. Dance with your mother.” She bumped her hip with his.

Bonnie moved fluidly around Lucas to and froe to the sound of Freddie Scott, Same ol Beat 7, while Lucas move stiffly side to side. This was embarrassing.

“How come you didn’t ask pop to dance with you? He’s not doing anything.”

“Keep me out of your affairs, child.” Klaus yelled from across the yard with Aleksander on his shoulders. “Don’t bring your misfortunes on me.”

Bonnie stopped dancing and placed her hands on her hips ignoring her husband’s comment and son’s cute pout. “I want to dance with my son. Is that too much to ask?”

Lucas mumbled no and danced with his mother but he didn’t enjoy it. Too much unnecessary movement. His mother knew he couldn’t stand dancing and yet she still drags him out to dance sometimes. It was torture to his nine year old, body and soul.

While moue silently, Bonnie had mercy on his soul and took up another dance partner. His mother and Godmother Hayley moved about to the blowing horns and drums keeping the same ol beat. Lucas started to take pictures of both of his mothers doing silly dances and faces with the children. Bonnie whipped her head around to him, then -

Click. Absolute magic…at least that was what it felt like to the young hybrid.

Bonnie Adara Bennett-Mikaelson was magic, nature, and love in its true form in that moment.

After he took the picture, Bonnie shook her head but her smile never faltered. She reached over to kiss Lucas’ head soundly and told him she loved him. She left him to picked up Aurora and started dancing with her.

“Lucas!” The boy snapped out of his thoughts, then turned to his mother standing on the top step. “I’ve been calling you for the past five minutes, boy.” She sighed before speaking again. “We’re about to watch a movie and have some snacks. You comin’?” She motioned her head back towards downstairs.

“Come downstairs Lukey!” Aurora yelled from the living room. “We’re about to watch the Princess and the Frog!”

Lucas groaned. “Again?”

Bonnie shrugged. “We didn’t complain when you wanted to watch Dark Knight for the fiftieth time.”

“Twelfth.” He grumpily corrected her.

“Oh boohoo.” She made a dismissive gesture with her hand. “So I was off a couple. It’s Aurora turn to pick a movie. You know this.” Bonnie held out her hand wiggling her fingers playfully. “At least it’s not Frozen.”

“Thank the Gods for small favors.” He heard his father mumble making Henrik snort.

Lucas shook his head then stared at Bonnie’s out reached hand. “So…” His eyes came back to his mother’s. “You comin’, Peanut?”

Little Klaus hurried and sent the picture to his father’s e-mail, then shut down his laptop. He ran out the room only to run back into his room to grab his camera and lens.

He met his mother by the stairs as she shook her head. “You and that camera.” She took her son’s hand in hers to pull him to her side. She pecked small kisses over his face, especially his dimple cheeks. Bonnie gave him more when the young hybrid protested the whole journey to the living room where his family awaited him.

Lucas have been told he was a mama’s boy and that may be true. However, that didn’t take away from the three important things he knew when it came to his mother.

He respected Bonnie, the Mother of New Orleans witch.

He admired the blessed one, Bonnie the balance protector.

But he absolutely loved Bonnie the mother most.

Santa’s Naughty Boy

This is my drarry secret santa gift for the ever-awesome and lovable @dreamydrarry. Sammie, I hope you enjoy. Some nice, Christmas smut-teasing drarry fun

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring. Except for a mischievous spouse.

All was calm and quiet at the Malfoy-Potter manor with all five children tucked in their beds, sent off to dreamland with kisses pressed onto brows and tales of Nutcrackers and Sugar-plum fairies no doubt filling their heads. His husband thoroughly exhausted from their many gift-wrapping and Christmas-planning, sleeping like the dead.

Harry came down to have a bite of one of the cookies the kids left behind for dear St. Nick, so in the morning they’ve have proof that he paid them a visit. Then his eyes drifted over to their tree that was stuffed with so many presents, it was almost like it was mounted on a present-throne.

This year, it seemed that they outdid themselves. Practically hundreds of gifts in all sizes and shapes not only from them but also from the Wealseys who sent bundles of gifts from hand-snitched sweaters, holiday fudge, and gag toys from George’s prank shop; Hermione who gifted them each with a small library collection; Narcissa and Lucius who gifted them both with a new winter wardrobe and spoiled their grandkids with toys.

Draco hinted since November that the gift he got Harry would be the definition of exquisiteness, which got Harry curious and excited considering the last Christmas gift considered of adult toys, melted white chocolate, and lingerie that brought them both great pleasure-for hours on end. He spent weeks combing through the house for his present, getting zero luck.

If there was one (of many) annoying thing(s) being married to a Slytherin, it was the fact that when they wanted something hidden, they made sure it was hidden.

But Draco was asleep. His kids were all in bed. He was all alone with a tree full of gifts. It wasn’t as if there was anyone else to spy on him, except for the blank-eyed ornament figures hanging from their tree.

Grinning, Harry inched closer to the tree, eyed fixed on the shiny red-wrapped box with his name sprawled onto the tag with no from addressed that had been teasing him for days. His fingers hooked onto the end of the plump red box, slowly pulling it back-

“Ho, ho, ho. What have we here?”

The sound that slipped from Harry’s mouth was a squeak that suited a startled house. Sheepishly, he let go of the bow and rose to his feet, his mind thinking of a hundred different stories he could spin on why he was near the presents. “Um, I-”

His jaw hit the ground with a heavy clank as he looked over his shoulder and saw a familiar man in red, leaning against the wall, his eyes glowing with amusement as he read the astonishment that was clear on Harry’s face.

Harry was glad Draco didn’t add the pot of belly, which would have cute but may lead to jokes that would land Harry on the hot seat till New Year’s, or the long, white beard that would have reminded him too of their former headmaster. And the red suit on him was completely sinful, rich velvet red hugging his body snugly, showing off curves and muscle, with the jacket’s opened buttons revealing a toned porcelain chest, the pants tucked into black knee-length boots. He even added the Santa hat to complete the look.

“Holy…” Harry breathed.

“Harry James Potter,” Draco purred. “I’ve been told you’ve been quite a naughty boy.”

Harry bit his lip, feeling warmth lick his insides, heading straight for his cock. “I-I think you misunderstand, Santa. I’ve been a very good boy.”

“Really?” Draco cocked his head to the side. “Your husband seems to think differently.”

“My husband tends to exaggerate from time to time.”

A disbelieving brow shot up. “Was he exaggerating when he specifically-repeatedly-told you not to peek at the presents?”

“Well, um-eeeeeh!” A squeal ripped through Harry’s throat as his pants were shoved down to his ankles, then tore clean off as if they were grabbed by greedy hands, his boxers soon following, leaving him nude from the hips down.

“You know how I feel about naughty children, Harry.”

There was no way he could hide the thick erection blossoming before him, poking from between his thighs. “W-what are you going with me then, Santa?”

With a smirk on his face that would make the Slytherin founder proud, Draco walked into the room, lounged onto the couch, and revealed his erection that was thick and aroused to the point of the veins bulging out. “You, naughty boy, are going to sit on my lap and I’ll show you how I deal with naughty boys.”

Like a sailor drawn to a siren’s song, Harry followed Santa’s beckoning finger, biting his lip as he felt his shirt ripped off his torso, hissing as his hole was lubed and stretched, and then crying out in utter ecstasy as beloved St. Nick drew him in for a thrilling, blissful sleigh ride. link 

Midnight (Prologue to And Long Past Midnight)

TITLE: Midnight (Prologue to And Long Past Midnight)


RATING: M, sexual content.

GENRE(S): Tom Hiddleston/OFC RPF, Romance, Drama

SUMMARY: Syd notices something about him he perhaps wishes she hadn’t. And when he sends for her, will she let herself go? Will she let him take the lead?

NOTES/WARNINGS: cimmerianwish has been posting a cruel amount of Alpha!Tom on her blog lately, and this idea sprouted from there. This is for you, friend; I hope you enjoy the torture you put me through.


I’m passed a card. I’ve heard of this happening in movies, read it in particularly explicit books, of a girl being handed a card from a publicist, or a friend. It’s always the set-up for some illicit rendezvous in an expensive hotel, or in the darkly tinted haven of the backseat of a limo. Being handed a card has a very specific, very singular outcome.

And I’ve been handed a card.

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TITLE: Midnight


AUTHOR: ficthatswhatimeanttosay


GENRE: Romance

FIC SUMMARY: Syd notices something about him he perhaps wishes she hadn’t. And when he sends for her, will she let herself go? Will she let him take the lead?

RATING: M, sexual content

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: cimmerianwish has been posting a cruel amount of Alpha!Tom on her blog lately, and this idea sprouted from there. This is for you, friend; I hope you enjoy the torture you put me through.


I’m passed a card. I’ve heard of this happening in movies, read it in particularly explicit books, of a girl being handed a card from a publicist, or a friend. It’s always the set-up for some illicit rendezvous in an expensive hotel, or in the darkly tinted haven of the backseat of a limo. Being handed a card has a very specific, very singular outcome.

And I’ve been handed a card.

I didn’t think he saw me, in the crush that had gotten dangerously mob-like. His eyes were flashing with something so different than what I had expected. He was gracious, and his face smiled, but there was a flinty hardness to his gaze that belied his infamous genial nature. It was as if he could sense this barely contained crowd was dancing dangerously near the edge of losing control.

I don’t think he likes this.

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